Back in the Saddle Again…..(I hope!)






I remember having these cards in a bigger reading a week or so ago. I offhandedly said that a Queen of Hearts friend of mine was ill. I thought she’d be traveling soon. I dismissed it, mainly because I’ve lost touch with many of my old friends and thought I wouldn’t know. And secondly it didn’t seem of much importance! 😦 Why is it that it’s the card spreads you dismiss that come back in your face??

I was totally surprised to find that a dear friend who lives locally, and who I know has had some difficulties, announced she was going to Vancouver for 2 weeks to seek some alternative healing there. She’s at the end of her tether and can’t get any relief.

The Image usually refers to illness, but also can denote difficulties, worries, depression, trouble sleeping. It’s not a nice card to see. All of the above I can relate to this friend.

In the past, my husband and I would give her Reiki every week, and it helped immensely; but now we don’t live as near.

This morning in my cards, I had these cards:



As my friend, Kapherus pointed out, (where have you gone dear teacher?? no forum…:( )

the Image traditionally is the card of disappointment, illness and restriction. The Image refers to any situation that is out of balance. (Interestingly this is literally one of her issues.) It also can denote a visit to the doctor or a health professional.

Now for me, the Image is about getting one’s fondest wish, similar to the 9 Hearts/Cups or showing the thoughts of the Image, positive, happy thoughts… I deducted from this that my friend, the Queen of Hearts, was going to be pleased with some healing modality she experienced while in Vancouver.

It traditionally denotes a young man, who is beloved. He could be the person’s son, or a person of either sex that the person has a close bond with. If it’s not a relative, then it might be referring to a young man that she meets who gives her some kind of treatment.

My intuition tells me she’s going to be satisfied with some healing experience she has over there.

I have 2 weeks to hear the outcome! I will definitely update once I know more.

I am always humbled how the cards show things very precisely whether I “get it” or not! This is why keeping a journal on your card spreads is so helpful in expanding your understanding of what the cards are telling you. You can go back and see with hindsight, what the message was.

It feels so good to write about the cards again!!!!!

Cartomancy is so much a part of who I am, that I felt like there has been a major hole in my life not writing on my blogs this past year or so. I’ve been on an incredible roller coaster ride, but somehow, I will get back to writing.

WordPress has changed in my absence, so bear with me as I learn the ropes all over again 🙂






I’m back! hopefully for good this time :)

I have been disconnected from the WWW for a bit of time now, thanks to my laptop getting a nasty virus and needing to go into the shop. You might say, that my dear friend went down with the Flu! It’s so nice to have it back 🙂

While she was gone, I continued to do readings, and also have been listening to a wonderful audio course from the Tarot School on the Minor Arcana. I can’t recommend their work highly enough! I’ve been reading the tarot for most of my life, (with great success, I might add) but I found myself re-thinking the minor arcana in delightful ways after listening to this one course. My ‘time-out’ was well spent, as it has brought the tarot back into my enthusiastic focus, once more. After 20+ years, I am wanting to delve much deeper.

As I said, I’ve read the tarot very well for years, and I’ve known people who are amazing with the tarot without any formal training….totally using their psychic faculties; but I was surprised at all the little things I learnt, listening to this course! I wish I had found it years ago 🙂

In one session they were talking about the 9 of Swords. This is not a nice card, by any means. Most commonly it is regarded as someone who is caught up in their worries so deeply that they can’t let go. It’s being trapped in the ‘monkey mind’ and being ruled by it.


Another aspect of this card was brought to my attention though; it’s also the card of aggression, violence etc. There is a carving on the bed of the Rider Waite decks, that shows physical violence ( not very clearly here – sorry).

I also read a lot with the playing cards, and sometimes post them here. Recently, my husband drew these:


The 4 of Clubs can mean a telephone call, so I thought he might receive a  call that caused him some worry. Since both the 9 and the Ace of Spades can lean that way, I knew I was missing something. News of a death?getting a phone call and hearing that someone is ill? what???

A few days later, I heard my husband take a call from a creditor that we owe money to. We’ve fallen behind on a few bills sadly, and it’s caused a great deal of stress.

This creditor wasn’t being nice, though….he was being very pushy and aggressive, so much so, that my husband hung up on him! It was hearing his end of the conversation, that the penny finally dropped for me.

The 9 of Spades was, in this case, referring to aggressive, bullying behavior – just as had been mentioned for the 9 of Swords in the audio course.

So the meaning of this draw came through within 2 days – a bullying, not-nice phone call that would cause worry (Ace of Spades)-

It was an awful experience – but I got a wonderful insight on this card! LOL

(*I sometimes think I live on another planet…. haha)

update: This draw also had a second level to it. My husband also received a telephone call from his daughter in England. She’s come down with a flu which has him worried, but luckily not the Swine variety.

