Kipper draw~

I have to say, the cards are definitely consistent in their insistence that things are going to change. I just wish that a ‘daily’ would always be a daily, rather than sometimes projecting out. Having said that though, I’m impressed that they reflect what’s most important, rather than just showing mundane matters all the time…….it varies, and I just have to accept that my Higher Self wants  me to know that I’ll be OK. I’m sure that once this hardship has passed, I will start getting more daily type of activities….

Here I have Pleasing Letter – Busy with Work – Gain/Win/lots of Money.

Just reading singly it shows that there is news, or paperwork that involves some work but the reward for that work is money, and lots of it! This sounds like a settlement to me. The defendant is running out of time.

This could also be a business deal that requires alot of paperwork done, but the payoff is big. Once again, both apply so I’m not sure – either will do, I’m not picky, just impatient!!!!!

Kipper Block of 9 Spread

When reading a Block of 9 spread, you’ll usually pick up a lot of information. I use it often with the Lenormand, but thought I would try it with the Kipper and see what I’d get.

In beginning, we read all 3 horizontal rows, then all 3 vertical rows. Then we read the diagonals and finish off with reading the 4 corners & then the 2nd/4th/6th & 8th cards (which form a diamond).

1st horizontal – :

It shows our worry and stress as to whether funds will be coming soon to the home. I come to that thought because in the Sibilla, the Stanza card is the ‘living room’ and it can refer to news coming, especially of a financial nature, among other meanings. Otherwise it’s just showing the current stress levels around the home.

2nd horizontal-

Unexpected money coming from the ‘financial’ man who’s is at a distance from us…..The Rich Good Lord card comes up for me to refer to my husband’s business partner “D”, or one his lawyers in the states. So, this is either about the phone call we got today that a deal has gone through, and money is coming (which was very unexpected); or it’s about the legal and a surprise settlement.

3rd horizontal-

The Good Dame is either the female defendant in my husband’s court case, or her close female supporter. I read this to mean that she is meeting with their lawyer….talks are in progress.

Next, the verticals:

1st vertical –

I don’t necessarily view the Good Dame as being the same woman that I described in the horizontal row. This very well may be someone else, and since drawing this this morning, I think I might know who she is.

We are still under some very real financial stress – this is where our worries are at the moment. It looks like the cards are saying that I will be receiving unexpected money from the Good Dame. This may be a relative of mine, who graciously helped me in the past. It would truly be unexpected as she was very generous with her help, and I would never ask her for anything more.

2nd vertical-

Again, when I see the Living Room card, (or the Stanza card in the Sibilla) my first thoughts are of news on the way that could be of a financial nature. The Rich Good Lord and the Court Person are most likely describing the lawyers. The Living room also refers to something private. Aha… a private legal financial settlement…settlement out of court.

3rd vertical-

This looks like family at a distance, and I’m seeing them? or there are some kind of meetings/coming together of family at a distance. There is something to do with the family at afar….

Then, we look at the diagonals:

1st diagonal –

Either my husband’s lawyer, or his business partner will be stressed out by meetings of some kind.

Oh, ick! actually the combination of the Worry card and the Rich Good lord is also havie concerns with the bank, or financial problems. Interesting that this is part of the “X” – that’s what we’re dealing with right now!

2nd diagonal – I’m not sure if this should be like writing an “X” and read from the top right, or my natural tendencies when reading is from left to right, which would be from the bottom left on up…. I think I’d better read both and see! lol

From what I’ve researched, combining the Rich Good Lord with the Good Dame can give you the meanings of a wealthy woman, or a woman who will financially support. Again, I bring this up as I have a family member who has financially helped us with the mortgage in the past. I hate to think that that would be needed again! but I make note of it here.

House combined with Rich Good Lord could describe a family business, or in feeling secure in one’s own home (this could be because of the supportive woman, OR it could just be describing the way I am going to feel soon.

(I have also been planning on being self-employed this year – so this may apply to that)

If I were to read from the bottom left, up to the right, I would have this.

The Good Dame+Rich Good Lord can describe a monied older woman, or an entrepeneurial woman. Rich Good Lord+House has some interesting meanings also. It can describe a secure independence, a secure possession, a loan designed to assist construction or the HOME! I’ve got an eery feeling this is still talking about this relative!

I’m hoping that I’m actually the Good Dame in this instance, and that it’s either describing me as an entrepeneur working from home…feeling secure and independent. That is my hope!

Next, we look at the 4 corners:

Worry about our home, or worry around the family…. female family member & meetings with.

