Sibilla Originale – La Lettera+Leggerezza+Il Ladro

I had a drawing yesterday with the Sibilla, that intrigued me. I continually get ‘Il Ladro’ (the thief) to represent the ‘Spiritual Guru’ woman who lost the court case to my husband. She has been ordered to pay a hefty settlement & has avoided doing so. She is shortly due to go back before the same judge for contempt….  here is what I drew:


La Lettera is either news, or message, or papers; it could even mean an offer or proposal.

So I knew that there could be news or an offer coming from the ‘Thief’; but what of La Leggerezza? (The Butterfly)

La Legerezza represents something that is fleeting, that doesn’t stay constant, moving from one thing to another. It also represents insufficient seriousness and here’s the crux:

I believe that La Lettera and La Leggerezza combined denote a “not serious” offer, in other words, a frivolous offer from Il Ladro (thief).

I have warned my husband to be prepared for a silly offer from her, as she tries to avoid the judge- I know right now, that my husband has no intention of giving her a discount for her outrageous behavior! I’ll update-

Sibilla Originale – Domestico+La Nemica+La Lettera

11C[2]  12S[2] 2D[2]

I have had a series of draws, that I’ve posted here, showing what I believe to be the “Enemy Woman” being served with court papers. I drew these this morning, and can’t help but think that these 3 are saying the same.

Domestico, one who serves! then La Nemica (evil one) and La Lettera, papers!

They’ve had trouble catching her, but I think they will eventually get her before the court date next Thursday. I can’t wait for next week to come and go, so we finally know what is going to happen with this court settlement! then my cards will start to reflect other things….and I know you’ll be grateful too! lol


Sibilla draw~


Talk about a balm for a weary heart!

Dono di pietre preziose: announcing changes, but especially around abundance, harmony, stability. It announces the arrival of news by mail or email of a legacy, a gift, a contract, a document. It’s a card that says you are overcoming obstacles, giving way to success.

La Lettera: is pretty self explanatory; news of any kind, positive or negative…in this case, next to pietre preziose, there is really great news arriving shortly- happy news!

Speranza: a period of hope, and the end of a period of anxiety & crisis (that would be nice!)- Speranza also points to a period of stability and balance and of  wishes coming true.

So there looks to be very good news that will be bringing a positive change in financial matters and a period of stability and hope– a lighter atmosphere. This could be a deal/contract, or even the notorious legal matter 🙂

Whatever it is, it’s welcome.