Shustah: Bed + Magical Horse + The Playful Page


I drew these cards early afternoon, all excited because my book on the Pages of Shustah arrived. I thought I would intuit them first, from the little bit I know- and then expand.

The Red Bed card struck me as being similar to the Stanza card in the Sibilla, or the Living Room in the Kipper which describe family space, family matters; except that this is more personal. It’s about me in a personal sense, and most likely about getting rest! I am very very tired at the moment…running around juggling too many things, trying to put out too many fires on my own, while my husband is away. It’s wearing me out- physical activity will do that, but so will stress.

The color red, certainly would correspond well with stress. Red & bed; this stress and activity is making me worn out. I feel that this Page is telling me I need to take time for some rest, for personal down time. I can’t do everything today or even tomorrow! Rest.

Green is a healing color, growth & renewed energy! and both the Magical Horse and the Playful Page are showing Action and renewed vitality.

Maybe the simplest message of these 3 beautiful cards is that if I take the time to rest, as they suggest, I will have vim and vigor, and actually feel playful and creative. The Playful Page also reminds me of the Page of Pentacles in the tarot, where the page is juggling 2 pentacles. So if I take a time-out, and rest properly, I will have the energy to resume juggling all the different demands on my time, and be able to do it in a state of joy instead of feeling hassled.

Does this make sense? it really does to me, and I haven’t cracked open the book yet!! LOL

OK- cracking open the book: I’m right about the bed, a need for physical rest. It also on a higher level of meaning can refer to having a vision in that place in-between being awake and asleep. So possibly I will get an idea that I will then put into action happily.

Green Horse– if I take the advice of the Red Bed, then I will be vitalized and prepared for action- I will make swift progress with my pursuits. The Green Horse is also the vehicle of expression, which leads me to the next card:

Playful Page – if I take heed and rest, I will be able to express myself more creatively, and have some fun! I will find my balance within the contrast (and there’s ALOT of that!).

Maybe, if I am really lucky, the cards are telling me to go ahead and rest, stop stressing, because everything is going to swiftly change for the better, and I’ll be able to focus on more enjoyable pursuits soon! That would be really wonderful 🙂


Heads Up! Shustah~

I’ve recently discovered a new blog that’s dedicated entirely to the Shustah, and it’s very very good!

The writer has been working and reading professionally with the Shustah for over 20 years.

This blog is definitely a reader and a keeper! Check it out at this link.  It’s called Shustah Wisdom.

I’ve done draws and readings today, but am stuck working  on the computer for now- will post late this afternoon or early evening 🙂


Gypsy cards: Widower – Jealousy – Lover


My lover/husband is far on the other side of the country (Canada); and will be for another 2 weeks. It hit me strongly when I drew these cards that he is feeling like the Widower, all alone, separate from his love…missing her.

He doesn’t do well for long periods apart (!)- I’m wondering if this is going to bring about another spell of upset with him. Sometimes he will act almost  jealous, as though I’m having fun without him somehow. It’s in feeling disconnected that anxiety &  frustration rises up in him. It’s happened before; it’s already happened on this trip! lol

The funny thing is, I’m NOT having any fun at all!! I’m stranded with almost no money, and creditors to deal with–not a barrel of laughs! But the thing is, I’m at home, that place that even in the most stressful of times, is our little oasis. I may just be making cookies with my daughter and having a brief laugh and that could trigger a sense of him missing everything.

I hope I’m wrong, but  it sounds like a good probability.

Playing cards – Jack of Hearts – 9 of Clubs – 9 of Spades


This draw worried me a little bit this morning. I love reading the playing cards, and have had a great deal of confirmation with them. This seems to be reffering to my son, M. He’s my Jack of Hearts.

The Jack of Hearts, is the sweet one, similar to the Page of Cups in the tarot. They’re the sensitive, kind ones.

flowerss To say it all, I just adore this young man 🙂 he is my Joy of joys.

The 9 of Clubs describes that he is at a distance from me. Yesterday, he traveled to Alberta to start a summer internship required for University. He left the warmth of Nova Scotia (odd to say!) to snow in Alberta! lol

I’m not happy to see the 9 of Spades finishing this up, as this means worry and stress for my son. Hopefully it doesn’t mean illness! Such a change in weather could certainly bring it on.

