A death~

This morning, I drew these 3 cards from the Gypsy deck. My initial thought was that possibly there would be a change for me either in the way I viewed a friendship/relationship (which did indeed happen) or that maybe in it’s simplest terms, was saying that there would be a death connected to a friend of mine.

Now, ironically, I had had a dream last night, of a dear friend in England; and in the dream she lost a good friend. I was so bothered by the dream, and then by this draw, that I thought it must be connected to her. I haven’t heard back from her yet to know if that’s the case.

I did though, just find out a moment ago, that another dear friend in England lost her mother to cancer last week!

So the Gypsy cards were literal in their meaning…………very sad.

Gypsy Cards~


This was a draw that I jotted down in my notebook on September 29th. I remember teasing my husband, asking him if he was going to surprise me with a gift, which was unlikely because of financial restrictions at the moment. I remember thinking, humph! fat chance! LOL and dismissed the draw.

Then, literally 2 days later I was totally shocked and surprised to discover that a thoughtful friend had sent me a gift!! Totally out of the blue, from the  least likely person I would guess and it definitely brought me Unexpected Joy.

The gift hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, but I was fascinated that the Gypsy cards had picked up on the kindness that was about to be bestowed upon me! I will update when the gift arrives 🙂

Keeping a journal certainly helps seeing how the cards work.


Gypsy cards – there is definitely a change in the air


What wonderful cards! All I can gather is that there is money coming to me? and that this changes my luck and circumstances…? that’s really all that comes to mind.

Or the abundance that I continually play with in my mind 🙂 (called appreciation and gratitude…that makes me rich in Spirit) actually manifests in the Physical in a change of circumstances for the better. This would be a stretch for a cold reading, but it does reflect what is going through my thoughts constantly….I continue to hold my tone/vibration to what I prefer, joyously imagining what I want to have happen; and this will bring about change. It’s the Law of Attraction in action, and I’ve had too many correlations to what I’m thinking and feeling to what comes into my life, to ever doubt it!

I think my creative visualisation sessions are going to bear fruit 🙂

*Forgive my diversion from just reading the cards, but it just popped in my mind and I try not to censor!

The one thing that we always can choose are our thoughts, if we become sensitive and aware of them; and in so doing we change our attitudes and how we reflect back out into the world. Many thoughts are just habitual ones that don’t serve us very well. When you make it your intent that nothing is more important than feeling good, you change those patterns of thought, and ultimately change what’s going on around you…..or at the very least, your reactions to what is going on around you!

These cards just seemed to say that I’m rich in Spirit, and if nothing else, that’s darn good 🙂

Gyspy: Merriment – Message – Thief


I’m hoping that this is saying that we are celebrating around a message we receive about the woman we’re fighting legally…she always comes up as the thief or enemy 🙂

It’s either that, or we miss a message while being out having fun….that seems less likely, as we splurged last night and went out. Won’t be doing that again in the next few days – at least I don’t think so!

Money – Desire – Gift


Money is first, so I would like to think that my “desire” for money is fulfilled, and seen as a Gift from the Universe 🙂

We’ve been through a very challenging time financially recently.

Now interestingly, 🙂  the Desire card can be describing a fair haired woman, who lives far away, or is difficult to deal with. If that is the case, it is describing the woman in the legal suit. I see Money coming from her then, and if so, it would be seen almost like a “gift” after so many of years of fighting for it! The Gift card also means a happy surprise– money coming from anywhere will certainly be that!! lol

Practically all of my draws today, seemed to show somthing happening around this woman….hopefully I will get to know about it asap.

On a different level, the Money card can also represent well-being. Possibly my deep desire for well-being is gifted to me? I’m really not sure about this one– that’s all I can come up with at the moment.

Gyspy cards: Ecclesiatic – Judge – Sweetheart

I also wanted to share a Gypsy card draw that I did yesterday, and had wondered about it’s meaning. I found out within  an hour what it was referring to, and was very surprised. Here is what I drew:


I remembered saying off the cuff to my husband, who wondered what the cards meant, that either I was being morally or spiritually judged/criticized, or that I was acting morally superior in some way.

It was all I could think of.

Soon afterwards, we got into a bit of a heated discussion as my husband announced what he planned to do when he got a payout. It was not what we had originally agreed on, and I was a bit disturbed, questioning him on it.

He quickly got defensive about his intention, and at the same time started criticizing me for not agreeing and understanding immediately. He, right off the bat, judged me both spiritually and morally. There was a difference of opinion on what was metaphysically going on with a certain situation; and in trying to defend his position, he attacked my thoughts on it!

 I, the Sweetheart, was on the receiving end of this one.

