Kipperkarten: A Small Child – Good Dame – Short Illness


I came up with at least 3 probable interpretations of these cards; with one being more obvious.

The Good Dame in the middle, represents me; and to the right of me is the Short Illness card. This card describes a weakened condition, of feeling at present weak and tired. The Small Child on the other side of me reassures me not to worry, it’s nothing big, just a small temporary condition.

I woke up this morning and knew something was wrong. I felt absolutely exhausted, and kept doing clumsy things hurting myself! I felt disconnected, as if I hadn’t settled back into my body correctly when I woke up this morning. I quickly gave up trying to do anything of importance, and had a rest day.

So these cards fit the bill.

Another way of reading them is that there are new beginnings for the Good Dame, a new venture. There are small gains or a new project starting for the Good Dame.

The Short Illness card has the timing of “soon” or it can describe taking small steps forward. This would also be a correct interpretation on another level- as I’m starting up a cottage business online soon! Stay tuned on that one 🙂

The last possible interpretation, doesn’t have anything to do with me. The Small Child and the Good Dame, can combine to mean “granny” or the happy older lady. This woman is starting a new chapter soon as well OR she might have a short bout of illness.

Now my mother is passed, but I’m still connected to my ex-mother-in-law….I’ve known her since I was 16. She’s 89, and just getting ready to move back to the states from England, to live with a different son. I think she’s happy about it, and it’s happening in the next week.
So, a whole new chapter in her life about to begin. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too stressed and fall ill. I will update if I hear anything.

So 3 very likely ways to read these cards, and not the only!

Malady~Ammalato~Kurze Krankheit (short illness)


  • In the Kipper it’s the Short Illness
  • In the Sibilla it’s the sick, or to become sick
  • In the Art Deco & the Gypsy cards it’s called malady

It shows up alot for me lately, but it has other meanings besides the obvious one. Yes, it can be referring to one who becomes ill- it’s shown up for me just before I got a nasty flu! It can also describe someone who is tired, but not necessarily sick….just rundown.

Sometimes it depicts a period of emotional solitude, aloneness. One might feel isolated from family and friends, there’s a disconnect from the normal routine and people. A moment of stasis, which is acceptable.

It can also indicate something that is weak, ie. a weakened situation, or a physical object that’s broken (like a bike or a car).

It can hint that something is not right; there’s a weak spot in it.

But more and more for me, it comes up to refer to something that either isn’t of long duration, or that whatever is being described in the draw will happen shortly. It gives the message of “soon”.

Next time you get this card, remember these other meanings… maybe you’re not going to get that dreaded bug!