A busy, frantic time!

Hope those in Canada had a wonderful time yesterday…Happy Canada Day 🙂 Being an American who’s become a Canadian citizen, I get to enjoy a week of festivities every July! lol

I’ve been absent from blogging due to moving house over the last 2 weeks. We are happy to be ensconced in a lake house for the next 6 months…oh the peace….

My cards showed the move a month or two before we knew we’d have to vacate the other condo!

I wanted to share a series of draws that I’ve had over the time we moved, starting with:

I am the woman, and what surrounds me is the scythe and mice. This could have indicated stressful decisions (which during the move there definitely were) but I was fascinated to discover that it can also mean ‘breaking down’.

I’m a very steady, emotionally solid person 99.9% of the time – I’ve been through trials that would break a lot of people, and didn’t me. During this move though, there was an altercation between my mate and I that set me back to the Stone Age. I didn’t know which way was up! I had been working my butt off to clean the condo that we’d vacated  and was exhausted, only to return to someone who was bent on picking a fight. You know the kind, no matter what you do or say, it’s not going to matter?

It went so far, that I completely lost it and wept on a bed for hours and hours. We didn’t talk for 24 hours, and the next day, he was conciliatory.

So Scythe/Mice described what happened to me perfectly, although I never would have guessed it prior to it happening. I hope you never find yourself with that card combination meaning this! because it’s awful!…..’stressful decisions’ I would have much preferred for a meaning!

A day later, after efforts to bring back normalcy, my husband drew these 3 cards as part of bigger spread:

The Sun and Storks hints at positive improvements. The Birds can represent a couple.

The combinations of Storks/Birds can mean progress in a relationship or improved intimacy.

I was very relieved to see these cards! We were feeling much closer and healing our rift by this point, and it was just darn nice to see in his cards that he was feeling better too.

Stress is a real killer!


Showing a death-

Hi everyone,

I’ve been offline having been awfully busy with my youngest daughter’s high school graduation. I was so proud. She made High Honors for the year, and only 30 in her graduating class managed that 🙂 It’s hard to believe that my baby will be starting University in the Fall.

My last draw has not come to pass yet….it’s been 3 days? absolutely nothing comes close to being interpreted as Merriment-Unexpected Joy-Fortune….not even my daughter’s graduation! So I’m still puzzled as to what that’s talking about.

I continued to read cards and drew these 3 playing cards the morning of Thursday, June 26.

Ace of Spadesjack-spadesKingSpades

I thought that it might be describing my ex-husband. He’s always the King of Spades or the King of Swords. The Jack next to him describes him as a man from my past, but also the Jack of Spades shows up for me to describe someone who is shifty, or lying. This is true for him!

The Ace of Spades, can denote a worried mind, troubles; so my first inclination was to say that he was worrying about what he did, and it was causing him some grief.

Then another thought crossed my mind. I said, hesitantly, I wonder if this could mean a sudden death of a man?The Ace of Spades with 2 other spades can sometimes predict a passing. Seeing the Jack of Spades is similar to the Page of Swords in the tarot; which can mean sudden news.

We both just looked at each other, wondering if someone we knew was going to pass…

My husband during the same card reading time, drew these 3 lenormand cards:


I had taken this to mean, mysterious death…or questions/doubt around a passing. This all happening at a distance from us.

Neither of us had a clue and just noted it down for June 26th.

It was later that day that the news media announced that Michael Jackson had passed away. There have been growing questions about prescription medications that he was taking as well.

It wasn’t until late that night, that it dawned on me that those two draws were talking about a news event and not something within our family. His passing was so strong in the ethers, that our cards even picked it up.

No matter what you thought about the controversy surrounding his life, he was a brilliant entertainer and we were deeply saddened by the news.

Multiple draws pointing to a message & and a Bird hitting the Window!!

My husband had a few cards in a number of readings that seemed to refer to the same thing. It didn’t matter what kind of deck he used, it still seemed to point to the same thing, and it had him really worried.

I didn’t write them all down, but here are a few examples:

As part of a bigger Lenormand spread, he had these 3 cards in the present position:


* I add this example after publishing, as I had forgotten it! He thought he was reading about someone else- and I blurted out there’s confusion around a woman’s health. (one more reference to his daughter, but we didn’t catch it at the time)


House-Short Illness- Rich Good Lord: In this instance,  I had thought that the Rich Good Lord was referring to someone else – as my husband usually shows up as the Good Lord or Principle Man.

This draw refers to an illness in the family, connected somehow to the R. Good Lord.


He drew this the other day, and became quite worried. He didn’t have long to wait to see what it was about either! We received a phone call from his daughter out in Vancouver, that she was really ill again, and had spent the day in the hospital- she’s experiencing muscle weakness in all limbs and pins and needles in them. This gal doesn’t call unless things are really bad!

My husband was on a plane the next day (yesterday) to fly across country and be by her side. I haven’t heard from him yet, to know what’s happening.

Around the same time of these draws, I drew the following cards:


I remember commenting to my husband, that that didn’t make much sense, because his daughter wouldn’t be considered “The Great Dame”! she’s too young!

Lo and behold! I dropped my husband off at the airport last night, came back and made dinner for my daughter and me, and by 8pm felt really sick! I was so worn out from all the hoopla, that I’ve come down with a really nasty sinus cold and sore/constricted throat. Instead of writing my blog entries last night, I ended up in bed!

