Pages of Shustah- Playful Page, Butterflies, Death

Green 11 Playful PageYellow 3 ButterfliesRed 1 Death

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve drawn from the Pages of Shustah. They can be very insightful cards.

The Playful Page is a card of non-seriousness, of amusement and the Lower Self. Light times, basically. This is a card that I’m surprised to draw, because that doesn’t reflect my past couple of months at all! lol

The Butterflies is a card of change, but I think like the Sibilla Butterfly, it’s fleeting/inconstant…. in the Sibilla, the Butterfly card can also represent not being serious; so I have 2 cards denoting playful and light times.

The Death card is the Outcome,and  like in any deck, means big change – transformation.

Tentatively putting these together, there seems to be a major change in my life, where things will be more fun and playful…the intense seriousness of this past year are going to pass away? I certainly hope that’s the case! lol



Why is it that some people have such a low threshold before their tempers flare?? It’s very hard for me to understand, as I’m very laid back and just roll with the flow, so to speak:)

Possibly having been paralyzed with Guillame Barre Syndrome, for 3 months when I was 18 and also having a near death experience has something to do with my relaxed attitude. When you can’t move a muscle for yourself, and have to depend on others for every little thing, you very quickly have your perspective about what’s important in the scheme of things change!!! I spent a year re-learning to take care of myself….learning to walk, to eat, to bathe…you have to have patience in the midst of such an ordeal.

At any rate, I pulled these cards this morning, and thought “oh no, here we go again!” The anger wasn’t aimed at me, but I was subjected to it at any rate. Some one near and dear to me has a very short fuse, and has absolutely no patience. We were out in town, dealing with Saturday traffic etc. and I just couldn’t believe the ill temper!

I take the Anger and House cards to mean a family member’s anger, or anger within the family etc.

The outbursts and foul demeanor definitely left me thinking deeply. It’s so opposite to my nature!

I know (wisely) that you can never change another, you can only change the way that you react to another’s actions. It is this that I am in deep thought about….how to keep my cork floating when someone else would rather bring me down!

These Gypsy cards are something else.

As an update; the cards went on to describe another layer that evening… The family member who had been on a short fuse, was very contemplative later as to why that was so and how to change it. It turned into a very profound discussion.

4 of Pentacles + The Fool + 6 of Wands

I have been lax in posting more tarot readings, forgive me! I read tarot daily (both my husband and I do) and I have always gleaned great insights from the cards. I think it’s just that after years of reading strictly tarot, I was excited to share all the different oracle cards that are pretty cool too! but I must remember to give credit to my first love, Tarot.

I included in my morning draws, a 3 card tarot draw besides doing my daily celtic reading.

This is what I drew:

4 of DisksFool6 of wands

The 4 of Pentacles (discs) on a basic level can denote financial stability. It can describe having personal control and self reliance. Now I’ve got to be honest, if any of you have been reading my posts for awhile, this year has been just the opposite for my family….filled with shifting sands financially. It’s been a very humbling experience for someone who has lived a pretty prosperous life.

I was pleased to see this card, as in combination with the Fool and the 6 of Wands I believe it is telling me that I’m about to start a new chapter in my life with financial security and accomplishment.

The 4 of Pentacles can refer to a gift or an inheritance on it’s way, and as we are waiting on 2 different lots of funds to arrive, (one to do with a legal win) it’s possible the victory felt has to do with that.

Simply put, I think that a new financial chapter is about to begin that will be very successful 🙂

The only warning here, with the 4 of pentacles is not to be stingy! after being without for so long, I mustn’t hold on too tight. We are being taken care of, I know – so I must keep the energy flowing and remember to stay generous.

Sibilla Originale – La Lettera+Leggerezza+Il Ladro

I had a drawing yesterday with the Sibilla, that intrigued me. I continually get ‘Il Ladro’ (the thief) to represent the ‘Spiritual Guru’ woman who lost the court case to my husband. She has been ordered to pay a hefty settlement & has avoided doing so. She is shortly due to go back before the same judge for contempt….  here is what I drew:


La Lettera is either news, or message, or papers; it could even mean an offer or proposal.

So I knew that there could be news or an offer coming from the ‘Thief’; but what of La Leggerezza? (The Butterfly)

La Legerezza represents something that is fleeting, that doesn’t stay constant, moving from one thing to another. It also represents insufficient seriousness and here’s the crux:

I believe that La Lettera and La Leggerezza combined denote a “not serious” offer, in other words, a frivolous offer from Il Ladro (thief).

I have warned my husband to be prepared for a silly offer from her, as she tries to avoid the judge- I know right now, that my husband has no intention of giving her a discount for her outrageous behavior! I’ll update-

Gypsy cards again

Agggh! I deliberated sharing these draws, because they were not happy ones and I wasn’t a happy camper! But I’ve come out the other side of these draws, which were spot on target. So I can share, knowing that I’m ok now 🙂

Just the other day, I drew:


I rolled my eyes because I knew something was going to happen that would have me critically looking and re-evaluating my feelings towards my mate. I prayed I was wrong…but should have known better.

