Kipper draw~


I drew from the Kipper cards today. This looks pretty good except for the Short Illness card.

  •  #11- Lots of Money  money, winnings, conquest, a large sum. A payoff. Money coming.
  •  #23 – Court –  justice, political, authorities, bureaucratic, Court, decision
  • #31 – Short Illness – tiredness, disease, medicine, tired, sick, a short time in duration

The first two are wonderful- It looks like a a legal win to me; or at the very least alot of money coming from authorities, either during a time of illness, or great tiredness.

I just happened to wake up this morning, feeling pretty darn lousy; all sinus/head cold and a sore throat. I’m also pretty darn tired!

So this is either talking about money coming from legal or “authority” while I’m sick, or literally in a short time (another meaning for the short illness card)

Combining the #11 & #23 you might get “financial decisions”-

Combining the #23 & #31 you’d get the poss. interp of “decision being taken during the time of ill health, or tiredness”

I can’t see me having to make any financial decisions at the moment– but if an offer to settle came in, that would fit the bill.

You know, our lottery is worth 39 million & the drawing is tonight…. think I’d better muster up the energy to go buy a lottery ticket just in case! lol

If someone were fighting a medical malpractice suit or something, this would be a great draw! not the case here though-

I’ll let you know-


Lenormand and Kipper Reading~




I have experimented in the past with combining Lenormand with both the tarot and the playing cards, with excellent results. I was about to do another spread with one of them, when I saw my Kipper cards out of the corner of my eye.

The Kipper cards are 36 in number, just like the Lenormand, so I wondered if  it would combine and make any sense? Well did I ever get a surprise! They work brilliantly together!

First I shuffled the Lenormand deck with the intention of combining, and knowing that there would be 5 pairs. I did the same with the Kipper deck. Then I picked the top card of the Lenormand, then the top card of the Kipper, and placed them in the first column. I then continued picking the top card alternatively until I had 5 pairings.

It definitely tells a story.

Mice + #5 Good Lord-  The mice card is all about stress and worry connected with the Good Lord. The Good Lord, I thought at first, was my husband – but upon doing a little research, realized my mistake. The Good Lord represents Authority, and Good Council among some other things. What this is referring to is the stress around dealing with the lawyers, and the legal process. It’s been very frustrating.

Clover +#1 Principle Man- The Principle Man is the correct designated card to represent my husband. Combined with the Clover it shows some kind of positive outcome for him; a lucky twist of fate. It reassures that there is something about to happen that will be beneficial to my mate. It also might have the timing of 2 days, or 2 weeks. Interestingly, this is the exact time that we are to return to the states to appear in court again.

Coffin + #9 A Change- Wow! How odd that I would get both “Change” cards together in the middle of the reading. The Coffin card talks about major changes, of completing a cycle and starting something new. I tend to relate it to the Death card in the Tarot, and don’t necessarily see it as bad at all. It’s a transition period.

Now interestingly, the Change card in the Kipper also talks about important change, but it can also be referring to another city, another place! It seems pretty obvious to me, that something major is going to happen when we fly back to the states for the next phase of the legal dispute. The Change card in the Kipper also advises remaining flexible, of being adaptable. So my husband may have to stay open in negotiating an ending to this.

Bear +#15 “Good Outcome in Love”or “Love & Friendship”- 

Another nice pairing 🙂 The Bear, for me, represents money & windfalls. It’s all about financial matters.

And the #15 Kipper card, Love & Friendship, can mean the obvious of love and affection, but it can also mean a good outcome to something; a good financial outcome around this matter in another city.

Sun + #35 A Long Way-   The Sun card represents Success & Victory. It’s the glory and overcoming of any adversity. The Long Way card can actually mean “trouble”, or be describing a long term, over a long period of time. So I would combine this to mean success and victory over this problem, and it’s acknowledging that it’s taken a long time, but we get there in the end.

This worked better than I ever would have imagined. I would definitely recommend this technique to other Lenormand and Kipper lovers!

Sibilla draw~

I’m having so much fun experimenting with the Sibilla cards and the Kipper cards, that’s it all I want to work with! lol but I promise to work with other decks too… Yesterday I drew these 3 cards-


  • Stanza- refers to the home, or the family.
  • La Lettera- refers to news on the way, most likely by mail or email; and with it, the rush to make decisions.
  • Consolante Sorpresa-  something long awaited for manifests! With the  6 of Bastoni (Clubs or Wands) there is well-deserved victory!  Strokes of Luck – and arrival of unexpected money- like wins, inheritance, windfalls- there is more than is expected.

