September Tea Leaf fortune reading~



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For September, I drew The Leg, Needle & Thread, Fair Man, Crown

The Leg: This card indicates that you will be stepping into a new experience during the timeframe shown.

Needle & Thread: A Sincere wish will be granted. A silken thread slos through the eye of a small needle. It is important that the needle is threaded because only then will a wish be granted. This symbol indicates that a truly sincere wish, dear to the querist’s heart, will be granted.

Fair Man:  Dealings or relationship with a man with blond, gray, or white hair. However, the symbol does not indicate whether the man is a friend or a foe, or whether the relationship will be of a romantic, business, or social nature.

Crown: Honor and respect will come to you. This symbol indicates that you will soon receive the honor and respect that has been due you for some time.

This is such a contrast to last month! If I knew these cards (which I don’t) these would be the kind of cards I would want to see! so I am very relieved to see them.

It struck me that this month would be a very different affair from last; that I was entering into a much nicer experience, one where a dear heartfelt desire would manifest, and one in which the fair haired man (most likely my husband) would somehow bestow more love and respect towards me. I have seen a change already in the last 2 days–so I’m fascinated with these cards!

If someone had asked me what my dearest wish would have been in July or August, let me tell you that it would have been very different from the wish that I now clearly hold. Financial is always in the background, but after the turmoil of August, my only wish is re-establish the close connection I once felt with my mate. It is going to take alot to undo the damage of the last few weeks, to be honest, but I really want my marriage to recover from this time, and move forward from strength to strength.

These cards seem to be saying that my husband will be working to move our relationship into a much more positive place. If the Needle & Thread card hadn’t been there, I probably would have thought of alternative ideas around this combo, but that is my sincerest wish, to make this unusual marriage the very best it can be …..

I will definitely update on this monthly draw at the end of September, and see how the cards did 🙂