10 of Cups ~ 5 of Cups ~ Chariot


There are few things that pop up for me with these cards.

1) The 10 of Cups referring to the marriage, or the family, or extended family; and the 5 of Cups showing a past issue…looking at something that comes from the past…or regrets  over a marital/ family matter.

The Chariot tells me that I successfully take command of the situation, and carefully control the opposing forces.

To be honest, a sticking point in our marriage was brought up once again in the last 48 hours; something that my husband had held on to and was bugging him.

Thankfully, I was the Chariot driver and successfully was able to transform what could have been a “deal breaker”-  we both ended up feeling better, and satisfied.

I drew these early this morning, before everything had played out – so they were right on the money!

Old English Tarot ~ Tower-Wheel of Fortune-Knight of Swords


I absolutely love the Old English Tarot. I bought it when it first came out, and have recently brought it back out to enjoy. These 3 cards were the middle 3 of a Celtic Cross Spread that I did this morning.

(you can click on the images to see the artwork in more detail)

*Note, I put down 2 cards crossed by the 3rd; an adaptation that I’ve been doing since the early 90’s and it works well for me.

The Tower and the Wheel of Fortune show that a major change that comes as a surprise is about to present itself. Out of the blue everything changes! and fortunately, the Wheel of Fortune shows that our circumstances are about to improve for the better. There is opportunity coming, our luck is changing.

Crossed by the Knight of Swords, this is an event that is rushing in to our lives. The Knight of Swords represent rapid changes, an unexpected situation, quick solutions. It tells you to expect to be active and on the go.

This is definitely one of those times when the Tower is a welcome card to see in a spread- especially with the Wheel of Fortune. I’m experiencing the “bottom of the barrel”, in some ways, so it has only one way to go and that’s up! hooray.

Other cards included within this Celtic Cross were the


so there is definitely victory and money contained within this event :);

also, a sense of security…..

I can’t wait to report back when it happens! lol

Old English Tarot

click on the cards to see a bigger view-

I thought I would pull out an old favorite Tarot deck of mine, aptly called the Old English Tarot.

As is the norm with me, more than one thought came to mind 🙂 The 10 of Pentacles is a fantastic card! it can mean a financial windfall. It means that you have the money or the financing to be able to attain your dream… it’s having money & security (all which has been threatened over the past year)- It also comes up when there is a large purchase in your future.

I can’t help wondering if one or both of the monies come in, that we are waiting on, and then my mate buys me a lovely gift! lol or invites me out on a romantic date 🙂 The Knight of Cups and the 2 of cups hint at a loving gift from a partner.

Another way to look at these cards is that there is family and financial security that comes from an offer to settle a contract/agreement. This would lean towards the legal case.

When I first met my husband, I was ga-ga! no other way to put it! I felt like a teenager again, just a rush of feelings. I remember that after an afternoon where he gave me a Reiki session, I went home and handmade a thank you card. (I had never done that before for anyone! lol) He was, and still is, very much into the Tarot; so I featured the 2 of Cups card and hand colored it, mounted to beautiful paper, and wrote a thank you note. I’m amazed I sent it! I found out 2 years later, he had saved it – so the 2 of cups is a very special card to me 🙂