Playing cards talk about my daughter-


I haven’t been able to get near my computer! it’s been really bugging me 🙂

First a total meltdown, which I finally fixed and reloaded all the software…only not to have any time to write about my cards! I’m thinking of getting up extra early or stay up very late (!) to find some time for myself. I can see at least 2 more weeks of hectic living before it settles back down. All the kids will be out of the nest then, for the first time in my life….very strange feeling.

I mention this, as it’s pertinent to the drawing I did last Thursday. We were having delay after delay in receiving the money that was due; and it had caused a lot of stress on whether or not we would be able to go forward in sending my youngest daughter off to Uni after all. Of all the kids, she’s the one who deserves and needs to go the most- She was one of 30 in her graduating class that had High Honors 🙂

A deadline of Friday for more of the fees was looming, and no hope of being able to pay.

The Jack of Diamonds represents my daughter. It usually comes up as the “student card” for me, or my Virgo child. It also comes up for my step-daughter a lot, as it represents a young relative by marriage.

In this instance it related to my daughter, Vanessa, and the worry surrounding her situation. Fortunately, I saw the 7 of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds as us being able to work things through with the woman in charge at the University.

The 7 of Clubs can relate to work and what someone does, but it can also have the meaning of talking things through, working things through; in this case with the Queen of Diamonds.

I was so stressed over this, that I developed mouth ulcers!

Luckily, the next day, it worked out as the cards predicted : we were able to get an extension. So we will have the money and the ability to pay in time. All too close to the wire, for sure, but we’re getting there!

Cards with the same message-

Ace of Spadesaceofdiamondsist2_6961566-queen-of-clubs-two-playing-card

*An unpleasant or worrisome message being given to the Queen of Clubs.


A person of the court, an official, being sneaky with the Enemy woman!

In other words….. the Process Server pulling a sneaky stunt to serve court papers on the Bad Woman!

30 Court person8 False person7  Pleasing Letter

Again, a Court person (and this time literally) using deceptive means, or tricks, to serve documents!


The Thief card comes up regularly to denote the nasty woman that my husband is legally fighting. In this draw, it shows her finally receiving the news, or the documents that defeats her. I am pretty sure that these cards, also, are showing that she finally gets served. The Judge has demanded her presence in Court, mid-July. She has done everything she possibly can, to avoid being served. She knows that if she goes before the Judge now, he’ll send her to jail for contempt! The end is near, and I know that the process server was going to attempt again, over the July 4th weekend to catch her, and serve her the papers.

These are only a few of the draws in the last few days that show the same theme. I’m convinced that woman will, or has been served. Hopefully we’ll have news of this on Monday or Tuesday.

Isn’t it fascinating how the different decks can show the same theme? It helps to confirm to me that the cards speak clearly…no matter what kind of deck you choose.

Showing a death-

Hi everyone,

I’ve been offline having been awfully busy with my youngest daughter’s high school graduation. I was so proud. She made High Honors for the year, and only 30 in her graduating class managed that 🙂 It’s hard to believe that my baby will be starting University in the Fall.

My last draw has not come to pass yet….it’s been 3 days? absolutely nothing comes close to being interpreted as Merriment-Unexpected Joy-Fortune….not even my daughter’s graduation! So I’m still puzzled as to what that’s talking about.

I continued to read cards and drew these 3 playing cards the morning of Thursday, June 26.

Ace of Spadesjack-spadesKingSpades

I thought that it might be describing my ex-husband. He’s always the King of Spades or the King of Swords. The Jack next to him describes him as a man from my past, but also the Jack of Spades shows up for me to describe someone who is shifty, or lying. This is true for him!

The Ace of Spades, can denote a worried mind, troubles; so my first inclination was to say that he was worrying about what he did, and it was causing him some grief.

Then another thought crossed my mind. I said, hesitantly, I wonder if this could mean a sudden death of a man?The Ace of Spades with 2 other spades can sometimes predict a passing. Seeing the Jack of Spades is similar to the Page of Swords in the tarot; which can mean sudden news.

We both just looked at each other, wondering if someone we knew was going to pass…

My husband during the same card reading time, drew these 3 lenormand cards:


I had taken this to mean, mysterious death…or questions/doubt around a passing. This all happening at a distance from us.

Neither of us had a clue and just noted it down for June 26th.

It was later that day that the news media announced that Michael Jackson had passed away. There have been growing questions about prescription medications that he was taking as well.