I know that he is quite stressed today, starting this new job. The 9 of Spades can have the meaning of feeling depressed, (I know he’s missing home) or of feeling pressured. He wants so much to start off on the right foot.

Now interestingly, having two 9’s has an added meaning: of higher learning (which he’s involved with) and with the travel industry. He is working at a resort for the summer!

Hopefully the 9 of Spades aspect will wear off quickly!!

update: I talked to him later that night- he was very stressed in the morning before taking the taxi to the resort, but once he met other students and saw his accomodations he was fine. I’m glad it was just first day jitters 🙂

Sibilla cards – Bambino-Gran Consolazione – Militaire


These are images from the Sibilla Originale; so beautiful! (Click on the cards to see more of the details)

I’m very happy to have drawn these cards…only getting a little impatient! lol

Bambino (baby) is projecting a bright future, rich in hope and expectations in every field, since it’s in relation to a birth, the arrival of something completely new and welcome in the life of the querent; or an improvement of situations already in place. In the financial sector, it promotes gains in revenue, in varied ways, such as winnings and inheritance.

Gran Consolazione is a fantastic card. It is the most favorable card you can draw concerning finances, (which is greatly on my mind right now). The card shows the arrival of wealth in every form,though I have read that it is the arrival of wealth from hard work and effort, not from a lottery-type win, or inheritance…it has to do with the professional arena. The abundance also comes from the positive attitude of the person, their persistence & tenacity.

Having the first card talk about wins and the second card hinting at great gains but through work, combine beautifully to say that we receive a Win through our efforts on the work issue (legal case around work).

The Militaire firms up this thought, by describing those in authority, who serve, like a lawyer…

Militaire, for me, would be comparable to the Officer in the Gypsy deck. This has come up before to denote the younger of 2 lawyers my husband has working on his case.

It can also denote litigation, quarrel,squabble, wrangle…. the return of old enemies..

I would take the combination of these 3 cards to mean the arrival of good news, something of a win–lots of money involved and literally, it’s coming from “the return of an old enemy”, or it’s coming from litigation or a dispute. So, in this case, the Militaire aptly describes where this money is coming from!

If the Militaire also refers to one of the lawyers, it will be the younger one that we hear from.

I am so ready for this series of draws to come to completion! Then I’m looking forward to draws about travelling to far away places, and a new wardrobe!!! LOL


Gypsy & Kipper


Although I have been through the wars lately, my cards are telling me that it’s all about to change suddenly.

The only way I can interpret this is the unexpected joy that we feel as we end up getting our financial settlement from the one we call “thief”. It’s been showing up in the tarot, the playing cards, the kipper and the Sibilla! they can’t all be wrong 🙂

In the Kipper cards, I drew these today as well:


Great Luck with the Horn of Plenty; Living Room meaning my family and private life, and False Person, the deceitful one.

Great Luck = Fortune, optimism, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, wealth

There is fortune and great happiness coming into my life, my family’s life; connected to this Deceitful One.

There is change in the air! I’m ready–

Linda Goodman’s Star Cards~


(Click on the cards to see the cards in greater detail)

I shuffled the cards, and asked what did I most need to know?

My first card is Sacrifice/Victim. The number 12 card vibrates to Jupiter (interestingly, my next card!), as it reduces to the number 3 and represents the sacrifice to achieve knowledge.

“The mountain climb, though steep and rough, was necessary for you to reach the casket of wisdom at the top. Gloriously it is yours. Be careful how you share it, for it is precious, Your mind is sufficiently illuminated to understand the consequences of knowing too much too soon without sacrifice. The road you have traveled has brought you to the upper rungs of the ladder of knowledge. But understand that knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge must make its own journey to the soul, and thereafter the enlightened soul will choose a path….

You will find the answers if you look within for the solution. Awaken your soul and hear it speak.”

The very next card is Jupiter. “This is the planet of of philosophy, religion, justice and wealth. (hhmm) When Lord Jupiter wants to send a direct message to humanity he is very imposing, commanding the stage by using his powerful voice of thunder. Jupiter inspires us to expand our horizons, to reach beyond our grasp. This is the card that represents higher education, foreign travel, and religion and demands action.