The night of that draw, we were sitting having what I thought was a nice time, when all of a sudden my mate threw a complete “wobbly” and turned on me. He picked a fight, on of all matters, money. We have endured some of the most difficult hardships and did so with grace. I found it ironic, as our fortunes are changing, that he would now start a fight about an issue that was purely hypothetical, and probably wouldn’t happen.

It pushed me past diplomacy and I blew. At that moment, I didn’t care about any physical situation, wealth or non-wealth….I spent the entire night wondering if I wanted to be with this person any longer! It was completely a matter of Judge-Love-Sweetheart!

The next day, he tried to act like it hadn’t happened; tried to erase it….but my mind and heart just aren’t wired that way. I didn’t want to draw cards that morning, I could have cared less! I didn’t want to know another thing.

Sure enough, I did do the cards, and glaring back at me on the table were these 3 cards:


They didn’t need any explanation- even my husband knew what they meant. I had a day of sad, wistful thoughts about my 10 year marriage; wondering if we would be able to recapture what we lost during these hard times.

The jury is out on this one….I’m like an elephant, I don’t forget when I’ve been maligned. Only time will tell.

Deep down, I know we belong together, but one can only take so much! sigh

Gyspy draws-

It’s amazing to me that just when all seems to about to turn Golden, that all Hell breaks loose. Have you ever found that to be true?

I had been having fantastic readings showing all the positive changes, and then one day recently, I had a slew of pretty upsetting draws. I had a hunch that it had to do with a  blowout with my partner, but hoped I was wrong. Two of the Gypsy card draws are below to show an example, and what I learned about these cards.


and the other being:


I had entertained the thought that these were referring to my ex-husband. I have often thought that there is resentment and jealousy at how my life went forward after I split from him. I know that he is jealous of my mate. So with the brewing legal arguement coming over a 10 year old divorce settlement (!!) I thought that maybe I was going to get a doozy of a letter from him. But I was wrong in my assumptions.

The Widower wasn’t a man from my past, but rather my present mate stewing over some past ‘issues’.

Jealousy did indeed rear it’s ugly head, and it had to do with past hurts and resentments. So in the first draw, the Widower/Lover was all about him.

The Second draw also was about my husband, being angry over a past issue and writing me a not so nice letter to vent his frustrations!

Why is it that the not so nice readings come about so much more quickly than the hopeful/nice ones????? I’d say in my case, that that statement is about 95% true!

Thankfully, there have been some soothing drawings since 🙂 and the air has cleared. I’m ready for the golden draws now!

Playing cards talk about my daughter-


I haven’t been able to get near my computer! it’s been really bugging me 🙂

First a total meltdown, which I finally fixed and reloaded all the software…only not to have any time to write about my cards! I’m thinking of getting up extra early or stay up very late (!) to find some time for myself. I can see at least 2 more weeks of hectic living before it settles back down. All the kids will be out of the nest then, for the first time in my life….very strange feeling.

I mention this, as it’s pertinent to the drawing I did last Thursday. We were having delay after delay in receiving the money that was due; and it had caused a lot of stress on whether or not we would be able to go forward in sending my youngest daughter off to Uni after all. Of all the kids, she’s the one who deserves and needs to go the most- She was one of 30 in her graduating class that had High Honors 🙂

A deadline of Friday for more of the fees was looming, and no hope of being able to pay.

The Jack of Diamonds represents my daughter. It usually comes up as the “student card” for me, or my Virgo child. It also comes up for my step-daughter a lot, as it represents a young relative by marriage.

In this instance it related to my daughter, Vanessa, and the worry surrounding her situation. Fortunately, I saw the 7 of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds as us being able to work things through with the woman in charge at the University.

The 7 of Clubs can relate to work and what someone does, but it can also have the meaning of talking things through, working things through; in this case with the Queen of Diamonds.

I was so stressed over this, that I developed mouth ulcers!

Luckily, the next day, it worked out as the cards predicted : we were able to get an extension. So we will have the money and the ability to pay in time. All too close to the wire, for sure, but we’re getting there!


I hope everyone is having a nice summer 🙂

I have been distracted on many fronts, and unable to write the last few weeks. I had a major problem with my computer where Windows Explorer kept crashing on me – I had to totally wipe my computer in the end, so I’ve been without comunication means for awhile. I’m finally up and running again, so I hope to begin posting again shortly!

One of my sons just returned home for a visit as well, looking way too slim after contracting the Swine flu last month. He is better, thank goodness, but needing extra food to put some meat back on those bones.

We’ve also put our house up for sale, in preparation for transferring out West this Fall. It’s been busy busy! I continue to do lenormand and the other oracles daily, and they’ve turned very bright in their messages. It’s been a long tough year, but that’s now becoming a thing of the past.

Wonderful new adventures await!

See you soon 🙂