The cards still show Change :)

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I drew these cards a few days ago, but hadn’t had a chance to post.

The Pail – time to get out of a situation! no kidding! We are furiously trying to extricate ourselves from some troubled business dealings with a certain person.

Dolphin – Financial gain, usually to do with something done in the past.

Feather – Someone you know who is undependable and insincere. (This card started showing up to represent the business colleague before we really had a conscious inkling that we weren’t going to stay aligned with this person. We had thought he was an honorable person because for a year, he had been honorable with us. The cards identified him though! called him out!)

Flag – don’t lower your standards. — This was an interesting card to draw, because we were being pressured to let go of control, and take a lot less than we deserved by this insincere person! We haven’t lowered our standards, by any means.

Key – Successful outcome to your problems! What a great follow-up card!

The tea leaf reading was letting me know that we would get the money we were owed, that we would be successful, and to not lower our standards, (basically in desperation).

We have heard through the grapevine that there is activity behind the scenes to buy us out, so we will hold tight and endure.

What a very strange few years it’s been for my husband and I! if I had had a vision showing all the travail that we would go through back in 2007/8  I don’t think I would have believed it.

We are forever changed, but I do believe that there’s a silver lining to all of this 🙂


Good Old Lenormand :)

A week ago, I started to have terrible problems with a back molar. A chunk of it had fallen off and the nerve became exposed…painful! I got into the dentist and they thought they could save the tooth . After A LOT of novocaine (it always takes me more than the average person) and a big bill to match, I walked out with a temp crown and a numb mouth.

As the days passed, my mouth and tooth didn’t improve though. My jaw swelled up so much that I couldn’t close my mouth properly, and I couldn’t eat. The pain was excruciating even with the strong pain meds 😦  I was rushed back in, and the dentist said he had never seen swelling like that before (Ha! leave it to me, as always!)

He gave me a prescription for it and we all hoped it would get better.

Now, after more days of waiting…finally the swelling is going down! The antibiotics seem to be saving the day 🙂

I drew these cards the day I went back to the dentist, without giving much thought to them.

Tree combined with Letter can have the meaning of prescriptions, and that wasn’t on my radar when I drew these cards. The final card, key, brings a resolution to a problem.

So these 3 cards were telling me that a prescription would solve the health problem I was having.

It seems to be doing just that! although I’m still not able to eat very much – a forced diet, yuck! lol

I must admit though, I dread going back for the fitting of the permanent crown after all of this…..

Now, if only I could get my graphics to post the way they look before I publish! Gotta love WordPress 😦