Bouquet – Woman – Lily – Moon


These 4 cards were the Trigger row of a reading I did this morning with Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Spread. It shows the crux of what the reading was about.

The Bouquet card is either describing the Woman or is an action card. Since it is my reading, I hope it is both! lol

Describing the woman, she is a kind lovely woman…good energy 🙂 as a separate descriptor it could be saying that she is receiving a gift, or a wish is coming true; the two remaining cards tell what about.

The Lily and the Moon read separately would say to me that the woman (me) is going to be given the gift of emotional peace/serenity; calmer waters are coming.

It’s in combining them that my eyebrows raised, especially because of the remainder of the reading. The Lily/Moon combination describes clairvoyance, meditative spiritual experiences. It’s the combination that denotes visions and psychic experiences.

I have had drawings recently showing my impatience and angst at having that part of my life seemingly to have gone on sabbatical for awhile, and once you’re used to having visions and other experiences, you miss them when they’re gone!!! at least I have:)

I have been offline because of personal pressure and stress. I didn’t feel that I had much to write about, frankly. I don’t know about you, but when I’m really ‘off’ personally, my connection to the cards goes off too. So I’ve been silent.

In the last week, especially, I’ve noticed while I’ve retreated, that I’m starting to experience little things again. I’ve been seeing auras each day, and have been seeing beautiful colored spheres of light at night. I’ve also been hearing things 🙂 ( in a good way) – so it’s very possible that I’m about to have some kind of spiritual experience that will be noteworthy and the cards are letting me know it. There was a hint in the reading that this experience is linked to an emotional crisis/or upset. I don’t like that, but will report back once I know more.

Please forgive my absence as of late, but I’ve really needed to pull in my energy. I’m a bit in Hermit mode 🙂 this too shall pass and then I will breathe new life into my cartomancy.

fondest wishes,


Oracle Ge nails it-

36 heart9 snail22 candle

This was an interesting draw that I did with the Oracle Ge a few days ago. I left them sitting out and hadn’t evaluated them until yesterday because I had been out of commission with my tooth again. What I discovered really impressed me about these cards.

The Broken Heart talks about disappointments and a certain sadness. This happened to be true on a few fronts.

The Snail talks about slow going, things taking a lo-o-n-ng time (!). It’s having slow developments or delays.

So the first two cards show my disappointment over the pace of something.

What was so interesting to me, was that the last card hit the nail on the head what I was most disappointed about!

The Candle represents everything mystical and the occult. It’s the card for clairvoyance and everything psychic.

I had a chuckle when I read this, and fervently nodded. Before I got sick this week, I listened to a fascinating interview of Drunvalo Melchizdek on Coast to Coast AM; he is famous for his Flower of Life workshops of the 90’s (which I took). He shared some absolutely amazing spiritual experiences that he had had, and I enjoyed hearing the interview immensely.

Afterwards though, I felt a deep longing, and a disappointment that my own adventures have seemed to have been put on hold! (not totally true, but that’s how I felt emotionally). I couldn’t seem to pivot from my unhappy thoughts on this matter, and on top of other challenges going on around me, I ended up sick for 2 days staying in bed!

Now that I’m feeling better, and had a chance to read the meanings of these cards, I could only smile and agree that the Oracle Ge called it right. The only way to get in a better feeling place is to devote time each day to my meditative practices again…simple as that. It’s time to get moving again!

How very cool when cards you don’t know can hit it on the head so succinctly 🙂

Tarot reading & also a fantastic Spread!!!

I discovered a wonderful spread, while reading posts on the Art of Cartomancy forum. Kapherus learned to read cards when he was a child, from his grandmother. She used to read professionally, if I remember right. He shared the spread for use with playing cards, but it works amazingly for tarot and also lenormand (what I’ve tried so far!)

It’s called the Pyramid Spread, but it’s different from others I’ve seen. His grandmother would use the entire deck of playing cards! but it works very well abbreviated too.

You start with placing a card at the apex. Then 2 cards beneath it, they are read as describing the card on top. Then you would place 3 cards below the 2. The first 2 cards would be read as a descriptor of the first card above, and then the middle and last card would be read together as a descriptor of the second card….and on and on.

Let me show by example, it’s not hard (only in trying to explain!)

Here is my reading using Tarot:


The first card, is the High Priestess. Something is about to be revealed to me. The next 2 cards tell me what about.

5 of Swords and the World: There is going to be a completion to the dispute that we have been engaged in.

Now, under the 5 of Swords are 2 cards: Knight of Wands & Knight of Cups – around this dispute,there is movement towards an offer.

Under the World card are 2 cards: Knight of Cups & the Sun – This completion comes with an offer that is positive and successful.

Now we continue down to the next row.

First, is the Knight of Wands; under that are 2 cards: King of Pentacles & 8 of Cups – as this motion forward is happening, the man represented by the King of Pentacles is leaving the situation.

Next is the Knight of Cups, under that are 2 cards: 8 of Cups and 9 of Wands– with this offer/proposal, we are very close to being able to end this dispute and walk away…the battle is almost over.