It wasn’t until late that night, that it dawned on me that those two draws were talking about a news event and not something within our family. His passing was so strong in the ethers, that our cards even picked it up.

No matter what you thought about the controversy surrounding his life, he was a brilliant entertainer and we were deeply saddened by the news.

Playing cards: King of Hearts – 5 of Diamonds – King of Clubs

Four days ago I drew 3 cards from a deck of playing cards. These were:


The King of Hearts is my husband. I told him that he was going to hear from his lawyer about the legal matter shortly.

The 5 of Diamonds can relate to legal issues or a legal judgement, and next to the King of Clubs I was pretty certain that it was describing the lawyer. The King of Clubs is the business man who is usually also married, which his lawyer is 🙂

Sure enough, last night, only 3 days later, my husband got the first communication in weeks from his lawyer sharing the latest news on the court case. The judge has spoken, and action is being taken!

I love seeing the dailys coming through loud and clear!

Playing cards come true within hours!

As part of a bigger general spread with the playing cards, in the position of what is unknown I drew these 4 cards:

king-diamonds208px-10_of_spades.svgQueen of Heartsking-hearts

I said to my husband, “this doesn’t look good! we’re the King and Queen of Hearts….”
There is grief or frustration connected to the King of Diamonds that somehow affects us. I hope it’s isn’t “D” our financial trader friend…

I then took a step back and said, “well, this could be a banker type or someone concerned with finances giving us hassle or grief..”  we both rolled our eyes and hoped that wasn’t the case.

Sure enough, a few hours later, there was a phone call from one of the credit card companies. Usually the people are very decent and polite, but this time my husband got someone who was obnoxious. He got so pissed off at him, that he demanded a supervisor and hung up until they could find one for him to talk to!

These people call every few days, “gently” reminding us that we’re overdue with a payment (Like we didn’t know!)- but usually they’re polite! this one really got my mate’s temper riled.

So remember, King of Diamonds….banker type, credit card/finance guy….  (@!$#%8#)

Playing cards – Jack of Hearts – 9 of Clubs – 9 of Spades


This draw worried me a little bit this morning. I love reading the playing cards, and have had a great deal of confirmation with them. This seems to be reffering to my son, M. He’s my Jack of Hearts.

The Jack of Hearts, is the sweet one, similar to the Page of Cups in the tarot. They’re the sensitive, kind ones.

flowerss To say it all, I just adore this young man 🙂 he is my Joy of joys.

The 9 of Clubs describes that he is at a distance from me. Yesterday, he traveled to Alberta to start a summer internship required for University. He left the warmth of Nova Scotia (odd to say!) to snow in Alberta! lol

I’m not happy to see the 9 of Spades finishing this up, as this means worry and stress for my son. Hopefully it doesn’t mean illness! Such a change in weather could certainly bring it on.

I know that he is quite stressed today, starting this new job. The 9 of Spades can have the meaning of feeling depressed, (I know he’s missing home) or of feeling pressured. He wants so much to start off on the right foot.

Now interestingly, having two 9’s has an added meaning: of higher learning (which he’s involved with) and with the travel industry. He is working at a resort for the summer!

Hopefully the 9 of Spades aspect will wear off quickly!!

update: I talked to him later that night- he was very stressed in the morning before taking the taxi to the resort, but once he met other students and saw his accomodations he was fine. I’m glad it was just first day jitters 🙂

Playing cards draw~


I drew these cards this morning, and am not quite sure…there are 2 levels here to this.

Traditionally, the jh11 represents the young “favored” one, the sensitive one. This is my son, M, who is leaving University today to fly back home for 2 weeks before starting his summer internship.

The combination of the  200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small1 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small1 says that M is going to be heartsick….lovesick.

Today, he is saying goodbye to 2 international students who became his adopted family. Neither are returning to the school in the Fall. One, is a girl from Belgium, and although they were just friends, they were actually closer in some ways that he’s ever been with a “girlfriend”- they did everything together! lol

I think this is showing that parting is going to be really sweet sorrow…..    goodbyes are tough.

Now, if the jh12 represented my stepdaughter who’s ill (she’s usually the JD though)

the 200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small2 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small2 could represent circulatory problems. The 10H can refer to circulation in health matters, and the 4S can refer to illness, confinement.

She has numbness in all of her limbs, and the medical establishment can’t seem to discover what’s causing it.

