Oracle Ge~

I have neglected working with the Oracle Ge for some time, and thought I would get back into the groove!

The #49 card in the lwb is called “the Fortune Teller” 🙂  HA! that I find very funny, considering my absolute love of all things cartomancy. In my notes, it is also the card for the female querent.

#57 Lynx has the connotation of Independence. It can also be talking about treason and unfaithfulness, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

#43 Harp is the card of the Arts, of all things to do with creativity.

Immediately I got the message that I (the fortuneteller) would find independence through her Craft.

I designed a website on my own, a few months ago as my own creative outlet; a place that I could give readings, and offer beautiful handcrafted items made solely by me. It’s been a dream for a long time.

I was very pleased with the outcome, no sooner finishing it when my life turned topsy-turvey in a big way, and I knew it wasn’t the right time to launch it. So it’s been sitting, waiting for me to come back to it and get on with it! lol

Sadly (for me!) my computer has become too unstable to want to take the chance of putting it out there and then losing my computer – so it waits patiently, for me to get this computer fixed or replaced. I’ve noticed that some of my dear friends in the cartomancy world have since launched sites, or are in the midst of doing so – I’m so happy for them! and only wish I could get on with it too!!!!

All in it’s right time though 🙂

I’m certain that these cards are letting me know that I will be launching that site soon, and will find a new independence in doing so. I am SO ready to have something that is totally my own, and of my creation in that way. I miss creating things of  ‘beauty’ and know I will receive great joy when I can start putting all my ideas into manifestation; nevermind being able to give readings to people who want them!

So this is quite a first drawing  for me with the Oracle Ge, after such a long absence.

Oracle Ge nails it-

36 heart9 snail22 candle

This was an interesting draw that I did with the Oracle Ge a few days ago. I left them sitting out and hadn’t evaluated them until yesterday because I had been out of commission with my tooth again. What I discovered really impressed me about these cards.

The Broken Heart talks about disappointments and a certain sadness. This happened to be true on a few fronts.

The Snail talks about slow going, things taking a lo-o-n-ng time (!). It’s having slow developments or delays.

So the first two cards show my disappointment over the pace of something.

What was so interesting to me, was that the last card hit the nail on the head what I was most disappointed about!

The Candle represents everything mystical and the occult. It’s the card for clairvoyance and everything psychic.

I had a chuckle when I read this, and fervently nodded. Before I got sick this week, I listened to a fascinating interview of Drunvalo Melchizdek on Coast to Coast AM; he is famous for his Flower of Life workshops of the 90’s (which I took). He shared some absolutely amazing spiritual experiences that he had had, and I enjoyed hearing the interview immensely.

Afterwards though, I felt a deep longing, and a disappointment that my own adventures have seemed to have been put on hold! (not totally true, but that’s how I felt emotionally). I couldn’t seem to pivot from my unhappy thoughts on this matter, and on top of other challenges going on around me, I ended up sick for 2 days staying in bed!

Now that I’m feeling better, and had a chance to read the meanings of these cards, I could only smile and agree that the Oracle Ge called it right. The only way to get in a better feeling place is to devote time each day to my meditative practices again…simple as that. It’s time to get moving again!

How very cool when cards you don’t know can hit it on the head so succinctly 🙂

Oracle Ge: (10)The Ship – (42)The Arrows – (30)The Scales

40 Journey42 Arrows30 scales

After a lovely post from Samson 🙂 I was inspired to pull out my Oracle Ge deck that was hiding on the bookshelf, and pull 3 cards to see what message they had for me.

The Ship card represents travel of all sorts; going on a journey.

The Arrows card represents indecision. There is a choice to be made, but there is hesitation for some reason.

The Scales card tells what kind of travel this relates to: Business.

I would not be the one who would be required to travel on business; it would be my husband. I suspect that there will be a proposal for me to accompany him somewhere on business, and I won’t be too sure if I want to go. It must be about the timing, and whether I can arrange home matters in such a way, that I would be comfortable leaving.

There have been some lenormand draws showing last minute travel for my husband…so this must be a bit sudden, and hence the hesitation.

Nice to see choices coming again though!

Oracle Ge draw~



Happy Boxing Day everyone 🙂

The Elephant is a great card to see- I have always found the elephant symbol to be a lucky one, and the meaning in the Oracle Ge booklet mentions a windfall or opportunity.

The Autumn card can of course refer to fall time, or it represents the time frame of 3 months.

The Older Woman – I’m not sure immediately who this is referring to, as most of my family is deceased. I’m starting to wonder if this might refer to the “older woman” who owes us money…if so, we should have  it coming our way in the next 3 months sometime.

I also read that this card can refer to being protected spiritually from psychic attack and evil intent. I gratefully accept that help as well as there has been some not so nice energy directed our way over the past 18 months.

I am just most happy to see a windfall coming! 🙂

Oracle Ge

The Dagger is a little worrisome, but I have two ideas as to what these cards are trying to say.

The Dagger can refer to aggression; but it can also mean a cutting of ties with someone or something.  Papers means just that, anything to do with papers 🙂 (sorry!) and Numbers besides relating to figures, also has the meaning of unexpected surprise.

What occured to me right off the bat, was the meaning of the woman who my mate just won a legal battle might try to serve him with papers out of the blue. She is aggressive certainly, (and has tried 4 times in the past to serve him) but luckily, the cards and our intuition has always given us a heads up before they arrived 🙂

I think this may be another time of warning.

