Kipper and Gypsy draws on my Birthday

It has been a bit of a stressful time here in my household. One child leaving for college, and the other unable to go at the last moment. I have had to back away from blogging to deal with everything, sadly.

Saturday, was my 50th birthday…where the heck has all the time gone??? lol I just turned 40 in my head! oh well. It is my hope and my intent that this is the year of some real positive life changes.

On my birthday, I drew these Kipper cards:





The first one, shows a letter/email communication coming from someone who isn’t trustworthy.

The second one shows a man from my past communicating with me.

Ironically, my ex-husband has been showing up as a Thief in the Kipper, and as Nemico in the Sibilla, which is not the way I would have portrayed him consciously–they began showing up just before it became known that he hadn’t lived up to our divorce agreement concerning life insurance. I was shocked, and had to re-evaluate how I perceived him.

We have not been on talking terms since June, when he stood up his youngest daughter on her graduation day!

I found it hard to believe that I would be hearing from him, but sure enough, I received an e-birthday card in my emails later that day. We’ve known each other since high school, alot of water under the bridge:) Strange, but I was kind of touched to receive that card, even though he’s been a pain recently….

Kipper: Collect One’s Own Thoughts-Principle Man-Short Illness


The middle card represents the Principle Male. Like the Lover in the Gypsy cards, he represents my mate. I drew these and thought, “oh great”! not such a hot day! lol

It told me that  he might be withdrawn, caught up in his own world of thoughts and worries. That didnt’ bode well.

Two other issues are definitely reflected in this draw around him though. His crown and most of the filling material fell out too! just like me! He woke up this morning, totally fixated on it, and trying to figure a way to get into the dentist. Unfortunately, the dentist is closed today so he will be thinking about that tooth all weekend!

The other thing is that he got very worked up this morning worrying over his daughter who lives in BC. She’s had some very strange health problems, such as her hip dislocating weekly! He was certain, from some of his card readings that something else was going on with her, or about to be; and started stressing (obsessing) over that-

So these cards fit the bill! I can tell it’s going to be a weird Friday!

Kipper~ Court+Pleasing Letter+Rich Good Lord

23 Court7  Pleasing Letter13 Rich Good Lord

I was pretty pleased to see these this morning. Once again, they are pointing to a certain, very important issue in our lives: the legal case.

The Court and the Pleasing Letter can mean a decision from the court, or a letter of the court. It’s pleasing news from ‘authority’, or crucial news.

The Pleasing Letter and the Rich Good Lord literally can mean good news from the lawyer!

I keep getting cards referring to this! Now it needs to manifest already! I don’t need any more messages- I need action!!! lol NOW!!

Military Person – Small Child – Thief


The Military Person can represent the Lawyer. Combined with the Small Child, he can be bringing positive news.

The last card, is the Thief….so hopefully there is positive news coming from the lawyer concerning the crook we’re fighting 🙂

Military Person, oddly enough, can also represent a son or a young man with the Small Child. Hopefully that’s not the case here, because if this is so , then there is some kind of loss connected to him.

Usually, it’s first connection for me is with the lawyer; so I’ll just have to wait. I have other spreads that seem to say the same thing.

Kipper~Gypsy~Sibilla…saying similar things again?

Well I ended up with an amusing series of draws this morning.  I kept what I thought of them to myself and chuckled inwardly. I’ll wait to see if they’re pointing to what I think they’re pointing to! lol

Firstly, I drew:

6 Good Dame5 Good Lord15 Love and Friendship

I took this be myself and my husband, and continuing to get closer.

We have had a very strained, stilted week; so it’s kind of nice to see a warming to each other being predicted. I have kept myself pretty separate, being polite, but cool. I’ve been extremely efficient, and helpful with everything, but still distant.

I felt that I was very “wronged” and wasn’t appreciated for all that I did in his absence. It was severe enough for me to have fantasies of winning the lottery and saying “Adios”! lol   not that that’s what I really want…but you know how it can be 🙂

Then I drew these:


Well! looks like temperatures might be heating up, and not in an angry way! lol I haven’t wanted to be close in any way since this latest blow up…I think there might be some charm coming from my mate! Something is definitely changing for the better…if I allow it.

Then there’s this draw:


Now, there are different possibilities for this card draw, for sure! but after the other two, what I saw was the Stanza meaning of intimacy & privacy, relating to the bedroom….it has some spicy, risque meanings…passionate love etc! LOL

Then there’s the Gran Signore which is my husband. And the last card Militare can mean to support, to serve…but my brat mind could only see the the raised gun! Whoa! I’m being as bad as I can be!! lol

Can’t help it…it was the first message I got….someone is going to want some loving…

Now on a more serious note, La Stanza could instead, represent great news and the arrival of financial improvements. The Militare can have a negative side as well, and if it represents that, then it’s describing my husband, the Gran Signore.

It can be a state of deep depression, sadness & helplessness. This would describe him pretty well at the moment; he is dealing like a valiant gladiator, but what we’re dealing with would break most people.

So again, La Stanza is a fantastic card to see here- because it’s a definite indicator of great news and better circumstances. Thank goodness!

Got to keep a sense of humor in the midst of it all!

Kipper and Gypsy draws~

It’s been a strange ride 🙂 I wanted to share a few draws of both mine and my husband’s because they reflected so clearly the state of affairs!

Yesterday, from the Kipper, I drew these:


I can draw cards in front of my mate, and he’ll think it’s about something totally different! lol and I don’t correct him either.

Collect One’s Thoughts – False Deceptive Person – Love and Friendship

These cards immediately said to me that I would be thinking deeply about the untruths & uncharacteristic behavior surrounding my relationship right now. How to go forward, and to focus on what I really wanted for an outcome. It’s the way I did spend my day yesterday.

