Pages of Shustah~

The Lord of Authority

Legal Papers

The Wooly Mammoth

The Lord of Authority: “This card can sometimes indicate a time of sacrifice or compromise when submission to someone else’s will is the best course of action. It’s important to maintain a respectful attitude when this card darkens your door.
In a practical sense, I read this card as the police– or really any person or body of persons who have authority over me, and provide safety and security. ” ~Kapherus

Legal Papers: This is the card of written work, of business affairs, and of legal procedures and documents.

On a practical level, this looks like there is about to be legal matters coming to the forefront, with papers being drawn up. Kapherus’ warning that it might indicate a time to compromise or sacrifice, is not wasted on me either. I’m pretty certain that in order to finally end this legal battle, my husband is going to have to accept a lower amount than he was originally awarded.

Wooly Mammoth: This card represents the past, whether the recent or distant.

“It can indicate that a past-life influence is affecting the current situation. Green Mammoth indicates that karma is at play in the events shown by these cards– past actions and events are resurfacing, and will need to be faced and either accepted or resolved.” ~Kapherus

In summary, I believe that the Pages of Shustah are indicating that this legal business is about to come to a head, and that compromise will be needed (on both sides).
The Wooly Mammoth  reaffirms to me that this is a Karmic circumstance, and that destiny is at play here.

I have always felt that my husband was brought half way around the world, within a few miles of this crook, to expose her dirty dealings and abuse. We have paid a high price for fighting her the past 7 years, both economically and energetically (don’t even get me started on the lessons I’ve learnt on the reality of Psychic Attacks!)

I have had many draws with other oracles hinting at the end almost here, but when the Shustah also reflects that, I sit up little straighter!

Separating Fence-Bed-Butterflies

Yikes – not the best draw here, but fitting never the less.

Separating FenceBedButterflies

I am separated and feeling a bit alone as the first card implies.
The second card explains why: I’m sick
The last few days I’ve been heading down hill, and I commented to family yesterday that I felt that my energy had compacted into a tight ball around me. I was up most of the night because of the painful swollen glands…no fun.
I have removed myself from normal daily activities and am hunkering low (my 2 red cards), but fortunately with the Yellow Butterflies, I’d say it will be of short duration, I won’t be sick for long.

The Red Pages are indicative of adversity, challenges & trouble, and the Yellow Pages represent creativity, gain & spiritual awareness…so maybe I will gain some insight or creative time from laying low? I dont know
My head does seem to be swimming with ideas!

Page of Shustah ~

I wanted to post a Shustah  3 card draw that my husband did this morning. He walked into my office (my little creative cubby!) and found the cards on my cutting table.

I am fascinated with this deck, it hasn’t been given it rightful due in recent years. Tarot Dame I read recently, is part of a project with Aeclectic Tarot forum, where you commit to work with a deck daily for a year, and either blog about your impressions or write about them at the forum….. Primary Deck project.. or something like that.

When reading about this, I realised that that is exactly what I’ve been doing with the Lenormand, Kipper, Sibilla , Gypsy cards & Playing cards! I do something daily with those decks, without fail, and then choose one of them to write about.

Not that I need another deck on my list, but I really think I want to commit in that way to the Pages of Shustah as well.

My friend Kapherus at the Art of Cartomancy forum, has started writing wonderful posts about his many years of experiences with this deck, and is slowly building up a great archive of teaching for those who are interested in this deck. It would probably help me a lot, if I work with them on a daily basis and study them more closely…..SO! you’ll probably start seeing more posts on this beautiful deck too.