I suppose that if it were me doing the spiritual judging, my card would have come first. I realised very quickly, that we were never going to agree totally on that situation….& that we would never know for sure what the truth really was-  so I surrendered. The one thing I have learned is to know when to fight for something, and when to pass on it. For now, I pass.

He was shown later that day, by an outsider who is very psychic, just how his actions and words were being taken! so it all came around quickly.

I am really fascinated in how the Gypsy cards are talking to me- they are a very intriguing little deck!

Gypsy cards: Constancy – Visit – House


I hadn’t planned on posting another Gypsy card draw today, but the energy has been so strange leading up to the Full Moon on May 9th that I thought I would.

Yesterday I wrote about Misfortune – House – Sweetheart, and that I twisted my ankle pretty badly.

Another Misfortune befell me as well! Hubby is a classic Cancerian, and ever since my children and I moved in with him 10 years ago, we discovered that we could predict when the Full Moon would be, just by his behavior! He always gets very moody and cranky the 3 days leading up to it. I’ve read of “moon madness”, but brother! never thought I’d be married to someone who could change so much during the moon phases! crazy stuff-

He chose yesterday to go off the handle and get angry with me, over something he got it in his head that I did and I hadn’t! So, on top of being in BIG discomfort, I had an irate mate to deal with. It’s still not fixed, and I’m kind of dreading having to communicate with him later today…..so I was  glad to see this draw.

Constancy gives stable energy to the surrounding cards & situation. Nothing dramatic is going to happen, it should be pretty smooth.

Visit is the next card in the draw. Visit can mean literally just that, or it can mean discussions. Looking closely at the card, a few things come time mind. We have an older woman, positioning herself a bit higher on the staircase, she comes across as thinking she’s right about something, and she looks a bit stern in expression. The younger woman, is in a lower, more submissive position on the staircase. She looks like she’s listening to a criticism and frowning! She holds flowers in a gesture of openess, and wears a white dress. This makes me think of innocence and purity, as where the other, older woman is in darker drabber colors (more negative!)

The younger girl, just wants to be accepted and get along, but she’s getting an earful. That’s what I’m a bit worried about, that I’ll have to go through a criticizing, not so nice conversation, because of someone else’s negativity – but the Constancy card looks as though it reassuring me that this won’t be the case.

I’ll end up having an ok discussion with him. The House shows that this is family stuff, family discussions/meetings.

ha! we’ll see! Full Moon time is always difficult 🙂 Anybody else have to cope with a Cancerian?????


Update: these cards were pretty ‘right on’. I was definitely the younger woman standing lower on the staircase, just wanting to be light and happy – no drama – and he was definitely the other. It wasn’t completely smooth sailing to begin with, but it became smooth and stable pretty quickly. Not the bad encounters I was imagining. Darn good thing he doesn’t read my blog!! LOL Really glad that Constancy was there in the draw!

Gypsy cards: Widower – Jealousy – Lover


My lover/husband is far on the other side of the country (Canada); and will be for another 2 weeks. It hit me strongly when I drew these cards that he is feeling like the Widower, all alone, separate from his love…missing her.

He doesn’t do well for long periods apart (!)- I’m wondering if this is going to bring about another spell of upset with him. Sometimes he will act almost  jealous, as though I’m having fun without him somehow. It’s in feeling disconnected that anxiety &  frustration rises up in him. It’s happened before; it’s already happened on this trip! lol

The funny thing is, I’m NOT having any fun at all!! I’m stranded with almost no money, and creditors to deal with–not a barrel of laughs! But the thing is, I’m at home, that place that even in the most stressful of times, is our little oasis. I may just be making cookies with my daughter and having a brief laugh and that could trigger a sense of him missing everything.

I hope I’m wrong, but  it sounds like a good probability.

The Gypsy cards…(Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten)

On my sister site, The Lenormand Oracle, I have a draw that seemed to be saying that I would get news of an accident or a surgery with someone I know at a distance. I also did a draw with the Gyspy cards, (which Madame Seaqueen has a great series of pages on the meanings of) and they also seemed to echo the same message…   here they are:


  • The Journey can represent travel of course, a vacation…but it can also mean an emergency situation.  Considering the next card I drew, I’m leaning in that direction…
  • Misfortune just isn’t a nice card! it’s a card of warning. As MS puts it, “potential mishap or freak circumstances”..something totally unexpected!
  • Lover- now on the face of it, my first thought was of my present husband ( a reasonable assumption! lol and it might well be about him, although I hope not. Because of some dreams and other draws, I also wonder if this is referring to my ex-husband? it’s a funny thing with my ex- we are still psychically linked into one another; when one of us gets into difficulty, the other knows about it. We’ve had some amazing OBE’s in past years together….so I really don’t know, this could be talking about him.

So in summary, there is either a mishap on the road with either my husband or my ex (I know, very strange 🙂 ) or something more…

Believe me when I say I will update!!