Block of 9 visualised~

Celeste mentioned confusion at trying to follow the Block of 9 Spread, so I’ve made up some diagrams that might help visualise the process better.

First, you read the Horizontal rows:

Then, you read the vertical rows:

Then, you read the diagonals:


(make a decision on which direction you want to read the 2nd diagonal, and stick with it)

Then, you read the 4 corners:

And finally, you read the 4 cards that make up the Diamond:

The last 2 have more attributions to them and I’ve been searching through my notes to try to find the exact meanings…not there yet.

They are a summary in basic terms, but I will try to find what I jotted down in my notes 🙂

*edit: The diamond cards: # 2-4-6-8 represent the Central Theme.

The 4 corners #1-3-7-9  give the summary of the reading.

Kipper Block of 9 Spread

When reading a Block of 9 spread, you’ll usually pick up a lot of information. I use it often with the Lenormand, but thought I would try it with the Kipper and see what I’d get.

In beginning, we read all 3 horizontal rows, then all 3 vertical rows. Then we read the diagonals and finish off with reading the 4 corners & then the 2nd/4th/6th & 8th cards (which form a diamond).

1st horizontal – :

It shows our worry and stress as to whether funds will be coming soon to the home. I come to that thought because in the Sibilla, the Stanza card is the ‘living room’ and it can refer to news coming, especially of a financial nature, among other meanings. Otherwise it’s just showing the current stress levels around the home.

2nd horizontal-

Unexpected money coming from the ‘financial’ man who’s is at a distance from us…..The Rich Good Lord card comes up for me to refer to my husband’s business partner “D”, or one his lawyers in the states. So, this is either about the phone call we got today that a deal has gone through, and money is coming (which was very unexpected); or it’s about the legal and a surprise settlement.

3rd horizontal-

The Good Dame is either the female defendant in my husband’s court case, or her close female supporter. I read this to mean that she is meeting with their lawyer….talks are in progress.

Next, the verticals:

1st vertical –

I don’t necessarily view the Good Dame as being the same woman that I described in the horizontal row. This very well may be someone else, and since drawing this this morning, I think I might know who she is.

We are still under some very real financial stress – this is where our worries are at the moment. It looks like the cards are saying that I will be receiving unexpected money from the Good Dame. This may be a relative of mine, who graciously helped me in the past. It would truly be unexpected as she was very generous with her help, and I would never ask her for anything more.

2nd vertical-

Again, when I see the Living Room card, (or the Stanza card in the Sibilla) my first thoughts are of news on the way that could be of a financial nature. The Rich Good Lord and the Court Person are most likely describing the lawyers. The Living room also refers to something private. Aha… a private legal financial settlement…settlement out of court.

3rd vertical-

This looks like family at a distance, and I’m seeing them? or there are some kind of meetings/coming together of family at a distance. There is something to do with the family at afar….

Then, we look at the diagonals:

1st diagonal –

Either my husband’s lawyer, or his business partner will be stressed out by meetings of some kind.

Oh, ick! actually the combination of the Worry card and the Rich Good lord is also havie concerns with the bank, or financial problems. Interesting that this is part of the “X” – that’s what we’re dealing with right now!

2nd diagonal – I’m not sure if this should be like writing an “X” and read from the top right, or my natural tendencies when reading is from left to right, which would be from the bottom left on up…. I think I’d better read both and see! lol

From what I’ve researched, combining the Rich Good Lord with the Good Dame can give you the meanings of a wealthy woman, or a woman who will financially support. Again, I bring this up as I have a family member who has financially helped us with the mortgage in the past. I hate to think that that would be needed again! but I make note of it here.

House combined with Rich Good Lord could describe a family business, or in feeling secure in one’s own home (this could be because of the supportive woman, OR it could just be describing the way I am going to feel soon.

(I have also been planning on being self-employed this year – so this may apply to that)

If I were to read from the bottom left, up to the right, I would have this.

The Good Dame+Rich Good Lord can describe a monied older woman, or an entrepeneurial woman. Rich Good Lord+House has some interesting meanings also. It can describe a secure independence, a secure possession, a loan designed to assist construction or the HOME! I’ve got an eery feeling this is still talking about this relative!

I’m hoping that I’m actually the Good Dame in this instance, and that it’s either describing me as an entrepeneur working from home…feeling secure and independent. That is my hope!

Next, we look at the 4 corners:

Worry about our home, or worry around the family…. female family member & meetings with.

And lastly, we look at the 4 points of the diamond:

I like this line: There is news coming soon conerning finances…Unexpected money coming from a distance.. this is connected to Court & the lawyers. SO I would say that there is news coming from the lawyers or court of unexpected money or a surprise settlement!

The middle card shows what the reading is all about –

He represents the banker, the financial trader or someone dealing with alot of money. It’s the bank or finances in general, or wealth & independence. It has the message that financial matters are at the moment favored.. it also can represent ‘security’… I think all of the above applies to me in this reading!

If I remember correctly, the block of 9 spread covers approximately 3 months, maybe a little more.

I hope you can see how useful this spread can be 🙂 I was surprised to see how well it works with the Kipper.

*****update  FEBRUARY 9th: Parts of this reading have amazingly already come true – parts that I thought I had incorrectly interpreted!
The 1st and 3rd vertical rows describe unexpected financial help from a woman, and meetings with family at a distance.
My cousin called me later that week and offered to help us with our mortgage. I was absolutely shocked, as I never would have asked her.
The 2nd diagonal, read in either direction, also pointed out to a woman helping us with the house/or helping the family.
The 4 corners in summary also pointed to this occurrence!

I was flabbergasted at how correct, so far, this Kipper Block of 9 has been!

It gives me great hope that the rest is also going to materialize soon!
2nd update (Feb 11): another row in this reading is coming to pass – amazing! The 2nd horizontal row of
we received a message that the financial trader/friend/partner is sending some funds into the business account. It’s not the “big deal” yet, but it is an unexpected cushion that will help immensely.
I can’t get over who well the Kipper cards work with the Block of 9 spread!