Playing cards draw~


I drew these cards this morning, and am not quite sure…there are 2 levels here to this.

Traditionally, the jh11 represents the young “favored” one, the sensitive one. This is my son, M, who is leaving University today to fly back home for 2 weeks before starting his summer internship.

The combination of the  200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small1 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small1 says that M is going to be heartsick….lovesick.

Today, he is saying goodbye to 2 international students who became his adopted family. Neither are returning to the school in the Fall. One, is a girl from Belgium, and although they were just friends, they were actually closer in some ways that he’s ever been with a “girlfriend”- they did everything together! lol

I think this is showing that parting is going to be really sweet sorrow…..    goodbyes are tough.

Now, if the jh12 represented my stepdaughter who’s ill (she’s usually the JD though)

the 200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small2 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small2 could represent circulatory problems. The 10H can refer to circulation in health matters, and the 4S can refer to illness, confinement.

She has numbness in all of her limbs, and the medical establishment can’t seem to discover what’s causing it.

The cards don’t usually tell you what you already know, and the the JH is usually my son…. so that’s what I’m going to take this draw to mean. He’s going to have a hard time parting from these two close buds….

If you want to learn to read the Playing cards, there are 2 fantastic resources that I highly recommend. There is a forum online, that is a wonderful friendly community- The Art of Cartomancy, which is primarily focused on reading playing cards, but also has sub forums on other cards of interest.

And I highly recommend the book or cd, The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell. She has operated a tea room in Quincy Massachussetts since the 70’s, where card reader’s of her method read for the public. I hope to visit there next time I’m in Boston!

Playing card Line of 5 Spread

I decided to try a spread that I’ve been introduced to by Chanah for Lenormand; The Line of 5. Many times she uses 7, but I thought 5 would be enough this time! It works really well!

is talking about legal matters (which we are in the midst of)

can mean an opportunity to resolve problems, of moving forward & progress. It’s also the card of negotiations, and that’s what I think it’s referring to.

5+ 6 – Legal negotiations

– Now for me, the Jacks tend to represent action and events more than young people; much like the pages in the Tarot. Like the Page of Swords, there is sudden news, something that requires immediate attention.

– shows a financial windfall, and success monetarily.

– Ironically I drew this card- as we were just discussing it’s meaning in a post on the Art of cartomancy formum. So I think it is saying a need for careful consideration during these negotiations. We need to carefully weigh our position in this matter, and look for any “thorns” !

The 5 – 8 probably means caution with legal, weighing our options.

The 6 – 10 probably means moving towards a successful completion in this matter, ending in a payout (which is owed)

I was tickled pink to see how well this spread works with the playing cards! I did a Lenormand version, that ended up reflecting the same situation, which I will post elsewhere.


Playing cards~


The above cards were a part of a larger reading that I did with the Playing cards. Normally I do readings with fans of 3 cards, but there is one spread that I learnt from a real Gypsy reader, in which she always uses 4 card fans. Sometimes this is very tricky, but in this case, it came around quickly and I had been right! so I thought I would share it.

This fan, fell into the position of “what you don’t know“.

I looked at the Queen , and the Jack first. I knew this was describing one person. The Queen  represents a female loved one. It could be a sister, a daughter, a close friend, a mother etc. The Jack is a younger person, who is very practical & intelligent. The Jack  can be a young relative by marriage, and that is the case. This card almost always represents one of my step daughters who I’m close to. When I saw the Queen next to it, the words “adult child” popped into my head- so I combined the 2, much like I would combine the Woman and Child cards in the Lenormand to mean the same thing.

The 9  next to her (9  + face card) decribes someone at a distance; which she is. She’s on the other side of the country.

Now the 10  was showing that there would be some upset, grief, worry around her. I wondered if there would be aggravation or trouble while travelling (9) or if there woud be lies, deceit…something not right around business (10+ ).

We didn’t have long to wait! later that night, we webcamed with this daughter and discovered that she had had “the shock of her life”- when she discovered that a furniture business from where she had formerly lived, had screwed up on her mailing address and never had sent her any bills for an additional piece of furniture she had bought. Because there had been many purchases there at the time, she didn’t catch that she hadn’t received a statement on the one item.

Now that she was going for a loan, she discovered that her credit rating had plumetted because of the error the furniture store had made, by not sending her the invoices! This, happening to someone very well positioned in the banking field, and a stickler for paying her bills on time!!

So now, long distance, she’s trying to expose the mistake made by the furniture store, and restore her credit rating! (a real 10   for my step-daughter)

I am continually amazed at how much I glean from reading the playing cards. It is the one system I really want to become an expert on. They are really all you need! lol and it’s so subtle as well 🙂  You can give a reading on the airplane and they’ll just think you’re playing a card game!

If you’d like to learn more about reading playing cards, be sure to check out The Art of Cartomancy Forum, run by a talented reader and teacher, Kapherus. You’ll be learning how to read in no time.

Best Wishes,


An update:

I’ve been absent today, which is hard on me! there have been family matters pressing that have kept me from uploading my reading.

The other day, I posted a playing card reading:            

I had the right ideas, but was wrong in who I thought it related to. The 2 of Spades is definitely upsetting news, and the Queen of Hearts can represent a female loved one. In this particular case, it refers to my grown step-daughter, who has had some health problems this year. The 5 of Spades is the strange card though; I thought it must have to do with anger and loss, like the loss of a relationship etc. but it wasn’t. The 5 of Spades can encompass frustration, loss, anger, restlessness…Kapherus also mentioned on his blog once that an older symbolic meaning is “a hand holding a knife” or denote a surgical procedure….the act of cutting, or cutting away….

This is very very strange, but it seems that my step daughter all of a sudden had severe eye pain in both her eyes, that got so bad that she had a friend take her to the hospital. The specialist there asked if she had just injured her eyes, which she said “no” to. He went on to say that she had 2 very defined scratches across BOTH her cornias! and that one cornia was in danger of being dislodged! She’s now on bed rest with strong medication, and my husband is catching the next flight out to be with her!

The 5 of Spades, seemed to literally mean upset, frustration AND cutting/scratching.

It is a complete mystery! I think I had a draw on my Lenormand blog that was hinting at this too, I will have to check.

So at any rate, I’m rushing around trying to help hubby get ready to go– will be online tomorrow without a doubt.  How strange is all of this??