Magical Forest Tarot: Hermit + 6 of Swords + Queen of Cups


These cards are also a very good reflection on me, as was the Lenormand on my sister blog. I’ve been through alot, and my gut reaction was to retreat and regroup.

Today, I have gone inside of myself, reflecting on what has just happened with my ex-husband’s antics. I’ve needed inward time to try to find my balance in all of this.

The Hermit shows that by doing this, I will find some peace for my troubled mind. In the classic Rider Waite image, 6 of swords, the troubled and defeated people are moving from turbulent waters to calmer ones. They are leaving it behind, and moving on.

Inwardly, this is what I must do- let go of this “past” in my mind, sever all ties emotionally. Today this is my goal.