The cards were right again–

Back in the early part of July, (the 8th-12th to be exact) I had a few worrisome draws that I didn’t write about.

One of them included these:


The Jack of Hearts usually represents my 20 year old son, and I’m the Queen of Diamonds a great deal of the time. I immediately commented to my husband that it looked like I was going to be worried about him.

There were other draws in the oracles showing illness around the Jack of Hearts/L’Amante and I felt a great deal of worry. He’s been out in Alberta doing a work co-op for his college work.

Sure enough, within 2 days of the different draws, we visited with him on webcam and discovered that he was quite ill. We couldn’t seem to convince him to go to the doctor either! so I was very fretful!

He  eventually did go to the doctor’s when he still couldn’t sleep because of the pain in his joints.

I have only found out last night, that my son actually came down with the dreaded Swine Flu!!!! I almost had a heart attack! If I didn’t see that he was now over it and fine, I would have fallen apart. One of his college friends died of the Swine flu at the beginning of the epidemic, when he returned to Mexico to visit his parents.

Talk about an unbelievable year. I just count my lucky stars that my son is ok. He is coming home next week and I know that I’ll be doting on him! 11_2_104

Playing cards: King of Hearts – 5 of Diamonds – King of Clubs

Four days ago I drew 3 cards from a deck of playing cards. These were:


The King of Hearts is my husband. I told him that he was going to hear from his lawyer about the legal matter shortly.

The 5 of Diamonds can relate to legal issues or a legal judgement, and next to the King of Clubs I was pretty certain that it was describing the lawyer. The King of Clubs is the business man who is usually also married, which his lawyer is 🙂

Sure enough, last night, only 3 days later, my husband got the first communication in weeks from his lawyer sharing the latest news on the court case. The judge has spoken, and action is being taken!

I love seeing the dailys coming through loud and clear!

Playing cards come true within hours!

As part of a bigger general spread with the playing cards, in the position of what is unknown I drew these 4 cards:

king-diamonds208px-10_of_spades.svgQueen of Heartsking-hearts

I said to my husband, “this doesn’t look good! we’re the King and Queen of Hearts….”
There is grief or frustration connected to the King of Diamonds that somehow affects us. I hope it’s isn’t “D” our financial trader friend…

I then took a step back and said, “well, this could be a banker type or someone concerned with finances giving us hassle or grief..”  we both rolled our eyes and hoped that wasn’t the case.

Sure enough, a few hours later, there was a phone call from one of the credit card companies. Usually the people are very decent and polite, but this time my husband got someone who was obnoxious. He got so pissed off at him, that he demanded a supervisor and hung up until they could find one for him to talk to!

These people call every few days, “gently” reminding us that we’re overdue with a payment (Like we didn’t know!)- but usually they’re polite! this one really got my mate’s temper riled.

So remember, King of Diamonds….banker type, credit card/finance guy….  (@!$#%8#)

Playing cards~

jack-spadesspades9-70551110 of heartsking-hearts

This morning, these 4 cards were a part of a larger spread that I did.

Most of the time, the Jack of Spades represents my husband’s oldest daughter, who lives abroad. They haven’t been as close this year.

The 9 of Spades told me that there would be stress/worry around this young lady; and the 10 of Hearts described the stress…to do with family matters; in particular, with the King of Hearts (her father).

I took note of it, but didn’t mention it to him. Out of the blue later today, he decided to try to find out how she was; and called her mother. Surprisingly, his daughter happened to be visiting and answered the phone. They spoke for awhile, but it was very strained and polite. She was very uptight and on the defensive about everything. It was not a very enjoyable call.

I found it amazing that he chose today to try to contact her, and actually connected with her. It’s been about 6 months since they’ve spoken!

The Playing cards correctly predicted that scenario-

Playing cards – Jack of Hearts – 9 of Clubs – 9 of Spades


This draw worried me a little bit this morning. I love reading the playing cards, and have had a great deal of confirmation with them. This seems to be reffering to my son, M. He’s my Jack of Hearts.

The Jack of Hearts, is the sweet one, similar to the Page of Cups in the tarot. They’re the sensitive, kind ones.

flowerss To say it all, I just adore this young man 🙂 he is my Joy of joys.

The 9 of Clubs describes that he is at a distance from me. Yesterday, he traveled to Alberta to start a summer internship required for University. He left the warmth of Nova Scotia (odd to say!) to snow in Alberta! lol

I’m not happy to see the 9 of Spades finishing this up, as this means worry and stress for my son. Hopefully it doesn’t mean illness! Such a change in weather could certainly bring it on.

I know that he is quite stressed today, starting this new job. The 9 of Spades can have the meaning of feeling depressed, (I know he’s missing home) or of feeling pressured. He wants so much to start off on the right foot.