I’m not faring too much better today either 😦  I’ve run my errands, and plan on laying very low today….it’s vitamin C time and ColdFX as my companions. Sigh* It never fails, I finally have a quiet moment to myself, and now I’m sick! lol

Tuesday morning, I drew these 3 cards from the Kipper:


I had secretly thought (but didn’t voice) that these cards reflected how I was feeling….which is a little hard to admit.

I thought they were showing my feelings that her illness/drama was “robbing” from my family affairs, my private inner sanctum…I can’t quite find the words for this, and it just doesn’t sound nice! Not only was the situation taking my husband away at a very critical time for us personally, but it was costing us airfare money that we just didn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong, I know she needed her Dad, and there was no way he wasn’t going to go– nor would I have suggested anything else! if it were one of my kids I’d do exactly the same thing…. I just think that the cards were reflecting that inward feeling.

Having said that- finding myself ALSO now sick, I can say that this darn bug that I seem to have, is now robbing me of my inner/personal time – I don’t feel well enough to do the things I wanted to do!!  So these 3 cards were a double whammy!!!  LOL

As we started having these cards appear over the past week, something else happened that set us both on alert.

We were sitting in our respective offices, off the living room, when we both were startled by a huge bang against the window. We both ran out, and found a beautiful bird laying on our deck, breathing heavily. Both of us felt heartsick, both for the bird and for the message it might be bringing.

In the past, when we have had birds hit our window so hard like that, it has been similar in meaning to the Tower card in the Tarot. It has almost always meant that we were about to get a shock- and most often, not a pleasant one.

It happened 7 years ago, just before my mother had a devastating stroke & subsequently died; and it’s happened before we got word that someone was ill, or before someone tried to serve my husband with legal papers! We just know, to “take note” when both of us get that particular message from a bird. Years ago, when I was helping my mother move out of her home, and move in with my former husband and me, I had crows hitting every window of the house for hours!All I could think of was the movie “Birds”! it was very very creepy, and I think a warning (which I didn’t heed) of the wrongness of the move in with us! lol

I took time out to Google about the spiritual meaning of birds hitting the window, and found a fascinating blog with many people writing in, on their experiences with birds! Well worth a read, if you’ve ever experienced the phenonomen.

Sure enough, just a few days later we found out that a loved one is  ill…..

I’m a firm believer in signs and synchronicities!


Using Sammie’s spread :)

Sammie introduced a spread on her blog that I really liked. I’ve used it with Playing cards and it worked really well…my plan was to originally publish that one, but it was a little too personal and would make me blush! lol so just this once, I’m going to post a Lenormand version of the spread. I won’t normally feature Lenormand here, because I have a separate blog dedicated to it, but being short on time, I thought I’d share this one:

I think I’m going to call this the “I’ spread, because it looks like a capital “I” –

The way I went about interpreting it was that the bottom part of the “I” is what I’m dealing with or hearing about now (present circmstances) and the top part of the “I” is something coming shortly.

I went on to assign the middle vertical as the Summary, or the Trigger point. The cross fans give a little more info….   so here it goes! :



The Bottom – Present: Tower+Mountain+Ship –  For me, I think this represent that there have been legal delays with the situation at a distance in the states….after just being awarded judgement, it’s been impossible to get a hold of the lawyer to finish business! very frustrating-

The Top – What’s coming: House+Horseman+Book – I could take this a couple of ways; I might have a surprise (book) visitor coming to the home, or there could be a surprise new addition to the home (???) or there is surprising news coming to the family… or we’re starting on a new project around the house (Horseman+Book).

Any of the above could be it, or all of the above could be it! lol will just have to wait and see –

Vertical stem- Summary or Trigger point: Horseman+Woman+Mountain –  I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to hear from, or news about the woman (crook) who is 1) distant, 2)lonely &/or a loner 3) isolated, 4) lives in the mountains!

Criss cross 1- Tower+Woman+Book – I can’t help it, I keep getting that there is going to be a secret revealed around this woman, possibly to do with her other legal matters (she has numerous) this seems to say “Big secret”! lol

Criss Cross 2 – House+Woman+Ship- If this is the same woman, then it looks like she’s moving away, moving house again (something she’s done quite a few times) –

That tells an interesting story…. and like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger layout, when you combine the other cards with the woman, it doesn’t necessarily refer to you! just something that is in your field at the moment. As I was writing this up, another story came to me, that popped as well  –

I wonder if this might be referring to a woman connected to the family who lives at a distance? (House+Woman+Ship)  like hubby’s daughter in NF?

The bottom “I”, (Tower+Mountain+Ship) could be describing delays upon delays around her transferring from her banking job there….she is wanting to move away and onto something else.

The top “I”, (House+Horseman+Book) could be saying that we get a surprise visit from her, or she surprises us by moving back home for awhile….

The other cross, (Tower+Woman+Book) would show surprises around her work, or something revealed about it…. it could also describe her researching other positions within the banking field…

I came to this completely different idea, because of the stem of the “I”. (Horseman+Woman+Mountain) said to me “news coming from the distant, reserved woman”…and that’s definitely my stepdaughter! lol she’s a very very lovely gal, good heart, but she is definitely a bean counter!

So this exercise with Sammie’s great spread, is either having to do with legal issues that we have, or job/banking issues with our daughter.

This is a great spread Sammie! I got alot of information with it, and equally so with the playing card version that I did. This is a keeper!  Thanks for sharing it 🙂