This is GREAT NEWS- my guess is that it’s related to the final happenings in the legal, as the deadline is fastly approaching; but it could be from another source….

Wherever it’s coming from, I don’t care! lol just happy to see it!  🙂

Kipper Draw~


I drew these cards this morning. They are:

  • #4 – Meetings
  • #8 – False Person
  • #18 – A Small Child

If you combine Meetings and False Person, you can get the meanings of  an  encounter that isn’t what it seems; it can also mean envious or deceitful friends, or being the subject of gossip… or simply encountering a deceitful, lying person! (I know one that comes to mind! lol)

A Small Child (#18), I think is similar to the same card in the Lenormand; possibly meaning a new beginning or start of something new, or literally a young person/child.

If I were to try combining #8 False Person with #18 A Small Child, I could get the meaning of a lying, or deceitful,  young person… or a new start or project that isn’t what it seems, possibly being misrepresented….

that makes me think of being in a meeting where a project or pitch or proposal is being made, but it isn’t being presented truthfully – there are hidden agendas, or tricks; OR there are meetings/encounters with a a false young person…

maybe a young person is the subject of gossip? or someone is lying about a pregnancy?! (that just popped into my head!)

These are some of the possibilities with only these 3 cards! lol 

I really am intrigued with the Kipper; I wonder which came first, the Kipper or the Lenormand? or if they evolved together simultaneously… It’s hard to get any history in English, but I will definitely try.

update: there were meetings, to do with business that turned out to be this way-
a new project that had been presented to our business partner and looked superficially good, ended up not being what they said it was at all! total misrepresentation! luckily,it was all discovered before anything had moved forward…

Playing cards~


The above cards were a part of a larger reading that I did with the Playing cards. Normally I do readings with fans of 3 cards, but there is one spread that I learnt from a real Gypsy reader, in which she always uses 4 card fans. Sometimes this is very tricky, but in this case, it came around quickly and I had been right! so I thought I would share it.

This fan, fell into the position of “what you don’t know“.

I looked at the Queen , and the Jack first. I knew this was describing one person. The Queen  represents a female loved one. It could be a sister, a daughter, a close friend, a mother etc. The Jack is a younger person, who is very practical & intelligent. The Jack  can be a young relative by marriage, and that is the case. This card almost always represents one of my step daughters who I’m close to. When I saw the Queen next to it, the words “adult child” popped into my head- so I combined the 2, much like I would combine the Woman and Child cards in the Lenormand to mean the same thing.

The 9  next to her (9  + face card) decribes someone at a distance; which she is. She’s on the other side of the country.

Now the 10  was showing that there would be some upset, grief, worry around her. I wondered if there would be aggravation or trouble while travelling (9) or if there woud be lies, deceit…something not right around business (10+ ).

We didn’t have long to wait! later that night, we webcamed with this daughter and discovered that she had had “the shock of her life”- when she discovered that a furniture business from where she had formerly lived, had screwed up on her mailing address and never had sent her any bills for an additional piece of furniture she had bought. Because there had been many purchases there at the time, she didn’t catch that she hadn’t received a statement on the one item.

Now that she was going for a loan, she discovered that her credit rating had plumetted because of the error the furniture store had made, by not sending her the invoices! This, happening to someone very well positioned in the banking field, and a stickler for paying her bills on time!!

So now, long distance, she’s trying to expose the mistake made by the furniture store, and restore her credit rating! (a real 10   for my step-daughter)

I am continually amazed at how much I glean from reading the playing cards. It is the one system I really want to become an expert on. They are really all you need! lol and it’s so subtle as well 🙂  You can give a reading on the airplane and they’ll just think you’re playing a card game!

If you’d like to learn more about reading playing cards, be sure to check out The Art of Cartomancy Forum, run by a talented reader and teacher, Kapherus. You’ll be learning how to read in no time.

Best Wishes,


Warning! Kipper cards are the real deal!

My husband and I have a tradition every morning, of doing some card spreads over a cup of tea and coffee. We usually end our ritual with a 3 card draw from the Kipper cards.