Another thought is that it’s the cutting of binds to this woman and that situation, as there is a surprise break, and she pays the money owed– end of story!  Papers+Numbers could be surprise money 🙂 

 I like the second interpretation better…but will keep a continued lookout anyway..

One more Oracle Ge!

I know I should post with another set of cards today, but I am so drawn to the Oracle Ge that I couldn’t help myself! lol

54 The Fields – represents Rest, peace, quiet, and the country.

61 Parchment –represents paperwork, deeds.. legal papers fall under this card as well, major contracts.

34 Squirrel – represents a small sum of money, savings, connections with financial markets, the banks, trading

What immediately came to mind was that there will be an initial small amount of money coming to my husband and me through our financial/trader friend and his “deal,” rather than the promised ‘Big Amount’ that’s always talked about. Still! this will be welcome, and bring about a sense of peace.

Stress levels will stay low 🙂


The other thing that crossed my mind (mainly because it is showing up in other readings) is that I will have a small lottery win that is very pleasing. It won’t be the big kaboodle, but something that I find good– heck! I get excited if I win $10! lol  Parchment being lottery ticket & Squirrel being small win…

On a personal level, the Fields can be a time of taking stock, and looking within; a study period. With Parchment next to it, I wonder if this represents me studying something and with the Squirrel, I’ll be able to extract just the bits of information that I need; getting the nuggets of wisdom.

Interestingly, the trip I just made back to my former home in Montana, was very much a take stock situation inwardly. I reassessed my life, and took in new information that was presented to me, coming to a very different conclusion about my life than I had before I went there. Everything was re-valued, and I came out wiser, and much more at peace. Maybe, this draw is saying that I will continue that process, gleaning new bits of understanding, and listening to my Inner voice. I really feel as though I am going through a transformative process right now.

I will take all of the above interpretations! LOL it’s all good!

The Oracle Ge


I couldn’t resist pulling out the Oracle Ge before I “closed up shop” for my trip. I’m certainly glad I did now! These cards fascinate me.

The Elephant (#38) – represent signs of revival, and of emotional stability within a couple. The elephant is a positive influence. The elephant says that if your current situation has been difficult, then there’s a chance for it to turn to your advantage.

The Butterfly (#13) – is a symbol that I love, no matter what. As I suspected, it represents a metamorphis towards a more positive state. There is a transformation at hand. It”s the end of a cycle, a rebirth… on an emotional level, there is a turning to a more peaceful, soft state. A relationship is transformed…

The Old Man (#52) – made me laugh. I don’t think of my husband as an old man (and yet I know this is referring to him) He is 10 years older than I am, so there is a bit of a generational difference, but not alot. In reading about this card though, it describes a character who’s a “grumbler” and is set in his habits and old ways… this does fit my mate actually (haha).

So putting these cards together, it seems as though there is going to be a positive change with my husband shortly…more of a return to how he used to be…and an improvement in our relationship.

I’d like that more than anything! so thank you Oracle Ge- you’ve been dead-on about the awful stuff, so I sure hope that you are dead-on with the good stuff! lol

Oracle Ge


I must admit, I’m increasingly impressed with the Oracle Ge deck – it is definitely getting to the heart of things. Here, we have the Snake card. It describes treachery, manipulation, jealousy etc.

Yesterday, I encountered a very strong case of manipulation/jealousy against me, by my husband! He turned on me when I mentioned that sometime down the road, when my daughter is of age, I’d like to take a mother/daughter trip to Ireland. My late mother and I did a similar trip when I came of age, and it was very special. I want to do the same with my daughter. He turned on me with a great deal of VENOM. There was definitely jealousy, and attempted manipulation; and when I wouldn’t back away from my position, he turned nasty.

The Pansy card represents thought,.

The Woman, I feel, represents me.

I took another card to see if I could get more info, and pulled the card Balance. This shows that I am carefully weighing my options and thoughts after this episode…. If I read the translation correctly, it might also point at things balancing out between us; but for now, I take it as my actions. I’m carefully considering my next move.

Oracle Ge cards~


I received on my Birthday, (coincidentally) a package from my friend in the UK with the Oracle ge cards in it. I LOVE THESE CARDS! I remember Aristede experimenting with these cards, as well as Sammie, and being really intrigued by them. Now it’s my turn to explore:)

As I shuffled, I was asking about the current state of my marriage…ie, “would all this pass, and would we get in a better place?” And here’s what I drew:

The Pyramid- emotional relationship stable and enriching.. Success, an elevation in social or professional status…

The Fields-  Rest, peace and quiet, the countryside…

At the emotional level: this card announces a love affair is calm and peaceful, a very good agreement reigns within your couple. You and your spouse bring comfort and comprehension mutually.

The Rose- Happiness,confidence, inner well being. Agreement in the couple, all is well. At the emotional level: this card announces a stable, sincere relation which brings an immense happiness to you, a very good agreement reigns in your emotional life.

 I spent a couple of days trying to translate a website with meanings for the Oracle Ge cards and copy and pasted a tiny bit of the meanings here- I will have to go through it all to make more sense of the translations.

This looks good though, it showing it pretty solid, and coming into a peaceful alignment….It is my sincerest wish. I am trying very hard to pivot and not harbor resentment over the past month. I’m usually pretty forgiving, but this episode crossed a line that’s very hard to erase.

These cards look good never the less..

 Idid another draw over the weekend, and it reflected the state of things for that day very well; I look forward to getting in tune with this deck-