And lastly, we look at the 4 points of the diamond:

I like this line: There is news coming soon conerning finances…Unexpected money coming from a distance.. this is connected to Court & the lawyers. SO I would say that there is news coming from the lawyers or court of unexpected money or a surprise settlement!

The middle card shows what the reading is all about –

He represents the banker, the financial trader or someone dealing with alot of money. It’s the bank or finances in general, or wealth & independence. It has the message that financial matters are at the moment favored.. it also can represent ‘security’… I think all of the above applies to me in this reading!

If I remember correctly, the block of 9 spread covers approximately 3 months, maybe a little more.

I hope you can see how useful this spread can be 🙂 I was surprised to see how well it works with the Kipper.

*****update  FEBRUARY 9th: Parts of this reading have amazingly already come true – parts that I thought I had incorrectly interpreted!
The 1st and 3rd vertical rows describe unexpected financial help from a woman, and meetings with family at a distance.
My cousin called me later that week and offered to help us with our mortgage. I was absolutely shocked, as I never would have asked her.
The 2nd diagonal, read in either direction, also pointed out to a woman helping us with the house/or helping the family.
The 4 corners in summary also pointed to this occurrence!

I was flabbergasted at how correct, so far, this Kipper Block of 9 has been!

It gives me great hope that the rest is also going to materialize soon!
2nd update (Feb 11): another row in this reading is coming to pass – amazing! The 2nd horizontal row of
we received a message that the financial trader/friend/partner is sending some funds into the business account. It’s not the “big deal” yet, but it is an unexpected cushion that will help immensely.
I can’t get over who well the Kipper cards work with the Block of 9 spread!

Kipper draw- A Journey, Gain/Win/lots of money/Rich Good Lord


This draw was done at the same time as a lenormand draw, featured on my sister blog “The Lenormand Oracle” that reflected the same message.

I don’t know if anyone else out there in cyberspace does a series of draws with different systems, but I’ve found it fascinating to see how all the different decks will present a Theme for the day….different little pieces of the puzzle!

I kept staring at A Journey and Lots of Money when I finally realized that it represented a money transfer! lol Money literally taking a journey 🙂 facilitated by the Rich Good Lord.

This is a gent in another country, who we’ve been waiting for his funds to clear. They finally have. We found out that money is to be transferred on Monday.

I’m just tickled pink to see that a string of dailies are popping off the page and happening quickly; sometimes they take much longer than I would like.


23 Court9 A Change15 Love and Friendship

The day in court came and went, with the Cult lady appearing with a new lawyer. She was supposedly demure and polite (ha!) Her lawyer ate plenty of humble pie, and managed to keep his client out of jail for contempt….for the moment. The Judge ordered her to appear for a debtor’s exam that she avoided for a year; something that she is desperate not to face. The meeting is for next week.

Every single reading or draw that I have done that relates to this drama, continuously shows an agreement being made.

Here we have Court (or legal situation) and a Change, leading to Love and Friendship. Now we will never be friends! lol but this card shows up a lot for me to denote agreements being made. These cards, once again seem to infer that there will be a change in stance over this legal dispute and that something will be hammered out.

When it comes to this situation, my “daily” draws have turned into theme draws or showing me what I most need to know, rather than what’s going to happen on that day. My Higher Self is trying to reassure me, I think!

(This used to happen before hubby and I came together as a couple – they would consistently show me that we would come together, even though the opposite looked more likely; so I know better than to doubt the cards!)

It’s staying patient and trusting that’s the hard part.

Kipper: Collect one’s thoughts – Rich Good Lord – A Small Child


I really like it when a daily is just that, a daily.

When I saw the Rich Good Lord, I immediately thought of our financial trader friend. I commented to my husband that “D” is contemplating what he’s going to do with the money that’s coming in. There is an offer that he’s going to put forth to you.

Lo and behold! he called within a half hour of doing the cards. He is on the verge of receiving monies from quite a few deals, and called to share his thoughts with us. He gave us an mls# to a house he wants to procure for us when we transfer out West. When I saw it, I was grinning pretty widely.

Everything is coming full circle now. I can almost see why we have gone through this difficult time, getting rid of many things from the past. Symbolically, they don’t fit the new life we are going to lead very soon. After perusing the photos of this property, I felt alot better about the things I let go….(Everything except my piano, that is…)

Life really is full of surprises.

Kipperkarten: Court+Expectation+Unexpected Money


Court is self-explanatory 🙂 Court+Expectation describes us waiting for a decision from the judge tomorrow.

