Page of Shustah ~

I wanted to post a Shustah  3 card draw that my husband did this morning. He walked into my office (my little creative cubby!) and found the cards on my cutting table.

I am fascinated with this deck, it hasn’t been given it rightful due in recent years. Tarot Dame I read recently, is part of a project with Aeclectic Tarot forum, where you commit to work with a deck daily for a year, and either blog about your impressions or write about them at the forum….. Primary Deck project.. or something like that.

When reading about this, I realised that that is exactly what I’ve been doing with the Lenormand, Kipper, Sibilla , Gypsy cards & Playing cards! I do something daily with those decks, without fail, and then choose one of them to write about.

Not that I need another deck on my list, but I really think I want to commit in that way to the Pages of Shustah as well.

My friend Kapherus at the Art of Cartomancy forum, has started writing wonderful posts about his many years of experiences with this deck, and is slowly building up a great archive of teaching for those who are interested in this deck. It would probably help me a lot, if I work with them on a daily basis and study them more closely…..SO! you’ll probably start seeing more posts on this beautiful deck too.

If I had a separate blog for each, I’d go crazy! lol So I will personally journal about them and share from time to time….at least that’s how I feel at the moment 🙂  *sigh

Here’s what he drew:


Angel of Summer

Lord of Contemplation

Before writing about the specific cards, I would note that there are 2 green cards and 1 blue. The Green suit represents growth and progress…developments happening; and the Blue Suit represents Benevolence, compassion, goodwill, peace, serenity and productive projects. (thanks Kaph). On just the level of color, I could surmise that there is definitely expansion and growth concerning J’s peace and serenity, and in issues of  ‘success’; in other words he will be moving in that direction. Now onto the cards themselves-

The Path is immediately beyond the Present placement….what is coming next? I asked J how he viewed the card, was he drawn into it, going deeper into the trees, closing in around him? or was it opening, widening before him? He saw it as opening up before him…new vistas.

The Angel of Summer, can be representing the time of Summer, but it is also the card of Success. It’s the peak of a mental endeavor and it also can represent a group effort.

“Archangel Uriel is with us today to help us become successful. She brings the light, the growth we find in summer – progress. Success is her keyword.

Archangel Uriel is ruled by Uranus. now the focus is on freedom which comes from victory.” – quote from Rev. Ken Foor –

I was pretty certain that these first 2 cards were saying that the path is opening to J that will lead him to success. The Green Path I’m told, is a short Path…..maybe this is a short path to success….or in a short time-frame there is success…I’m not sure. There is also the possibility that something is temporary with this card, but that wasn’t my initial thought; had the Path followed after the Angel of Summer it might have meant a Success that is short-lived…but being presented in front of the Angel, it looks like that the time is short before success is his.

The 3rd card is what happens as a result of the first 2 cards. This is the Lord of Contemplation.

He is the One in deep thought and who meditates. He is the card that represents Responsibility of one’s motivations and desires. It ocurred to me that this is describing One who is fully Present in the now, and is connected to every aspect of a situation. He is also the Higher Self.

My immediate thoughts that I shared with J is that circumstances were about to open up to him that would bring him material success, but he would view it differently this time from times in the past. He would be reverent and careful with his success, being responsible in his actions going forward, listening to his Higher Self rather than being impulsive.

I took it to mean that he would treat this success in a more awakened, conscious state and therefore it would be a very different experience.

Am I right in my interpretation? all I can say is that J totally resonated with what I said, it felt right. These cards are still very alien to me, but I feel such a draw to them. There is a soulfulness about this deck.

You can order the deck and the accompanying book at Morning Light Bookstore online (scroll down the page).

I hope more people take to understanding this beautiful deck 🙂

A wonderful blog dedicated solely to the Pages of Shustah by Rev. Ken Foor. It can be found here.