Sibilla Originale: Prigione – Morte – Conversazione


Prigione has to do with feeling trapped in a situation; sometimes it literally means a jail.

Morte (death) is similar to the Death card in the Tarot, and the Coffin card in the Lenormand. It brings endings or major changes to a situation.

What’s interesting is that this is connected to a Conversation! So there is a major, life changing conversation or news coming from another, that breaks us out of our prison-like existence.

Actually, Conversazione also denotes abundance and festivities. It’s a very positive card for economic well being. So again, there is major change from being stuck, to something happy and abundant. My husband and I are so ready to break those heavy chains in the Prigione!!

Sibilla~ Denari – Morte – Prigione


These are images from the beautiful I Misteri della Sibilla deck. I have the images, but unfortunately not the deck….yet! I love the artwork!

  • The first card is Denaro (or denari) which is the Money card.
  • The 2nd card translates easily by the picture depicted; it’s the Death card.
  • The 3rd card is the Prison card.

Now some might have seen the 2 somewhat negative cards, and thought, “oh oh trouble”, but I didn’t – just the opposite!

The first card shows that money (and lots of it) will be available soon. It also denotes money connected to the past. The Death card said to me that this money will bring changes in my circumstances, which unfortunately is represented by the Prison card.

We have been imprisoned by a pretty serious financial crisis….money owed from 2 different sources didn’t arrive when expected, and we have been stretched to our limit, literally. So I was happy to see the Death card prominent here.

The arrival of money transforms the limited existence that we are enduring. We have stayed in good spirits, trusting that it would work out; and happily the cards are saying that it will.

The Tarot Garden has a great selection to choose from 🙂 can I enable someone???? lol