Dear Friends,

I’ve missed you! I hope that I will be back shortly, actively engaging in our mutual love of cards 🙂

I am home from a long stay in the hospital. There were complications during the surgery and they nicked something they shouldn’t have (!) so I was stuck until they were certain it was ok for me to come home. I’m not allowed to do much of anything, and that’s ok, because I’m really not up to much of anything-

I thought I would be very quickly back to my cards and online community, but I wasn’t prepared for how weak I am after the surgery….pain meds make me a bit disconnected as well. So, I will wait until my thoughts are a bit sharper before attempting to jump back in 🙂

I hope that Phoenix’s workshop with Sylvie down in New Zealand went well! Hope to hear all about it soon 🙂

Check back in awhile- I’ll definitely be back!