If I had a separate blog for each, I’d go crazy! lol So I will personally journal about them and share from time to time….at least that’s how I feel at the moment 🙂  *sigh

Here’s what he drew:


Angel of Summer

Lord of Contemplation

Before writing about the specific cards, I would note that there are 2 green cards and 1 blue. The Green suit represents growth and progress…developments happening; and the Blue Suit represents Benevolence, compassion, goodwill, peace, serenity and productive projects. (thanks Kaph). On just the level of color, I could surmise that there is definitely expansion and growth concerning J’s peace and serenity, and in issues of  ‘success’; in other words he will be moving in that direction. Now onto the cards themselves-

The Path is immediately beyond the Present placement….what is coming next? I asked J how he viewed the card, was he drawn into it, going deeper into the trees, closing in around him? or was it opening, widening before him? He saw it as opening up before him…new vistas.

The Angel of Summer, can be representing the time of Summer, but it is also the card of Success. It’s the peak of a mental endeavor and it also can represent a group effort.

“Archangel Uriel is with us today to help us become successful. She brings the light, the growth we find in summer – progress. Success is her keyword.

Archangel Uriel is ruled by Uranus. now the focus is on freedom which comes from victory.” – quote from Rev. Ken Foor –

I was pretty certain that these first 2 cards were saying that the path is opening to J that will lead him to success. The Green Path I’m told, is a short Path…..maybe this is a short path to success….or in a short time-frame there is success…I’m not sure. There is also the possibility that something is temporary with this card, but that wasn’t my initial thought; had the Path followed after the Angel of Summer it might have meant a Success that is short-lived…but being presented in front of the Angel, it looks like that the time is short before success is his.

The 3rd card is what happens as a result of the first 2 cards. This is the Lord of Contemplation.

He is the One in deep thought and who meditates. He is the card that represents Responsibility of one’s motivations and desires. It ocurred to me that this is describing One who is fully Present in the now, and is connected to every aspect of a situation. He is also the Higher Self.

My immediate thoughts that I shared with J is that circumstances were about to open up to him that would bring him material success, but he would view it differently this time from times in the past. He would be reverent and careful with his success, being responsible in his actions going forward, listening to his Higher Self rather than being impulsive.

I took it to mean that he would treat this success in a more awakened, conscious state and therefore it would be a very different experience.

Am I right in my interpretation? all I can say is that J totally resonated with what I said, it felt right. These cards are still very alien to me, but I feel such a draw to them. There is a soulfulness about this deck.

You can order the deck and the accompanying book at Morning Light Bookstore online (scroll down the page).

I hope more people take to understanding this beautiful deck 🙂

A wonderful blog dedicated solely to the Pages of Shustah by Rev. Ken Foor. It can be found here.

Pages of Shustah: Capricorn, Butterflies,Gnomes

The Premise: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which can slow progress somewhat. Capricorn also rules the 10th house of business and career. It’s the sector of worldly attainment. Position and security will be attained, but it may take patience.

Fearlessness is also an attribute of Capricorn; by facing one’s fears and moving through them you gain power and self-confidence, as Ken Foor says.

I have definitely been facing my fears….head on. I am determined to adapt and stay strong.

The Situation or Problem: Butterflies denote transformation. There is a major change in the air, and in one’s self.

There is great anticipation, expectation, joy and peace with the upcoming days. There is a new beginning coming my way. Again, adaptability is called for.

The Butterflies mean that something is temporary as well; coming just after slow progress and having to face my fears with Capricorn, I take that as a good sign 🙂

The Result: Gnomes tell us not to give up. There is progress through perseverance. Continue to be industrious. Hang in there. There is transmutation with the Gnomes, of turning base metal into gold. I see them as coming forth to give me a precious nugget, a gift.

These cards are telling me that the slow times in Capricorn are about to change, and that through this experience there will be a gift of Spirit – I will be literally changed. I am definitely being tempered….

Not knowing these cards very well, I am very impressed with what I drew. It certainly fits my life experience at the moment, and it reflects the hopeful change that so many of the oracles I explore describe.

Thank you Pages of Shustah~

Pages of Shustah –

Red 1 DeathGreen 11 Playful PageGreen 3 Unicorn

DeathPlayful PageUnicorn

This morning I thought I would share a draw from the Pages of Shustah deck. The drawings always remind me of wood cut blocks that you then roll ink onto and print. They are beautiful.