Now I must admit, I love the artwork on the Mystic Kippers, but neither of us have really taken it all that seriously….until now!

Over the past 2 weeks or so, either my mate or I would invariably draw the Theft card and the Home card….the 3rd will vary, either being a person, or the card Wrong Person. We have workman rebuilding 2 sheds on the property, and my husband thought maybe someone was going to try to lift a tool from the garage….

We found out today what the cards were referring to. I received a call from our bank, asking about 2 charges on my credit card over the weekend, that they thought might be fraudulent. One was for a big purchase at Sears, and another was a ‘test’ charge at a Concierge that had been phoned in. Considering we don’t have much leeway on that card at the moment, I haven’t used it in the past few months! so I knew it was fraud! Luckily the bank picked up on it, and have cancelled our cards!

So don’t take your Kipper cards for granted!!! They really do give messages!

Luckily, they also have been showing an unexpected windfall of money!! lol that’s a message I’ll definitely take! 🙂

September Tea Leaf fortune reading~



Please click on the picture for a closer look:

For September, I drew The Leg, Needle & Thread, Fair Man, Crown

The Leg: This card indicates that you will be stepping into a new experience during the timeframe shown.

Needle & Thread: A Sincere wish will be granted. A silken thread slos through the eye of a small needle. It is important that the needle is threaded because only then will a wish be granted. This symbol indicates that a truly sincere wish, dear to the querist’s heart, will be granted.

Fair Man:  Dealings or relationship with a man with blond, gray, or white hair. However, the symbol does not indicate whether the man is a friend or a foe, or whether the relationship will be of a romantic, business, or social nature.

Crown: Honor and respect will come to you. This symbol indicates that you will soon receive the honor and respect that has been due you for some time.

This is such a contrast to last month! If I knew these cards (which I don’t) these would be the kind of cards I would want to see! so I am very relieved to see them.

It struck me that this month would be a very different affair from last; that I was entering into a much nicer experience, one where a dear heartfelt desire would manifest, and one in which the fair haired man (most likely my husband) would somehow bestow more love and respect towards me. I have seen a change already in the last 2 days–so I’m fascinated with these cards!

If someone had asked me what my dearest wish would have been in July or August, let me tell you that it would have been very different from the wish that I now clearly hold. Financial is always in the background, but after the turmoil of August, my only wish is re-establish the close connection I once felt with my mate. It is going to take alot to undo the damage of the last few weeks, to be honest, but I really want my marriage to recover from this time, and move forward from strength to strength.

These cards seem to be saying that my husband will be working to move our relationship into a much more positive place. If the Needle & Thread card hadn’t been there, I probably would have thought of alternative ideas around this combo, but that is my sincerest wish, to make this unusual marriage the very best it can be …..

I will definitely update on this monthly draw at the end of September, and see how the cards did 🙂


Tea Leaf Fortune cards- August update:

If you click on the picture, you can see the cards better 🙂 

At the beginning of August, I began my experimenting with my new set of Tea Leaf cards. I decided to do a year long spread, and post about each month. Well, August has just come to a close, and frankly, I was haunted by the month’s spread.

I had playfully done it, at a time when things were pretty much ok, and full of promise, but as the month went on, things got really strange.

The Claw, kept warning not to take risks, and that somehow, with the  Door and the Egg, something really wonderful was on it’s way to me,….if only I didn’t blow it and act out of character! The Yoke went on to sum up how I would feel the entire month of August; imprisoned, stuck, unable to make a change, tied down!  IT WAS AWFUL!

If any of you read my Lenormand blog, you will know that I had major personal problems with my mate during the month; and frankly, had I had the means I would have left, (sorry to say)-

All through the upset, I kept having the Claw card flash through my mind as a warning: don’t do anything foolish, something good is about to knock at your door…and although you feel very burdened, lay low!!  Well, I took that advice, and I think it saved me from some real tragedy.

I’m now looking at these cards with a real respect – not fun and games, let me tell you!

I will be shortly sharing September’s theme on the blog, and thankfully, it’s better than August! These cards are incredible, and I’m so glad that I was able to obtain them. Check out Ebay for them, if you’re interested.