That little grin on your face gives away your secret, you inner optimism. Your patience and sacrifices have paid off. You deserve the rewards. It’s all there waiting for you”

Awakening: “This is symbolic of the powerful call from the cosmos, to awaken the soul from its slumber and to enter the Celestial realms embracing a new and higher level of consciousness. The number 20 card reduces to the single number 2 and vibrates to the Moon. You are entering the beautiful, bountiful garden of your higher self where growth and change are necessary to further your enlightenment. Open the door to your heavenly spirit so that you may blossoom and fulfill your contract with your Creator. With the Divine Spirit as your gardener, nurturing you and holding your hand as you walk through Heaven’s emancipating gates, you will experience the wonderment of your soul as it bursts into bloom…..IF you are experiencing the challenging face of this card’s vibration (which I think I am)you will have an overwhelming feeling that things are going to be different. Accept that, and continue to persevere and be patient. There is a cosmic balancing of the books taking place. It may be painful, but once the summing up has been done, you will be free. You will have paid your debt of karma. Then, with the cycle broken, look forward to new beginnings and peace in your heart.

I started this post 2 or 3 days ago, and it is now, as I’m ready to upload it, that I fully understand it’s message.

I feel very deeply, that the legal battle that my husband has been engaged in with this person for the last 6 years (something I really didn’t want in my life) has been of a “karmic” nature. They are playing out a battle that I think they have played out in other ways in other lives. I remember when I first met this person that my husband was going to work for, I knew intuitively that it was going to be bad and prayed for guidance and understanding. I received the message at the time that I would soon understand why he was there. It became evident very quickly that this person was not only not coming from integrity, but hurting alot of people psychologically and financially. He knew, and I later knew that he was meant to expose her, so that she couldn’t hurt more unsuspecting people.

It has cost us more than we ever would have believed at the time, and sorely tested our marriage. Both of us have sacrificed a great deal, and have suffered for the fight. I think Jupiter and Awakening are telling me that this is all about to change, and when it does….when it’s completed…I will have a greater understanding and wisdom for having gone through this experience.

We are on the verge of losing everything because of this battle, but I know deep down that neither of us could have walked away from the fight- too much was at stake. I’ve come a long way to realize that. There are layers of this experience which I can’t write about, let’s just say that I’ve learnt more about energy attacks than I ever dreamt were possible. It forced me to raise my game and learn even more about protection….everything isn’t all Light out there, the Dark exists also, and sometimes you’ve got to take a stand and fight.

We are both battle weary, but I do feel that something is about to change drastically. I have sounded like a Polly-Anna alot; but these cards are giving me that message too. I just hope that we can hold on until it does!

Sibilla 3 card draw


Now, whether I get really concerned or not depends on who L’Amante is!

L’Amante is a woman who is loved within her circle. She is kind and generous, loving. Many times, she represents the consultant, but she can also represent someone very close to the consultant; someone loved.

L’Amante can often refer to a young woman.

This won’t sound very nice, but I hope it’s the latter! (meaning someone else and not me -sigh*- I’ve had enough to deal with!)

La Lettera brings news, whether good or bad depends on the surrounding cards. La Lettera can come in any form these days; it can be the  “letter”/mail, email or text; or it can be a phone call. It can also represent documents,  working contracts, maybe test results….anything that is found normally in written form.

As an aside, it can point to a profession as well, such as a writer, journalist, jobs related to communications.

Disgrazia is just not a good card! All you have to do is look at it; everything going up in flames, people jumping off the building….not good at all. Disgrazia translates to  “misfortune”. Its the arrival of upsetting news, loss, accidents,( can literally mean a road accident or a fire).

Emotionally, it can be news of a breakup, divorce or widowhood, someone suffering from a loss.

Health-wise, Disgrazia can refer to inflammation, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease…problems with the arteries.

Two interpretations come to mind for this draw.

1) I will hear from a beloved friend that she has endured something very upsetting and tragic;  or

2) My step daughter will receive the results of her medical tests and find out that there is something more seriously wrong than what she and my husband are thinking. If you look at the young lady, she is actually holding a piece of paper…is it she who is receiving the news? if not her test results, then news from her health insurance or work that’s extremely upsetting.