Ending in Unxpected Money! I certainly hope this means that there is a decision made that brings money sooner than we have expected 🙂

Expectation + Unexpected Money though, could have the meaning of  money coming in the period of 3 months! God I hope not! This is someone else’s interpretation of this combo, but I would argue that if you have to wait 3 months then it is no longer unexpected money!!!!!

So hopefully my first thoughts are the correct one on this draw. I ought to be able to update this one quickly 🙂

Kipper: Collect One’s Own Thoughts-Principle Man-Short Illness


The middle card represents the Principle Male. Like the Lover in the Gypsy cards, he represents my mate. I drew these and thought, “oh great”! not such a hot day! lol

It told me that  he might be withdrawn, caught up in his own world of thoughts and worries. That didnt’ bode well.

Two other issues are definitely reflected in this draw around him though. His crown and most of the filling material fell out too! just like me! He woke up this morning, totally fixated on it, and trying to figure a way to get into the dentist. Unfortunately, the dentist is closed today so he will be thinking about that tooth all weekend!

The other thing is that he got very worked up this morning worrying over his daughter who lives in BC. She’s had some very strange health problems, such as her hip dislocating weekly! He was certain, from some of his card readings that something else was going on with her, or about to be; and started stressing (obsessing) over that-

So these cards fit the bill! I can tell it’s going to be a weird Friday!

Happy Canada Day! Principle Person-Pleasing Letter-Unexpected Money


The Principle Person represents my husband in my daily draw. Here, it says that he is receiving news; either an email or some kind of document (although I have read somewhere that it could be a phone call as well). It’s good news.

Obviously, it leads to money! but also, the combination of Pleasing letter and Unexpected money has the meaning of written contract will be made that brings money, news that’s all about money…

There is darn good news coming to my husband, and I look forward to it – maybe he will smile again soon.

Have any of you watched the tv series, “Lost”? I’m watching the dvd sets. Both my husband and I commented that we feel as though we’re experiencing our own version of “Lost”…stuck in a strange reality, where we’re dealing with any left over emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with before. The process of being stuck, not able to move forward, brings about some interesting challenges and lessons.

Kipperkarten: A Small Child – Good Dame – Short Illness


I came up with at least 3 probable interpretations of these cards; with one being more obvious.

The Good Dame in the middle, represents me; and to the right of me is the Short Illness card. This card describes a weakened condition, of feeling at present weak and tired. The Small Child on the other side of me reassures me not to worry, it’s nothing big, just a small temporary condition.

I woke up this morning and knew something was wrong. I felt absolutely exhausted, and kept doing clumsy things hurting myself! I felt disconnected, as if I hadn’t settled back into my body correctly when I woke up this morning. I quickly gave up trying to do anything of importance, and had a rest day.

So these cards fit the bill.

Another way of reading them is that there are new beginnings for the Good Dame, a new venture. There are small gains or a new project starting for the Good Dame.

The Short Illness card has the timing of “soon” or it can describe taking small steps forward. This would also be a correct interpretation on another level- as I’m starting up a cottage business online soon! Stay tuned on that one 🙂

The last possible interpretation, doesn’t have anything to do with me. The Small Child and the Good Dame, can combine to mean “granny” or the happy older lady. This woman is starting a new chapter soon as well OR she might have a short bout of illness.

Now my mother is passed, but I’m still connected to my ex-mother-in-law….I’ve known her since I was 16. She’s 89, and just getting ready to move back to the states from England, to live with a different son. I think she’s happy about it, and it’s happening in the next week.
So, a whole new chapter in her life about to begin. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too stressed and fall ill. I will update if I hear anything.

So 3 very likely ways to read these cards, and not the only!

Kipper: Rich Good Lord -Small Child – Unexpected Money


Rich Good Lord – A Small Child – Unexpected Money

Well, if I were a betting woman (and I am! lol) I would say this could be 2 things- and either will do!

Rich Good Lord could be our financial trader friend, getting the new deal in, and it being unexpected money to us! We’ve been waiting so long, that if and when it really does happen, it will now come as a surprise! lol  isn’t that awful?

Or, it’s one of the lawyers telling us of an offer to settle now…

The Rich Good Lord, on it’s own says that financial matters are favored right now.
Combined with A Small Child it can relate to a stable new beginning,  financial luck, or a fruitful enterprise.

A Small Child combined with Unexpected Money can refer to a new contract, or a new business, or a new beginning where more funds are available.

Whether or not this relates to “D” or not, I don’t know, but it’s been hinted at lately in the cards. At any rate it’s definitely positive on the financial front, and that’s great! On a smaller note, it might be just saying that my new enterprise that I’m working on will do ok…. all is good 🙂