I brought them over to my tea leaf reading friend, and she was very impressed with the set. She thought it would help in my practice of reading the cup, as well 🙂

Using Sammie’s spread :)

Sammie introduced a spread on her blog that I really liked. I’ve used it with Playing cards and it worked really well…my plan was to originally publish that one, but it was a little too personal and would make me blush! lol so just this once, I’m going to post a Lenormand version of the spread. I won’t normally feature Lenormand here, because I have a separate blog dedicated to it, but being short on time, I thought I’d share this one:

I think I’m going to call this the “I’ spread, because it looks like a capital “I” –

The way I went about interpreting it was that the bottom part of the “I” is what I’m dealing with or hearing about now (present circmstances) and the top part of the “I” is something coming shortly.

I went on to assign the middle vertical as the Summary, or the Trigger point. The cross fans give a little more info….   so here it goes! :



The Bottom – Present: Tower+Mountain+Ship –  For me, I think this represent that there have been legal delays with the situation at a distance in the states….after just being awarded judgement, it’s been impossible to get a hold of the lawyer to finish business! very frustrating-

The Top – What’s coming: House+Horseman+Book – I could take this a couple of ways; I might have a surprise (book) visitor coming to the home, or there could be a surprise new addition to the home (???) or there is surprising news coming to the family… or we’re starting on a new project around the house (Horseman+Book).

Any of the above could be it, or all of the above could be it! lol will just have to wait and see –

Vertical stem- Summary or Trigger point: Horseman+Woman+Mountain –  I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to hear from, or news about the woman (crook) who is 1) distant, 2)lonely &/or a loner 3) isolated, 4) lives in the mountains!

Criss cross 1- Tower+Woman+Book – I can’t help it, I keep getting that there is going to be a secret revealed around this woman, possibly to do with her other legal matters (she has numerous) this seems to say “Big secret”! lol

Criss Cross 2 – House+Woman+Ship- If this is the same woman, then it looks like she’s moving away, moving house again (something she’s done quite a few times) –

That tells an interesting story…. and like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger layout, when you combine the other cards with the woman, it doesn’t necessarily refer to you! just something that is in your field at the moment. As I was writing this up, another story came to me, that popped as well  –

I wonder if this might be referring to a woman connected to the family who lives at a distance? (House+Woman+Ship)  like hubby’s daughter in NF?

The bottom “I”, (Tower+Mountain+Ship) could be describing delays upon delays around her transferring from her banking job there….she is wanting to move away and onto something else.

The top “I”, (House+Horseman+Book) could be saying that we get a surprise visit from her, or she surprises us by moving back home for awhile….

The other cross, (Tower+Woman+Book) would show surprises around her work, or something revealed about it…. it could also describe her researching other positions within the banking field…

I came to this completely different idea, because of the stem of the “I”. (Horseman+Woman+Mountain) said to me “news coming from the distant, reserved woman”…and that’s definitely my stepdaughter! lol she’s a very very lovely gal, good heart, but she is definitely a bean counter!

So this exercise with Sammie’s great spread, is either having to do with legal issues that we have, or job/banking issues with our daughter.

This is a great spread Sammie! I got alot of information with it, and equally so with the playing card version that I did. This is a keeper!  Thanks for sharing it 🙂

I did it! I broke down!

I did it! I definitely broke down….I discovered the name of a deck of cards that I’ve been fascinated with for over 10 years, that a little old lady (pro psychic) in the UK uses exclusively for reading her clients. She never knew the name (or maybe didn’t want me to know! lol I’m not so sure now 🙂  )

She gave absolutely phenomenal readings with them, and managed to literally predict that my now husband and I would come together about 2 years before he had a clue! Every year we go back to her in the UK and both have readings, and sure enough her predictions are about 95% accurate.

So I was shocked when I stumbled on a page on the web that finally broke the mystery. The next thing was to research where on earth I could get them from, they’re not too easy to find. I was embroiled in a bidding war for a set of these cards and it’s book, yesterday, but lost. I have just found them at Mandrake Press in the UK online and they were reasonable! They have a wonderful collection of cards and books, check them out….

Oh! I was so excited I forgot to mention what they are! LOL brother! Have any of you heard of the The Fortune Teller’s Mah-Jongg book and card set by Derek Walters? The cards are beautiful, and based on the tiles, but prettier. Just found photos of the book and cards and placed them below:



They cost around 30 CAD with shipping, I splurged! I’ve wanted these for soooo long!

I’m looking forward to showcasing them here on this blog in the near future 🙂