Weekly Tea Leaf Reading –

(If you’re not familiar with these cards, please click on the image for a larger view of them )

After the morning’s phone call from the landlady and spending the day stewing, I started throwing out things and getting organized! (which is what I always do when I get stressed, never mind have to move!!)

During a break, I pulled out my friends, the Tea Leaf cards, for some insight. They are turning out to be amazingly accurate for me – I am really bonding with this deck!

I drew: Wedge, Clouds, Rainbow, Candle.

The first card down, Wedge, describes a trouble maker, someone trying to come between me and someone or something I want. They didn’t succeed in coming between me and the landlady – I’m pretty sure that she just wanted to have the freedom to charge more rent during the summer season – but they did manage to succeed in having us have to move out. Not nice!! and this person looks like the sweetest little old lady! watch out – appearances can definitely be deceiving!

With the 2nd card,Ā Clouds, assures me that this is just a temporary problem, nothing too major.

The 3rd card, is once again the Rainbow ( I had that recently in another reading). It promises that the worst of a situation is over.
Now interestingly, I also caught a commercial today on television, that I had never seen before. I couldn’t tell you what they were selling (!LOL) but it showed all these people dressed up like Dorothy of “Wizard of Oz” fame; and they were all dancing at the end of a rainbow on the Yellow Brick Road!! The title that kept flashing was “Over the Rainbow” šŸ˜€

I’ve written before about the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and it’s meaning to me, so funnily, this gave me a little bit of comfort. It felt as though my loved ones in Spirit were trying to let me know that it was all going to be OK so don’t get too upset. The other thing IĀ  noticed is that Dorothy ended up very happily dancing on the Yellow Brick Road…the road of gold…

And the 4th card, the Candle, reassures me that I will be shown the way. Looking closely at the card, it also is surrounded by a wreath of Lilies. For me, personally, that represents Spirit. I spent years going to Spiritualist Church in North Yorkshire,England, participating in Psychic development circles etc. so this is a strong image for me. The fact that the candle is encircled with Lilies made me think that not only am I being protected and embraced by Spirit at this time, but that they will be guiding me through this difficult period.

So although, I’m upset and not just a little bit miffed at what’s transpired, I believe that there will be a silver lining to all of this.

If I wanted to stretch a little further, I would also mention that my employer, shows up in the Lenormand as the Lily card – he’s older with gray hair. It may be that he is also connected in helping in this matter.. we’ll see.

********Update: these cards were right on the money! I really am ‘Over the Rainbow’! Spent a day scouring listings and feeling really glum because the rents in this area go through the roof in the summer, I stumbled upon a listing for a furnished home out in the country amongst the vineyards, that’s a close commute for work and flight training. It’s quiet, in an artist community, and on the lake! HEAVEN!! did I mention quiet?? and a private beach??????? We went to view it today, in the pouring rain, and knew that this house was waiting for us to find it. So goodbye noisy condo with the quirky neighbors! I’m headed to paradise for the 1st of July šŸ˜€Ā  Woo Hoo!! I love these cards….


Tea Leaf Fortune cards~

I’ve had the Tea Leaf Fortune cards for a long time now, but wasn’t using them as often as I wished because I found them ungainly. I couldn’t find a way to shuffle them satisfactorily! There are alot of cards in this deck, and there needs to be to properly represent tea leaf reading.

Others have used a bag to draw cards from, but that didn’t feel right.

The other day, I was perusing the local Staples store. There are alot of things in an office supply store that can be repurposed šŸ™‚ and I found this plastic container for about $3.00. It’s perfect for these cards!! I’m able to store everything inside it, and I’m able to mix the cards thoroughly, getting my energy on all the cards before picking.

(Click on the pics below to enlarge)

So reconsider these cards….order them, pull them out again! USE them!

Onto a reading I just did for the week ahead:

Clouds -Nest- Lightening-Barrel

– Temporary problems,

–Ā  an emotionally secure loving family is important to you,

–Ā  control your anger or you’ll be sorry,

– you feel something is lacking in your life. It could be love, money or goals.

Yikes!! Well this reading is in my face! lol

Something is going to crop up this week, that I perceive as a problem. It most likely will seem to negatively affect the family/home in some way. I’ve got to watch how I react to this, because it could blow up into something worse than the temporary problem was! and yes, I already feel that a few things are lacking in my life…there is a personal dissatisfaction within me about all three: love, money & goals.

(I am deeply loved, and I know that – but it isn’t always demonstrated in a way that is soul satisfying)…

I’m already feeling a bit frustrated about some things, so I will take this warning to heart – I really don’t want to rock the boat at the moment šŸ™‚

I’ll report back at the end of the week on this one –

UPDATE: This was definitely appropriate for the week I had. There were quite a few times where if I hadn’t kept my words and anger in check, Life would have become very difficult! I don’t always believe in curbing my tongue (!) but I’m glad I did this week – This week turned out much better because I heeded that advice. It was also the week of the Full Moon – which is notoriously bad for relations with my husband. He’s a Cancerian, and a particularly sensitive one on Full Moons. I didn’t remember the Full moon until it was upon us, so the cards saved me some major hassle!