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 Dad, me and Mom….way back when…

I came into this world, I think, wired in a different way to the others. I spent time talking with the animals, fancying myself as Dr. Dolittle! I started having psychic/spiritual experiences very young. I can remember seeing the spirit of a woman in my room, when I was 6 years old. It frightened me badly, unfortunately, and I don’t know why, because she looked nice.

I’ve had precognitive dreams all of my life….some good, many very sad. I have seen the passings of every loved one before it happened. I also remember seeing the US flag flying at half-mast, 2 days before 9-11….it was a vision that left me shaken, and wondering why.

I had a near death experience at 18. I was paralyzed from the head down for months, from a fluke virus called Guillame Barre Syndrome. I went through the tunnel, and found my father and grandfather on the other side, telling me that it wasn’t my time….it took another year to learn to walk and do things for myself again!

In my adult years, I’ve seen quite a few ghosts, some were as solid as you and I, and it took me a bit to realise that they weren’t like you and I! so the metaphysical side of life has always been forefront with me.

I think I must have been a gypsy, or seer in another life, as I was drawn to the Tarot cards at the early age of 8 or 9. Lucky for me, I was raised in a very liberal, very open household with 2 parents who were on their own spiritual journey and never tried to push me in any one direction. 

I thought that Tarot was “it” for over 30 years, not really giving much credence to other oracle systems as being “serious”. (I’ve met alot of tarot readers like that through the years 🙂 ) But that all changed in the last few years, as I met others who worked with other cards, and got amazing results. The Playing Cards have become of major interest to me, since getting to know a professional reader here in Halifax. Her accuracy rate has been astounding, with nitty gritty that I never got from the Tarot…so finally, at 48, my eyes are open wide! eager to explore all the wonderful systems I turned my back on for so long.

As for me? I’m female, American by birth, residing in Canada and LOVING it!! married to a Brit and have tons of kids between us. Life is full……. but a morning doesn’t go by when I don’t do a tarot reading, a lenormand reading and a playing card reading! that and a cup of tea, and the day starts right 🙂

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  1. Wow, what an amazing life you’ve had! It’s so synchronous (of course!) that you mention talking to animals as a child. Since my son was a toddler, his main passion in life has been animals. He has just recently asked me to find out what exercises he can do so that he can learn to become an animal communicator. I think he saw a show featuring an animal psychic on Animal Planet, and now he’s really excited about that new potential. (He’s 8 now.)

    The spiritual experiences you’ve shared on this page are amazing! (And that photo is ADORABLE!!!)

    ♥ Kiki

  2. That’s fantastic about your son, I hope he will develop it. I can remember my mother finding me out in the pasture, when we lived in Texas,surrounded by huge horses. I was a tike, and she was frightened. But I was communicating with the horses, and by golly! they seemed to understand!We were having a special moment, and she was scared to death! lol I never forgot it.

  3. Wow, that’s so amazing! Do you still have the ability to communicate with animals? My son definitely has a bond with animals. He can pick up a scorpion and have it crawl all over him and not sting him!

  4. Hello there

    I wonder if you can help me? I spotted you on here talking about kipper cards. i recently bought a deck here in Germany and, though lovely, i really like the ones shown here – the English version. Please could you tell me where I might be able to buy the English deck?

    Yours hopefully


    • Hi Amanda 🙂
      Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been recuperating from surgery and haven’t been online in the usual way- trying to get back to routine now-
      I’m sorry to say that as far as I’m aware, there isn’t an English version printed yet. I’m a computer/graphics geek, and simply changed the German to English in my Paint Shop Pro program- it’s literally just a virtual deck on my computer to use for posting on the blog.
      I’m very surprised that they haven’t caught on to the desire of card readers to have an English version printed! We should be writing to the publishers really-

      best wishes,

  5. Hi there

    Thank you so much for your reply. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been “out of action” lately. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    You’re very clever creating that lovely “virtual” deck. It’s such a shame you can’t get them printed. You’d make a fortune. I’m sure (as you say) there is a market for them.

    I have recently ordered the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. I’m hoping I’ll find these easier to work with – in my own language.

    Thanks again for getting back to me.

    Best wishes


  6. Hello Spiritsong!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and everybody’s comment. Spritsong your blog is fantastic. Keep up the great work. I am learning so much. I and sure everyone else is also extremely grateful like I am to you for taking time to do your instructional posts.

    I wanted to know if you are familiar with the Oracle Ge and where I can get it from a company based in the US (the exchange rate makes it much more expensive to purchase it from overseas).

    The reason I ask about the Oracle Ge is because A) it is similar to the Lenormand oracle system which I like; B) it contains more cards with additional meanings and; C) most importantly, it contains 4 specific cards that contain specific time frame information according to the 4 seasons.

    I already own the Mlle Lenormand Jeu de Destin by Piatnik and I also have the Tremmper course as well as the book written by Sylvie Steinbach called the Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle.

    Someone told me that the Tremmper course was better so that is the one I am trying to learn. Steinbach’s method is also good too but I will stick with the Tremmper course. How do you feel about both systems? Which do you feel is better?

    I know that you can tell timing (with a lot of practice) with the 36 Lenormand cards but it is much much harder. I think having a deck like the Oracle Ge with the time frame cards built in is a lot easier.