Next is the Sun, and under it are 2 cards: 9 of Wands & Justice – Success and happiness come as a legal issue is almost complete; or alternatively said, legal and fair dealings are almost finished, which brings joy and success…

You could continue on, getting more and more detail, but that seemed a logical place for me to stop.

You can then go on to read the left diagonal of the pyramid as the past, and the right diagonal of the pyramid as the future. Had I done another row, I could have also used the middle vertical row to represent the Present. I could still read the the apex and the middle card as the Present: High Priestess & Knight of Cups – there is an offer/proposal from the woman I know of as the High Priestess; or an offer is about to be become known…

In the past are these cards: High Priestess-5 of Swords-Knight of Wands Kings of Pentacles .

One thing this said to me was that behind the scenes, the King was stirring up alot of trouble and strife. The High Priestess, ironically comes up also to represent the woman in the dispute, so this also describes her having quite a few active arguements with the King of Pentacles! (that’s probably why he’s seen leaving)

In the future are these cards: High Priestess – World – Sun – Justice a definite successful ending to the legal dealings, where we feel on top.

Try out this spread! I think it would probably work for just about any card system, and it just flows..telling a story!

I think it’s going to become my favorite spread! lol

Daily draws as themes for bigger issues…

I’ve been having some haunting dreams; dreams of someone I know from the past, dying. Since I was little, I’ve had many ‘correct’ death dreams, and this feels like one of them. What has been creepy, (but confirmation) is that I also keep getting messages in the cards of a death, so I’m holding my breath.

The Gypsy has been the most direct with draws like

MessageDeathSweetheart  or


or the playing cards, here’s an example:


No matter what the card system, the card for a certain man I know from the past is represented, and news of a passing connected with him.

I’m writing this early, without my notebook, so I’m trying to remember examples that I’ve written down….

I do remember 03 Ship20 Garden08 Coffin(ship-garden-coffin) it was connected with other cards like the Lily and the Cross…. Garden+Coffin could mean funeral, and the ship either showing that I will be travelling to one, or that that the funeral is quite far away.

At any rate, I thought I’d better once more document that something is brewing up, both in the cards and in my dreams, although not a happy thing.

On the flip side, I continue to draw lots of draws around the legal (UGGHH!) which comes to a head next week; and they show a payout on the settlement……and lots of draws around business (money is due in today)

 What I thought would be daily draws, very often times seem to be more weekly draws!!! These 3 themes show up over and over. If there is a spat between hubby and wife, that’s an hourly draw! lol

Has anyone else noticed their dailies stretching out, being more of a message on a bigger theme, rather than a small daily message? It might stay that way until these bigger issues are resolved, frankly. Since they’re the most dominant things on my mind, that’s what I continually draw about……..I am so ready for new themes!!!! LOL

Gypsy cards – there is definitely a change in the air


What wonderful cards! All I can gather is that there is money coming to me? and that this changes my luck and circumstances…? that’s really all that comes to mind.

Or the abundance that I continually play with in my mind 🙂 (called appreciation and gratitude…that makes me rich in Spirit) actually manifests in the Physical in a change of circumstances for the better. This would be a stretch for a cold reading, but it does reflect what is going through my thoughts constantly….I continue to hold my tone/vibration to what I prefer, joyously imagining what I want to have happen; and this will bring about change. It’s the Law of Attraction in action, and I’ve had too many correlations to what I’m thinking and feeling to what comes into my life, to ever doubt it!

I think my creative visualisation sessions are going to bear fruit 🙂

*Forgive my diversion from just reading the cards, but it just popped in my mind and I try not to censor!

The one thing that we always can choose are our thoughts, if we become sensitive and aware of them; and in so doing we change our attitudes and how we reflect back out into the world. Many thoughts are just habitual ones that don’t serve us very well. When you make it your intent that nothing is more important than feeling good, you change those patterns of thought, and ultimately change what’s going on around you…..or at the very least, your reactions to what is going on around you!

These cards just seemed to say that I’m rich in Spirit, and if nothing else, that’s darn good 🙂

Kipper and Gypsy draws on my Birthday

It has been a bit of a stressful time here in my household. One child leaving for college, and the other unable to go at the last moment. I have had to back away from blogging to deal with everything, sadly.

Saturday, was my 50th birthday…where the heck has all the time gone??? lol I just turned 40 in my head! oh well. It is my hope and my intent that this is the year of some real positive life changes.

On my birthday, I drew these Kipper cards:





The first one, shows a letter/email communication coming from someone who isn’t trustworthy.

The second one shows a man from my past communicating with me.

Ironically, my ex-husband has been showing up as a Thief in the Kipper, and as Nemico in the Sibilla, which is not the way I would have portrayed him consciously–they began showing up just before it became known that he hadn’t lived up to our divorce agreement concerning life insurance. I was shocked, and had to re-evaluate how I perceived him.

We have not been on talking terms since June, when he stood up his youngest daughter on her graduation day!

I found it hard to believe that I would be hearing from him, but sure enough, I received an e-birthday card in my emails later that day. We’ve known each other since high school, alot of water under the bridge:) Strange, but I was kind of touched to receive that card, even though he’s been a pain recently….