This morning’s Lenormand draw –

Well, the cards have been hinting at it for awhile, but I chose to ignore it. I drew these cards this morning, and exclaimed “oh crap” I think we ARE going to have to move!

I knew we were going to move eventually, like Sept. but not in 28 days!

We got a call from the landlady who lives in another province. She had been waffling back and forth about possibly selling the property. She also could get large rents per week, as a holiday rental.

Unfortunately for us, there is someone who has a bit of influence here who got annoyed with my husband. He complained (to her) about her leaving her dogs out unattended and letting them bark. Their favorite place happens to be outside our kitchen window! Now I’m a real dog lover, I’ve had them all my life – but I’ve always been very sensitive to making sure that my dogs were good neighbors.

Literally only a few days after he complained, we hear from our landlady that she received a few emails saying that he had accessed her other property and had moved furniture around – 1) we didn’t know which other unit was hers and 2) we would have no way to enter that property! nor would we.

She didn’t believe the email, but used it as an excuse to not to have to renew our lease. So there’s the Snake around our home – someone up to no good/ trouble around our residence; with the result being that we’re being forced to move. In all my years on the planet, I’ve never had to deal with something so outrageous (and for me, personally hurtful).

I’ve had other readings that show tremendous luck and fortunate synchronicities around me, and being happy about moving – so we’ll see! I’m doing my best to trust that the Universe has something better in store for me 😀  If I’m totally honest, there are things about living here that neither of us really liked, but it was convenient for my husband’s flight school training. I’m just going to have to surrender on this….

Malady – House – Thought

Ugh! I drew these last Friday morning, and knew that it couldn’t be good, whatever it was referring to! and I was right.

It became very evident that a “malady” had indeed affected the Home, in the sense of Negative Energy – negative thoughts prevailing.

My husband ended up in a very negative thinking state, that I wasn’t able to cajole him out of, or help him pivot from. It pervaded the entire home, and all I wanted to do was escape!

Thankfully, no one else was home, but it was very tough on me. It only lasted the one day (thank goodness) & the following day, I recognized my mate again 🙂

At the time though, it was as if a big dark cloud had descended over our Home……….nasty.



Why is it that some people have such a low threshold before their tempers flare?? It’s very hard for me to understand, as I’m very laid back and just roll with the flow, so to speak:)

Possibly having been paralyzed with Guillame Barre Syndrome, for 3 months when I was 18 and also having a near death experience has something to do with my relaxed attitude. When you can’t move a muscle for yourself, and have to depend on others for every little thing, you very quickly have your perspective about what’s important in the scheme of things change!!! I spent a year re-learning to take care of myself….learning to walk, to eat, to bathe…you have to have patience in the midst of such an ordeal.

At any rate, I pulled these cards this morning, and thought “oh no, here we go again!” The anger wasn’t aimed at me, but I was subjected to it at any rate. Some one near and dear to me has a very short fuse, and has absolutely no patience. We were out in town, dealing with Saturday traffic etc. and I just couldn’t believe the ill temper!

I take the Anger and House cards to mean a family member’s anger, or anger within the family etc.

The outbursts and foul demeanor definitely left me thinking deeply. It’s so opposite to my nature!

I know (wisely) that you can never change another, you can only change the way that you react to another’s actions. It is this that I am in deep thought about….how to keep my cork floating when someone else would rather bring me down!

These Gypsy cards are something else.

As an update; the cards went on to describe another layer that evening… The family member who had been on a short fuse, was very contemplative later as to why that was so and how to change it. It turned into a very profound discussion.

2 Gypsy card draws: one my husband’s~one my own


I wanted to share my husband’s draw this morning, because it has just manifested. I said to him that it looked like he was going to receive a message either from the con-woman he’s legally embattled with, or hear something about her. Usually when the thief shows up, it has to do with her. I told him it could be an email, or a letter, or fax/phone- but something was coming to our house.

Sure enough, just a short time ago, he received an email from the one of the web host providers that hosts his website that exposes her for the criminal that she is. The woman filed a complaint! never mind that it’s entirely factual- but to try to trip him up, wanted her pictures removed. So now he’s working diligently to provide the information that the company asked for to show he’s justified.

These cards are actually very good at predicting actual events, as I’ve demonstrated on this blog.  I know a lot of my fellow bloggers use the Gypsy cards to understand inner workings, but I’m always happy to get the nitty-gritty, which oracles are famous for!