I was very intrigued to see what I drew, as they showed graphically something that I am experimenting with. I have begun working in earnest with a method taught by a Meg Blackburn Losey, who is very accomplished in the Spiritual/New Age field. She is an energetic healer, and channels Higher Beings, and a successful author of two books.

She started out experimenting with movement and sound, and discovered that she was able to access Gamma waves within her brain. The continued use of movement and music, combined with sensing subtle energy, opened her up to seeing in other dimensions and working with the Masters.

I have, in the past worked with her method, called “Movement to Spirit”- but stopped when I started affecting everything electrical around me! Computers went haywire, electronic doors at the grocery store would misfunction, and wristwatches became unusable.

Now, I’ve been prompted to work again with her method, but using music composed with the Solfeggio frequencies; and I must admit, it was immediately powerful.

So back to the cards!:

I drew Death, which shows a major change or a transformation occuring.

I then have the Playful Page, and what really caught my eye is that he/she looks like they are dancing and moving the energy in a balanced flow. Look at the smile! This movement to Spirit feels really good!

And what comes from doing this exercise? the Unicorn, which represents the subtle energies.

I immediately got the message from the Shustah to continue working with this method as I will have major changes in my awareness of the subtle energy fields. I plan on honoring this message! lol

I’m back to meditating regularly and focusing on my Spiritual path.

*note- later in the day, I came across a post on Kaph’s Shustah blog about the Unicorn, in which he wrote:

“Specifically, The unicorn can indicate a loss of control over a situation, or it may reveal an situation that is outside of the individual’s control or sphere of influence.  The Unicorn is always a warning that focused attention is needed at this time in the area influenced by this card.

The Unicorn can also indicate a lack of focus, and failure to “follow through” on a situation.  In other words, the individual is scattering his or her energies.”

I identify with the advice/warning that focused attention is needed, and to be sure to follow through…..that definitely speaks to me as well…..I can have that transformation as long as I stay committed and continue with it.

Check out Meg’s website here.

Learn more about the Solfeggio frequencies at Dr. Len Horowitz’s site – he is the one who rediscovered them; or by checking out YouTube videos here.

Pages of Shustah- Playful Page, Butterflies, Death

Green 11 Playful PageYellow 3 ButterfliesRed 1 Death

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve drawn from the Pages of Shustah. They can be very insightful cards.

The Playful Page is a card of non-seriousness, of amusement and the Lower Self. Light times, basically. This is a card that I’m surprised to draw, because that doesn’t reflect my past couple of months at all! lol

The Butterflies is a card of change, but I think like the Sibilla Butterfly, it’s fleeting/inconstant…. in the Sibilla, the Butterfly card can also represent not being serious; so I have 2 cards denoting playful and light times.

The Death card is the Outcome,and  like in any deck, means big change – transformation.

Tentatively putting these together, there seems to be a major change in my life, where things will be more fun and playful…the intense seriousness of this past year are going to pass away? I certainly hope that’s the case! lol

Pages of Shustah: Celestial Bees – Harmonizing Page – Holy Pigs

Blue 8 Happy BeesBlue 11 Harmonizing PageYellow 5 Holy Pigs

The Celestial Bees are the card of Creative Activity, and loving work and emotional enthusiasm. “Busy as a bee” : this definitely reflects my whirlwind of mental and physical activity. The Celestial Bees is the image of creative industry. I have been ensconced in a project that is soley for me; a creation all my own and it’s a joy to work on.

The Harmonizing Page also reminds me that it’s important to take time to relax and recharge my batteries, even though I’m fired up with enthusiasm for my new project. I will create even more from a place of relaxation and harmony. It also says to me that I will find serenity and a sense of Self in this creative endeavor. There is satisfaction from my activity.