Husband drew these cards with the Gyspy deck:


He reacted negatively to seeing these, thinking that he was going to get a bad, upsetting decision from the Judge somehow. This flies in opposition to all the readings I have done.

I corrected him, very gently, to say that the Judge had other meanings besides literally being the person. This draw could represent the sadness he feels at the upset in our relationship from his judgemental attitude. When your judgemental, you hurt yourself the most!

He didn’t answer me, but I know he was considering my words.

Right afterwards, I drew these 3 cards with the Gypsy deck:

MarriageWidowerUnexpected Joy

I inwardly smiled when I saw these, because I knew that the Widower was my husband (as shown in another post) feeling alone. It said to me that he, the Widower, would do something to try to put our relationship back on track and in a happier place. That was the message I got, but doubted it to be honest.

I went off to do errands after another row, and thought “boy! I got that wrong”- When I returned, the Widower was making an effort at being amiable, and invited me to break from the drudge and go see the movie ‘Star Trek’ 🙂  It’s been a heck of a long time since we’ve gone to the movies, so it was definitely an “unexpected joy” – and we did have a good time.

While I made dinner, he even surprised me with a bottle of my favorite chardonnay! this said tons, because he prefers Red 🙂 nor did we really have the funds to splurge, so he was definitely trying to make amends.

This morning, I drew:


I take these card to mean that there will be a major change (Death) in the loss of equilibrium and bonding in our relationship… I feel in this instance, that the Death card shows improvement over the prior Loss.

As an aside, although things aren’t back to normal yet, they are improving. He’s doing his best not to take his frustrations out on me….there’s a certain politeness and civility. I think he realizes that he went too far this time.

Men and women really are from different planets! or should I say, Tigers and Piggies in the Chinese Horoscope!

I would never dream of taking my frustrations out on another, it’s not in my make-up. Piggies are peace loving. Tigers are known as the terrible Tigers, with a rash temper- jumping in without thinking. They’re very successful usually, on many levels, but relationships are one of their hardest challenges. Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie are famous tigers 🙂

I am really loving how much the language of cards from  different systems are speaking to me. I feel as though I’ve made a friend for life with these cards  ……:)

Kipper~ Priniciple Person(man) – Gain/Win – Busy with Work


My husband returned late last night, after being a month away in Vancouver; so although we did cards, I didn’t get time to post until evening.

I liked this one from the Kipper deck. It shows

  • Principle Person (Male)
  • Gain/Win/Lots of Money
  • Busy with Work

Principle person signifies my husband, and this is saying that he will come into alot of money (from one of the vehicles I’ve written about). When it does, he’s going to be very very busy! not only are we going to be rushing around settling debts, but there will be alot of other work to do with either of these gains.

It’s exactly what he wants, to get busy with work again….been stuck for too long 🙂  So the cards keep trying to tell us, that things are about to change….

Kipper and Gypsy draws


As I just wrote on my sister blog, The Lenormand Oracle, all of my draws were talking about the same thing today!

I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before – from Tarot Celtic spread to Oracle cards – all about the same topic, so something major must be about to happen.

Here we have  Court – Coffin – Love and Friendship.

The combination of Court and Coffin give the meaning of an ending to a legal matter, or a court decision. It’s finally coming to an end.

Love and Friendship says that it ends well for us, that we’re happy. Pleasant outcome to this situation, there is an agreement.

The Gypsy cards reflected another part of this theme:


Wow! Visit can mean literally that, as in Fortune visits us; or it can refer to a meeting.

A meeting taking place, that brings about the fortune coming from the legal matter.

The Judge is either referring to the actual Judge in this matter playing a role in ending it”, or it’s just describing that it’s an official matter, or fair justice.

It definitely means money is coming and that this is being resolved fairly.

It’s rare that I actually get excited over card draws, they’re more of a puzzle for me to happily play with; but today, it’s like the bird hitting the window! It’s saying “take note – something major is happening!”

I’d be surprised if this went past this week without some kind of news. I will update as always 🙂



Gypsy & Kipper


Although I have been through the wars lately, my cards are telling me that it’s all about to change suddenly.

The only way I can interpret this is the unexpected joy that we feel as we end up getting our financial settlement from the one we call “thief”. It’s been showing up in the tarot, the playing cards, the kipper and the Sibilla! they can’t all be wrong 🙂

In the Kipper cards, I drew these today as well:


Great Luck with the Horn of Plenty; Living Room meaning my family and private life, and False Person, the deceitful one.

Great Luck = Fortune, optimism, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, wealth

There is fortune and great happiness coming into my life, my family’s life; connected to this Deceitful One.

There is change in the air! I’m ready–

Malady~Ammalato~Kurze Krankheit (short illness)


  • In the Kipper it’s the Short Illness
  • In the Sibilla it’s the sick, or to become sick
  • In the Art Deco & the Gypsy cards it’s called malady

It shows up alot for me lately, but it has other meanings besides the obvious one. Yes, it can be referring to one who becomes ill- it’s shown up for me just before I got a nasty flu! It can also describe someone who is tired, but not necessarily sick….just rundown.

Sometimes it depicts a period of emotional solitude, aloneness. One might feel isolated from family and friends, there’s a disconnect from the normal routine and people. A moment of stasis, which is acceptable.

It can also indicate something that is weak, ie. a weakened situation, or a physical object that’s broken (like a bike or a car).

It can hint that something is not right; there’s a weak spot in it.

But more and more for me, it comes up to refer to something that either isn’t of long duration, or that whatever is being described in the draw will happen shortly. It gives the message of “soon”.

Next time you get this card, remember these other meanings… maybe you’re not going to get that dreaded bug!