Tea Leaf reading

I know that I haven’t  been sharing other card decks recently, and I apologise, I will try to post other oracle decks too. Time has been very scarce lately and I’ve wanted to practice with these cards more 🙂 This deck just grows and grows on me!

Today I drew: Coins – Mountain Road – Gong – Staff

Coins: Money will be coming to you  (!! hip hip!!)

Mountain Road: You are on the road to success

Gong: An exciting event

Staff: You will be taken care of in difficult times

Well, that’s pretty exciting, and pretty self explanatory!


I keep getting hints in all my readings that something major is about to happen. It could be about a few different things, or maybe none of them at all…..maybe I’ll win the lottery after all


              A girl has gotta dream ! lol


Tea Leaf Fortune cards~


What a surprise! I was expecting something like “patience” or “challenges” ! lol

I had asked what I could expect in the next 7 days?

The Leg indicates that I will be stepping into a new experience in the timeframe shown.

The Candle glows in the darkness, surrounded by a ring of lilies. The Lilies represent Spiritual Love while the candle reassures that I will be shown the way.

Coins is a wonderful surprise 🙂 Good fortune is in store; it shows that money is coming to me.

Carrot represents a windfall or a new opportunity. It’s being plucked from the garden, ready to harvest and enjoy. This windfall or opportunity presents itself with little or no effort on my part….

So what a promising and cool week to come! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.