The cards don’t usually tell you what you already know, and the the JH is usually my son…. so that’s what I’m going to take this draw to mean. He’s going to have a hard time parting from these two close buds….

If you want to learn to read the Playing cards, there are 2 fantastic resources that I highly recommend. There is a forum online, that is a wonderful friendly community- The Art of Cartomancy, which is primarily focused on reading playing cards, but also has sub forums on other cards of interest.

And I highly recommend the book or cd, The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell. She has operated a tea room in Quincy Massachussetts since the 70’s, where card reader’s of her method read for the public. I hope to visit there next time I’m in Boston!

Playing card Line of 5 Spread

I decided to try a spread that I’ve been introduced to by Chanah for Lenormand; The Line of 5. Many times she uses 7, but I thought 5 would be enough this time! It works really well!

is talking about legal matters (which we are in the midst of)

can mean an opportunity to resolve problems, of moving forward & progress. It’s also the card of negotiations, and that’s what I think it’s referring to.

5+ 6 – Legal negotiations

– Now for me, the Jacks tend to represent action and events more than young people; much like the pages in the Tarot. Like the Page of Swords, there is sudden news, something that requires immediate attention.

– shows a financial windfall, and success monetarily.

– Ironically I drew this card- as we were just discussing it’s meaning in a post on the Art of cartomancy formum. So I think it is saying a need for careful consideration during these negotiations. We need to carefully weigh our position in this matter, and look for any “thorns” !

The 5 – 8 probably means caution with legal, weighing our options.

The 6 – 10 probably means moving towards a successful completion in this matter, ending in a payout (which is owed)

I was tickled pink to see how well this spread works with the playing cards! I did a Lenormand version, that ended up reflecting the same situation, which I will post elsewhere.


Playing card fan..

I want to apologise for not being here yesterday. I had an incredibly difficult day emotionally – I agreed to surgery with the doctor, and promptly had a bit of a meltdown. I certainly was not aligned with my decision! I have now woke up this morning, and seemed to have pinched a nerve in my neck – and can’t move it AT ALL!! I looked up the metaphysical underlying meanings to problems with the neck, and it has to do with being unwilling to be flexible and look at something from all sides. What also hit me, was that I being “forced” to look at a situation head on, being unable to look away!

At any rate, I’m not in a very good place at the moment, and plan on spending today doing my best to pivot and nurture myself! Yikes! when it rains it pours, doesn’t it?


I did pull some playing cards, and the 3 I’m showing here were part of a bigger reading.



These were shown in my “leaving” position. It said to me that I would get my wish (9 of Hearts)over a dispute (2 of spades)with the 2 of spades being in the middle position, there will be give and take on both sides.. and, with the 5 of clubs showing that matters would be worked out. The 5 of clubs can refer to cleaning up an old mess!..I honestly think that this is referring to the long dispute that hubby has had with a nasty piece of work… I think they are about to get the settlement agreed, and my wish to have this done will happen.

This is short, but sweet 🙂 and welcome.

Hopefully I will feel better later today, and can write some more…

An update:

I’ve been absent today, which is hard on me! there have been family matters pressing that have kept me from uploading my reading.

The other day, I posted a playing card reading:            

I had the right ideas, but was wrong in who I thought it related to. The 2 of Spades is definitely upsetting news, and the Queen of Hearts can represent a female loved one. In this particular case, it refers to my grown step-daughter, who has had some health problems this year. The 5 of Spades is the strange card though; I thought it must have to do with anger and loss, like the loss of a relationship etc. but it wasn’t. The 5 of Spades can encompass frustration, loss, anger, restlessness…Kapherus also mentioned on his blog once that an older symbolic meaning is “a hand holding a knife” or denote a surgical procedure….the act of cutting, or cutting away….

This is very very strange, but it seems that my step daughter all of a sudden had severe eye pain in both her eyes, that got so bad that she had a friend take her to the hospital. The specialist there asked if she had just injured her eyes, which she said “no” to. He went on to say that she had 2 very defined scratches across BOTH her cornias! and that one cornia was in danger of being dislodged! She’s now on bed rest with strong medication, and my husband is catching the next flight out to be with her!

The 5 of Spades, seemed to literally mean upset, frustration AND cutting/scratching.

It is a complete mystery! I think I had a draw on my Lenormand blog that was hinting at this too, I will have to check.

So at any rate, I’m rushing around trying to help hubby get ready to go– will be online tomorrow without a doubt.  How strange is all of this??