Bouquet – Woman – Lily – Moon


These 4 cards were the Trigger row of a reading I did this morning with Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Spread. It shows the crux of what the reading was about.

The Bouquet card is either describing the Woman or is an action card. Since it is my reading, I hope it is both! lol

Describing the woman, she is a kind lovely woman…good energy 🙂 as a separate descriptor it could be saying that she is receiving a gift, or a wish is coming true; the two remaining cards tell what about.

The Lily and the Moon read separately would say to me that the woman (me) is going to be given the gift of emotional peace/serenity; calmer waters are coming.

It’s in combining them that my eyebrows raised, especially because of the remainder of the reading. The Lily/Moon combination describes clairvoyance, meditative spiritual experiences. It’s the combination that denotes visions and psychic experiences.

I have had drawings recently showing my impatience and angst at having that part of my life seemingly to have gone on sabbatical for awhile, and once you’re used to having visions and other experiences, you miss them when they’re gone!!! at least I have:)

I have been offline because of personal pressure and stress. I didn’t feel that I had much to write about, frankly. I don’t know about you, but when I’m really ‘off’ personally, my connection to the cards goes off too. So I’ve been silent.

In the last week, especially, I’ve noticed while I’ve retreated, that I’m starting to experience little things again. I’ve been seeing auras each day, and have been seeing beautiful colored spheres of light at night. I’ve also been hearing things 🙂 ( in a good way) – so it’s very possible that I’m about to have some kind of spiritual experience that will be noteworthy and the cards are letting me know it. There was a hint in the reading that this experience is linked to an emotional crisis/or upset. I don’t like that, but will report back once I know more.

Please forgive my absence as of late, but I’ve really needed to pull in my energy. I’m a bit in Hermit mode 🙂 this too shall pass and then I will breathe new life into my cartomancy.

fondest wishes,