    Finally, Spritsong are you aware of other Lenormand type of cards with time cards built into them like the Oracle Ge? I will appreciate your help. Thank you.

    P.S.: I also would grately appreciate anyone else’s comments. I always like to learn from everyone.


  7. Hi Sam,
    It’s very gratifying to know that my musings help others look at the cards in a new way.
    I am familiar with the Oracle Ge – if you check on the right, under ‘Catagories’ you’ll find some posts about it. I plan to feature the deck more often now. I’ve had alot of good luck with it.
    I know you can order the deck from the Tarot Garden-
    Tarot Garden.

    I have a sister blog,The Lenormand Oraclewhich is strictly about the Petit Lenormand. I also have Sylvie’s wonderful book. I would highly recommend checking out the link over there for the Virtual Workshop that Sylvie did, over at the Aecletic Tarot forum. I participated in it when it was active. It has some great exercises and teachings.
    I have been very much a Sylvie advocate, as I benefited greatly from her teachings and having access to her to ask questions. And used her system exclusively for a very long time. It’s the foundation for me.

    The Treppner course has recently come into my possession, but I haven’t had the chance to fully evaluate it yet. It looks as though it will certainly add to what I already know. There are the differences in designation for the ‘work’ card. I use the Fox card, as does Sylvie and quite alot of other french people I know on different forums; whereas the Treppner course uses the Anchor. I suggest seeing which one best suits you…the cards will let you know in time!

    Timing in card reading is tricky at best, Sam. I wrote recently to another poster, that the use of spreads with a certain timeframe associated with it, is a good way to go. If you consistently intend that the cards are for a certain timeframe with a specific spread, you’ll start to get results.
    Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger spread, (which I use alot on the other blog with lenormand) works very well for a week to 10 days….it could be changed to reflect months instead.

    I am in the beginning stages of learning about the Astro-Mytholigical Lenormand (also known as the Grand jeu Lenormand) which has 54 cards and supposedly has timing built in. They are quite complicated, and nothing is written in English as of yet. I’m working on translating more info on them, presently. They’re daunting though! it’s all about greek mythology! lol I’ll be reporting on them in the future.

    I hope this helps – check out the links, and peruse both sites.

    Thanks for the praise! lol
    best wishes,

    • Hi Bee 🙂
      I came across that link recently and used it to make my own little study aid-

      How great that the Oracle Ge is going to get it’s due! I haven’t been on my fav forums very much lately…been very short on time, but would love to be a part of that. There was also going to be a study group on the Shustah cards, but I don’t know if it ever took off.
      Hope I get some free time soon!!!

      Hope everything is well with you??

  8. Here’s to hoping someone can help me!

    I am seeking the expertise of a graphic designer able to design tarot cards.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    With Light, Love and Laughter!

  9. Hi Spiritsong!
    Could you help me?
    I bought a Sibilla della Zingara deck and I am looking for information. I found in a italiaan site. In Italia they use to do readings in the normal way, and gave another meaning when the card is in the reverse mode.
    How do you use to do?
    I loved this deck, and in Brasil is a similar, the Baralho da vovó Cigana, but I never read the cards in reverse.
    I Hope you have a great weekend!
    Thank you a lot!
    Sonia Boechat (http://tzaradaestrela.blogspot.com)

    • Hi Sonia,

      Many people who read the Tarot also read reversals. I did for many years, and then found that I didn’t really need to to get a meaningful reading.

      So when I started working with the Sibilla (which I love more and more!!) I decided that upright meanings would be enough, and that was the right decision for me. 52 cards upright can give SO many meanings!

      The Sibilla works very well with many different spreads; if you know the Celtic Spread (from tarot), try it with the Sibilla….I’ve had many good readings using it.

      I hope to be back writing on the blog soon, and featuring the Sibilla more often. I moved this summer, and am still looking for a house so haven’t had the time to dedicate to writing.



      • Hi Spiritsong!
        Thank you so much!
        Now I am in love with the Sibilla, and trying the spreads. And really, I dont like to reads in the reversal mode, because I this Arcanos are very informative, but your opinion solve my problem!
        I enjoy you find your house, and have a nice place to live!
        Thanks and hugs!

  10. We have a lot in common, especially the following :

    “I came into this world, I think, wired in a different way to the others. I spent time talking with the animals, fancying myself as Dr. Dolittle! I started having psychic/spiritual experiences very young.”

    Really enjoying your posts after recently discovering your blog.

    Take care,

    • Thanks so much Forestfae (love the name!) I’m fascinated with the fae….know there’s an adventure there waiting.

      I’d been on hiatus for a loonnng time, not of my choosing, but am back and plan on staying 🙂 I still feel that connection with the animals…and long to be in the country again!

      Plan on working more with the Tarot of the Sidhe and writing about them – now there’s a powerful deck! sometimes brutal, but keeps calling me. It’s not for the light-hearted.

      Glad you’ve stumbled on to my blog 🙂

      • The pleasure is mine, SpiritSong 🙂

        I would or could not have it any other way than living in the country.
        As for the Sidhe, theres a reason that you are attracted to working with them.

        I’m glad too.

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