I Ching Cards~

I have had 2 great books on the I Ching that I have referred to off and on for a few years. One I’ve scanned in here: Front & Back

Some years ago, a friend gifted me with a set of I Ching cards which are beautiful. I don’t know where they came from, but a quick search on the web and I discovered quite a few other beautiful decks! haha…might have to collect a few now!

 I drew a card late last night, and then looked up the hexagram in my book…I seem to have a definite theme going on!

Here’s the card:

I scanned in the card and added the title to the card. This is hexagram # 52 – “Meditation- Keeping Still”. From the book:

“There is a focus now upon your inner perspective. It is of particualr importance at this time that you mediatate upon the object of your inquiry. Meditation here refers to a state where your thoughts do not go beyond the situation at hand. It is not a single act but a frame of mind, Once the mind is calm and the ego quelled, you will transcend your internal turmoil. Your inner stillness will bring enlightenment by objectifying your impressions. Meditation and inner calm will help to center you. Hold your thoughts to to the present and attempt an unprejudiced view of the situation. Actions that spring  from this attitude will be appropiate and well regarded. Stop your thoughts now.”

This continues the message of the last few days, of needing to be introspective and almost retreat. This, I have done. I spent a good part of last night, awake, but in a calm receptive state…and I did feel a shift. This morning, when I webcammed with hubby, he was in a very agitated state; upset and worried about his daughter. I was able to come from a more balanced and calm position, which helped the dynamics of our interaction greatly.

Sometimes, the greatest thing you can do is to step back from people and stiuations, and become the observer…not to react. I held my “tone” and stayed centered 🙂 In a strange way, this time alone has been a blessing for me. I feel as though I am rearranging my insides and perspective. Because of this I will be a magnet for different responses and experiences. It’s all so fascinating!

Welcome to my new Blog!


Hello, my name is Spiritsong.

I have been writing daily about my experiences with the Lenormand since January. It has been a wonderful way to learn a new system and find my connection with the cards.

Recently, I have been longing to have a place to share my experiences with other card systems. I have so enjoyed reading some of my other friends’ blogs where they share their latest acquistions…that I wanted to be able to play in the same manner.

I have been a long time student of the tarot, but in the last few years have come to love Oracle cards in all it’s guises, and I also have a special place in my heart for reading with plain old playing cards! So I thought that I would create a home to explore my other card interests and keep my Lenormand Blog dedicated just to Lenormand.

I know that having this blog is going to “enable” me to collect more and more decks -LOL- but that’s not such a bad vice, is it?!

So WELCOME! Please join me 🙂