Celtic Cross Reading~


Two days ago I laid out this Celtic Spread, which I thought I would share with you here. Normally, there are only 2 cards in the middle, but over the years I adapted to having 2 crossed by a 3rd. I also changed the Outcome position, by adding 2 additional cards. This gives a better opportunity (at least for me) to tell a bit of a story. It works great for me!

I have always read from the Bottom, being the basis of the spread, clockwise. The bottom card gives me the theme generally.

The card to the left being the Past, or what’s leaving.

The card on top, what crowns you/possible future.

The card to the right, what’s coming in or near future.

The right column is the same traditionally, being Me (on my mind, mental outlook), Others (Environment either home or work/or how others see you), Hopes and Fears and Outcome.

So let’s start in the middle, and what I am facing presently.

6 of Wands/Sun is a wonderful start! There is victory and accomplishment leading to great happiness, optimism and self confidence. With this victory comes a rebirth and personal transformation. This doubly reinforces the message of overcoming obstacles, and being rewarded.

It’s crossed by the 10 of Wands. This position either represents the helping force or the hindrances in play. I also see it just as surrounding influences.

Here, with the 10 of Wands, you can see that I/we have felt very overburdened. We have been overextended with responsibilities and burdens, and have kept on plugging away…but with quite a toll. So it is brilliant to see the 6 of wands and the Sun- it’s about to change.

The message of this spread, or theme, is the Judgement card. This is the card of release and transformation. It is a major stage in spiritual development. There is a new lease on life, and joy in accomplishment.

Past or what’s leaving, interestingly is the 4 of Wands. The 4 of wands can refer to projects completed happily. It can also pertain to the home. One could be considering moving residence, or at the very least beautifying the one they have. ( We actually made the decision last week to go ahead and put ours on the market) With the 4 of wands there is a focus on the Home.

What Crowns you is  the Knight of Wands. This shows there is movement in affairs. Things are progressing. Change is in the air.  An important new experience is about to enter my life. It also might hint at travel about to take place.

For me personally, the Knights rarely describe a person, but an event. I’m not sure why, but it’s always been that way.

Near Future is the 4 of Cups. The 4 of cups talks of being presented with an opportunity or help, but not quite sure whether to take it or not. This is the card of  re-evaluating, of contemplating rather than acting on.

*Here I want to share with you a method that works amazingly well, for more insights. My husband’s tarot teacher taught him this method many years ago in England. I, being stubborn, balked at it for a long time! until I started working with the Lenormand cards and other oracles.

He was taught to look at the opposite cards and combine them to form a message.

For instance, The 4 of Wands and the 4 of Cups. This tells me that we will be reconsidering our plans to sell and move. With the 6 of wands and the Sun, it may no longer be necessary. Or these 2 cards could also be saying that we will actually receive an offer on the house, but won’t really be open to it.

Then you look at the bottom and the top cards; Judgement and the Knight of Wands. This release and transformation, may actually be in the form of a victory in a legal judgement. The Court just might push things through to our win. The Knight of Wands shows that this judgement will move forward quickly, but that also we might have to travel back to the state where this took place in order to complete it.

I lean towards this meaning of Judgement, because of the 6 of Wands. It clearly describes Victory- and our legal battle is the one area in our lives where the 6 of Wands and the Sun really mean something.

For me, my mental attitude at the moment, is the Page of Swords. I’m having to think fast on my feet. There is alot of mental activity going on. If you look at the Page of Swords, he/she is also in a defensive posture. He looks like he’s trying to protect himself as well- and that is mentally how I feel right now, defensive and trying to stay one step ahead. The Page of Swords also talks of changeable situations that I’ll need to be alert and ready for. News that requires me to think and act fast.

Others is the Queen of Swords. Seeing this card also made me think that this is talking about a victory around legal, as this card always shows up to represent the mentally sharp (and alone) woman foe. She’s got a mind of steel.

If  it’s representing how others see me at the present, then they see me as on my game,  and self reliant. She can analyze situations and give good counsel. I know that my husband is seeing me in this manner while we go through these difficulties. But I’m more apt to assign this to the female adversary who is one smart cookie.

Hopes and fears is the 6 of Swords. I pray every day to be able to leave this discord, this battle behind; and move on to calmer waters and greener pastures 🙂 I’m battle weary, and am ready for a little less turbulence in our lives. maybe that distant shore has a sandy beach where I can lay down, feel the warmth of the sun and listen to the waves hit the shore??

The Outcome is a curious one. I think that the 2 of swords holds the key. I was taught that the 2 of swords represented need to make decisions. And actually it shows that the woman doesn’t really want to make that decision, hence the blindfold – but not making a decision, is in fact making one all the same.

There looks to be two opportunities, one of an emotional nature, and one of a practical, material nature.  Am I going to be presented with a choice between long term planning and practical matters, and something that’s more of an emotional opportunity; and I’m not going to be sure which way to go? I’ll probably want them both at the same time! lol

Another way to look at those 3 cards is that the 2 of swords also represents equilibrium, maintaining balance between opposing forces. According to Alfred Douglas “truth and beauty arising through strife and dissent. Truce, peace and justice through the perfect balance of opposing arms or elements.”

Just maybe, I will have both the material and the emotional opportunities and be able to balance them both.

A more simple explanation of the Outcome –

Knight of cups: a proposal, an offer – 2 of swords: a truce in a struggle, an agreement, a settlement –

Knight of Pentacles: an important event related to material concerns. A long standing venture will reach a positive outcome.

An offer to settle brings improved financial situation! simple and to the point!

Try combining in your next Celtic Spread and see what comes to you- it does add a different dimension.

best wishes,