Now interestingly, having two 9’s has an added meaning: of higher learning (which he’s involved with) and with the travel industry. He is working at a resort for the summer!

Hopefully the 9 of Spades aspect will wear off quickly!!

update: I talked to him later that night- he was very stressed in the morning before taking the taxi to the resort, but once he met other students and saw his accomodations he was fine. I’m glad it was just first day jitters 🙂

Playing cards draw~


I drew these cards this morning, and am not quite sure…there are 2 levels here to this.

Traditionally, the jh11 represents the young “favored” one, the sensitive one. This is my son, M, who is leaving University today to fly back home for 2 weeks before starting his summer internship.

The combination of the  200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small1 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small1 says that M is going to be heartsick….lovesick.

Today, he is saying goodbye to 2 international students who became his adopted family. Neither are returning to the school in the Fall. One, is a girl from Belgium, and although they were just friends, they were actually closer in some ways that he’s ever been with a “girlfriend”- they did everything together! lol

I think this is showing that parting is going to be really sweet sorrow…..    goodbyes are tough.

Now, if the jh12 represented my stepdaughter who’s ill (she’s usually the JD though)

the 200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small2 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small2 could represent circulatory problems. The 10H can refer to circulation in health matters, and the 4S can refer to illness, confinement.

She has numbness in all of her limbs, and the medical establishment can’t seem to discover what’s causing it.

The cards don’t usually tell you what you already know, and the the JH is usually my son…. so that’s what I’m going to take this draw to mean. He’s going to have a hard time parting from these two close buds….

If you want to learn to read the Playing cards, there are 2 fantastic resources that I highly recommend. There is a forum online, that is a wonderful friendly community- The Art of Cartomancy, which is primarily focused on reading playing cards, but also has sub forums on other cards of interest.

And I highly recommend the book or cd, The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell. She has operated a tea room in Quincy Massachussetts since the 70’s, where card reader’s of her method read for the public. I hope to visit there next time I’m in Boston!

Playing card Line of 5 Spread

I decided to try a spread that I’ve been introduced to by Chanah for Lenormand; The Line of 5. Many times she uses 7, but I thought 5 would be enough this time! It works really well!

is talking about legal matters (which we are in the midst of)

can mean an opportunity to resolve problems, of moving forward & progress. It’s also the card of negotiations, and that’s what I think it’s referring to.

5+ 6 – Legal negotiations

– Now for me, the Jacks tend to represent action and events more than young people; much like the pages in the Tarot. Like the Page of Swords, there is sudden news, something that requires immediate attention.

– shows a financial windfall, and success monetarily.

– Ironically I drew this card- as we were just discussing it’s meaning in a post on the Art of cartomancy formum. So I think it is saying a need for careful consideration during these negotiations. We need to carefully weigh our position in this matter, and look for any “thorns” !

The 5 – 8 probably means caution with legal, weighing our options.

The 6 – 10 probably means moving towards a successful completion in this matter, ending in a payout (which is owed)

I was tickled pink to see how well this spread works with the playing cards! I did a Lenormand version, that ended up reflecting the same situation, which I will post elsewhere.


Playing card draw (me)

I drew these cards last night, and found that they definitely correlate with other drawings of recent. I’m not near my scanner, so I randomly chose images off the net that I thought were interesting 🙂 They don’t go together, but I like them anyway! lol

The 9 of Diamonds can represent a change in attitude, our hopes and wishes.

The 8 of Clubs can mean about “working things out”, “talking things through.”

The Ace of Hearts can refer to family matters.

So as Kapherus so wonderfully pointed out to me, this can refer to my own changes of attitude towards a family matter…..or it can represent someone else close to me, wanting to work things through around a family matter. Both seem to be true 🙂

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts can also refer to working at home (which we do); and the 9 of Diamonds can represent unexpected money coming; a refund check, a wire transfer, money above what you normally would receive….this would be very welcome also!

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts could also represent work being done around the house, and a change in attitude towards doing that– that would be true too. We originally planned on converting our separate 2 storey garage into a garage with an upstairs guest apartment/studio for me.

Now that we are considering moving next year, we’re not sure it would really be worth doing- yes we would get more return, but for alot of hassle, so that’s being pondered.

My husband pulled these cards this morning:

The 8 of Clubs card we shared… it means working things through, talking things out..with the Queen of Hearts (me) and moving on. The 6 of Spades has many meanings, but it was very clear to me that this was meaning putting the past, or what has not been working to rest, and moving forward in a new manner- breaking the pattern. The 6 of Spades can mean making progress.

If the 8 of Clubs hadn’t been there, I would have been thinking of this very differently! But I am certain that it’s about working through and moving forward… it is what we both want; there’s been enough stress for 100 people, we don’t want to lose each other as well…

So I’m feeling a bit better about things after all these draws…