When I want to understand things from a different level, I’ll pull out the tarot or now, the Pages of Shustah (they’re profound).

At the same time this morning, I drew these cards:


I now see that my 3 cards are related to his. I kept muttering “false hope” over and over, but didn’t get any farther until I understood his draw.

I think that the con-woman is going to have false hope that she’s dealt a crippling blow.  As I’m certain that my husband will present all the documents to the web-hosting people, proving that she’s a crook! We’ve done this dance before….

what a strange life I”m leading at the moment! lol

The Gypsy cards do a bang up job again! The more familiar I get with their language, the more interesting they become to me. I have found them a bit harder to crack than some of the other decks, but my interest is now piqued. Once I have some ‘play money’ again I’m going to purchase Esther Gombor’s book on reading the cards. I know that it will be a great addition to my metaphysical library 🙂

Gypsy cards: Constancy – Visit – House


I hadn’t planned on posting another Gypsy card draw today, but the energy has been so strange leading up to the Full Moon on May 9th that I thought I would.

Yesterday I wrote about Misfortune – House – Sweetheart, and that I twisted my ankle pretty badly.

Another Misfortune befell me as well! Hubby is a classic Cancerian, and ever since my children and I moved in with him 10 years ago, we discovered that we could predict when the Full Moon would be, just by his behavior! He always gets very moody and cranky the 3 days leading up to it. I’ve read of “moon madness”, but brother! never thought I’d be married to someone who could change so much during the moon phases! crazy stuff-

He chose yesterday to go off the handle and get angry with me, over something he got it in his head that I did and I hadn’t! So, on top of being in BIG discomfort, I had an irate mate to deal with. It’s still not fixed, and I’m kind of dreading having to communicate with him later today… I was  glad to see this draw.

Constancy gives stable energy to the surrounding cards & situation. Nothing dramatic is going to happen, it should be pretty smooth.

Visit is the next card in the draw. Visit can mean literally just that, or it can mean discussions. Looking closely at the card, a few things come time mind. We have an older woman, positioning herself a bit higher on the staircase, she comes across as thinking she’s right about something, and she looks a bit stern in expression. The younger woman, is in a lower, more submissive position on the staircase. She looks like she’s listening to a criticism and frowning! She holds flowers in a gesture of openess, and wears a white dress. This makes me think of innocence and purity, as where the other, older woman is in darker drabber colors (more negative!)

The younger girl, just wants to be accepted and get along, but she’s getting an earful. That’s what I’m a bit worried about, that I’ll have to go through a criticizing, not so nice conversation, because of someone else’s negativity – but the Constancy card looks as though it reassuring me that this won’t be the case.

I’ll end up having an ok discussion with him. The House shows that this is family stuff, family discussions/meetings.

ha! we’ll see! Full Moon time is always difficult 🙂 Anybody else have to cope with a Cancerian?????


Update: these cards were pretty ‘right on’. I was definitely the younger woman standing lower on the staircase, just wanting to be light and happy – no drama – and he was definitely the other. It wasn’t completely smooth sailing to begin with, but it became smooth and stable pretty quickly. Not the bad encounters I was imagining. Darn good thing he doesn’t read my blog!! LOL Really glad that Constancy was there in the draw!

Gypsy Card warning not heeded!


I had no intention of choosing this draw for a post today! I scrunched up my face when these cards greeted me over my cup of coffee this morning, and a mental “gong” went through my head….”next!”  lol

No more than 30 minutes later though, I think this draw came true! I have been on overdrive since we decided to put the house up on the market- tearing around like Mario Andretti. It’s been a nervous energy, adrenalin pumping, as though I’ve consumed 2 Red Bulls!

I jumped up off the couch, and barrelled down the hallway, on to my next mission when I tweaked my right ankle wrong. I tried to compensate for it, but I was too late and felt the sharp pain shoot up my leg. Years ago, I messed up this ankle, tearing all the ligaments in it. I had reconstructive surgery which made it possible for me to walk again, but it’s always been tricky! I feel the bad weather a day before it arrives etc.

So now, I’m limping around, being forced to slow down to a crawl! I don’t know how that’s going to work out! sigh*The Universe/Higher Self is telling me to slow down, for sure!  🙂


Now that it looks like I won’t be running around (!@!) I’ll try to finish a couple of other posts!