Vecchia Signora – Lettera – Conversazione

Amongst my drawings this morning, I drew these with the Sibilla.

Vecchia Signora literally means older lady, so on one level it represents a person.

From my research, it can also can mean the following:  most commonly a journey, a movement, a transfer, or a visit that’s enjoyable. This card might portend the arrival of good news, a messenger, a person who comes to meet us, which helps us.

I have always thought of it as a person in my readings, but I’ll keep an open mind 🙂

La Lettera is a message, an email, documents or news.

La Conversazione in it’s simplest interpretation, means conversations.

This card can sometimes mean meeting up with friends, a working meeting, time spent in the company of friends , meeting between friends.
It is often referred to as the “group” card, but is a meeting with people with whom we want to clarify something, with which we have something outstanding, to which we want to express our reasons, submit our apologies, (according to a translation I got from an italian site!)

SO, my immediate feeling was that I or my husband would be receiving an email or text from an older woman.

If I were to apply some of the other possible meanings, there could be a journey (of a pleasant kind) to deal with documents… and meetings where something needs to be hammered out/clarified.

There is good news of some kind; and again papers that need people to meet and work on them…. or an email comes that contains good news….maybe it’s about the older woman?

We shall see! lol

Sibilla: Falsita – Dottore – Disgrazia


These are cards from the beautiful I Misteri della Sibilla deck. Click on each card to get a better look at the artwork.

I was very surprised when I saw these 3. It pertains to the cult/con woman that my husband has been fighting legally. She has had a few doctors in the past, stand by her through thick and thin. They have been even known to lie (big time!) for her.

This is showing that the one doctor who is left in her camp, and has perjured himself on at least one occasion that we know of, is going to finally have his come-uppance. Disgrace is going to be bestowed on the lying doctor! There is karma after all!

I hope I will hear of this disgrace through the grapevine soon..

Sibilla~ Denari – Morte – Prigione


These are images from the beautiful I Misteri della Sibilla deck. I have the images, but unfortunately not the deck….yet! I love the artwork!

  • The first card is Denaro (or denari) which is the Money card.
  • The 2nd card translates easily by the picture depicted; it’s the Death card.
  • The 3rd card is the Prison card.

Now some might have seen the 2 somewhat negative cards, and thought, “oh oh trouble”, but I didn’t – just the opposite!

The first card shows that money (and lots of it) will be available soon. It also denotes money connected to the past. The Death card said to me that this money will bring changes in my circumstances, which unfortunately is represented by the Prison card.

We have been imprisoned by a pretty serious financial crisis….money owed from 2 different sources didn’t arrive when expected, and we have been stretched to our limit, literally. So I was happy to see the Death card prominent here.

The arrival of money transforms the limited existence that we are enduring. We have stayed in good spirits, trusting that it would work out; and happily the cards are saying that it will.

The Tarot Garden has a great selection to choose from 🙂 can I enable someone???? lol