I have a very strong feeling that #2 is the correct interpretation of this draw.

I will update as soon as I know-

update: (later in the evening) – oh how I hate to admit this, but so far it looks like the news and the misfortune is mine. We discovered that we had a problem with a credit card we depend on– a problem that just shouldn’t be as we’re not behind on it. I’m waiting to hear from my husband on this matter now….I feel like we’re on fire, just like in the card. Leaping out of the building isn’t an option though! I’m L’Amante….wouldn’t you know it?

Malady~Ammalato~Kurze Krankheit (short illness)


  • In the Kipper it’s the Short Illness
  • In the Sibilla it’s the sick, or to become sick
  • In the Art Deco & the Gypsy cards it’s called malady

It shows up alot for me lately, but it has other meanings besides the obvious one. Yes, it can be referring to one who becomes ill- it’s shown up for me just before I got a nasty flu! It can also describe someone who is tired, but not necessarily sick….just rundown.

Sometimes it depicts a period of emotional solitude, aloneness. One might feel isolated from family and friends, there’s a disconnect from the normal routine and people. A moment of stasis, which is acceptable.

It can also indicate something that is weak, ie. a weakened situation, or a physical object that’s broken (like a bike or a car).

It can hint that something is not right; there’s a weak spot in it.

But more and more for me, it comes up to refer to something that either isn’t of long duration, or that whatever is being described in the draw will happen shortly. It gives the message of “soon”.

Next time you get this card, remember these other meanings… maybe you’re not going to get that dreaded bug!

Shustah: Red Gate – Red Cat – Holy Pigs


I couldn’t wait until the book arrived before I started bonding with the deck 🙂 itchy fingers! I visited Rev. Ken Foor’s blog to get a little insight on the cards.

I wasn’t surprised to see the Red Gate. I am being blocked BIG TIME in just about every direction…except spiritually.

Rev. Foor wrote about the Red Gate this way:

“There is purpose in the shut gate. If you can’t move forward, might as well enjoy it.
Time for some rest today and quiet time.
There may be some things you can do while you wait.”

I am doing just that, focusing on my metaphysical studies that keep my mind engaged, and keep the worry at bay 🙂

The Red Cat had me a little nervous! He looks ready to pounce! This looks like a panther, so I looked up the metaphysical meanings to a black panther at A.Venefica’s great blog.

“The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. When the panther animal totem comes to us (whether it be in the form of images or real sightings) we must begin paying attention to the strength of our inner being – our internal fortitude, and the condition of our spiritual strength & valor.”

Rev. Foor says this about the Red Cat:

“The cat is telling us to be alert.  The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate. Something very powerful is coming into your life – a teacher? Feel the love.  Stay centered.  Be ready like the cat. Watch your emotions so they won’t get in the way.  Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to be grounded and present.”

The Holy Pigs reminds me of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope. When it’s the Year of the Pig it can be a time of great abundance &  fertility & creativity. It’s an auspicious time. The Golden Year of the Pig only happens once in every 600 years! 2007 was the most recent year. It is Golden because of the combination of the elemental Fire and the sign, Pig. The Golden Pig is a sign that wealth and luck are always near.

Rev. Ken Foor mirrors this with this comment on the Holy Pigs:

“The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels.”

I am a Pig in the chinese horoscope – so I will remember this card, and be happy to draw it! I think my first draw with the Shustah is giving me an important message.

There have been blockages put in front of me for a reason. The Panther says that I am learning alot about my inner strength and power during this time…I’m finding out what I’m made of! It also tells me to stay alert, because something very powerful is coming into my life….be ready….that something powerful looks like a major change in the circumstances – with great luck and financial gain.

I have been very rich in my life, living very well, and I have been very poor living on practically nothing – I know both ends of the spectrum. The pendulum swung back to the leaner side of life, this past year, and it really required me to rethink everything. It has changed me greatly this time.

I get the feeling that the cards are saying to me, remember all that you’ve learned from this experience, and be sure to take it with you into the cycle of the Golden Pig.  Stay Present and Alert, things are going to change.

Well, for my first reading with the Shustah, before even getting the book in the mail, I am extremely impressed!

These cards are remarkable!

I did find an online source for the cards and the book as a set. Maybe you will join me?  lol