The Holy Pigs is a great card to see! This is the card of Good Luck and of material gain and good fortune in any endeavor! These cards seem to be saying to me that my project is going to bring great rewards, on many different levels. It represents the work and  preparation towards mental wealth.

*I am designing a website for my creative side, that I hopefully will have up soon 🙂

Pages of Shustah – Cat/Harmonizing Page/Gnomes

Red 5 CatBlue 11 Harmonizing PageYellow 8 Gnomes

Most times when I have drawn the Red Cat, it has seemed menacing and about to leap!

It refers to staying alert, danger present..(it also signifies a teacher coming into your life); but this time when I meditated on the card, I saw the cat in the process of retreating. The danger that has been so close, is backing away. I still must stay alert though!

I was so surprised that my ‘mind’ saw the cat in this way! These cards really do shift as you contemplate on them.

The Harmonizing Page talks about relaxing, and chilling out for awhile. It’s the Page of gathering with others, and having a good time. It has the Power of diminishing tension. I found this fascinating–is the danger that we’ve been facing starting to subside and does this bring a lightening of the load?
This Page brings an acceptance and surrender to where you are; of being totally Present with your surroundings.

Now the Gnomes are a quirky lot! This is the card of success through labor and industry. There are rewards to come for my efforts, and the hint that I will transform the situation to a better one. There are treasures that will be gained from this experience.

So my intuitive thought with these 3 cards, is that the worse is over, and is in the process of retreating. There is a release of tension, with a sigh of relief  about to come. There are gifts for having gone through the experience though, inner gifts, that I probably won’t see right away.

I also feel that this is directly related to the work I have been doing this week. I have begun designing a website, that is going to be soley for me. It’s my baby, and will be filled with my passions and creations. I get the feeling that this is going to be very good for me on a number of levels….

I wasn’t expecting a positive draw with these cards, to be honest! They can be downright tough at times, so this is not too bad. I have to stay on my game though, no lazy thoughts! Stay present and alert, and be diligent with my work!

Gypsy cards and Pages of Shustah


The words Spiritual journey came to me when I saw these. A spiritual journey that leads to a great deal of thought? or an astral projection?

I am definitely going through some inner changes, and they are changing how I am looking at everything. This may be a reflection of that.

It hasn’t been easy.

A few days ago, I drew a profound message from the Pages of Shustah, but didn’t have time to write about them.

Blue 5 SapphireRed 7 WhipBlack 7 Libra

The gem, or the blue sapphire, says to quote Rev. Foor,

“The blue Sapphire is the card that brings the light of understanding. It is a symbol of the higher Self. With it comes illumination and Spiritual Wisdom. Today it is telling us that we are receiving clarity. Focus on your Major Wish and the jewels within. Ask for illumination and wisdom along with your transformation.”

The Red Whips are showing the mental and physical stress and hardship that I am under.

With the Blue Sapphire though, it promises that something very special is being forged out of this difficult time. I have been asking for guidance and help very strongly right now, my beacon is lit!

With the Libran scales, I believe that through this adversity, will come a higher understanding and wisdom that will bring back balance and order into my life.

I must continue to seek within, and ask for clarity….something good is coming out of this struggle……

Pages of Shustah – Aquarius, Libra, Angel of Spring

Black 11 AquariusBlack 7 LibraGreen 13 Angel of Spring

I drew these cards from the Pages of Shustah deck, late last night. I wasn’t so sure about their meaning until I looked through some writings.

Aquarius brings a time of change, an outpouring of new energy. This is a time of new ideas, new proposals etc. Be ready to receive…. it also would correspond with my 20 year old son, Michael. He’s an Aquarian child.

With Libra, there is either a need to find balance in one’s life, or the scales are balancing out. Libra is also the sign of the scales for Justice; so here we go again, this could have to do with Legal matters around us.  The word “Fairness” popped into my head.. it is also the card that would represent someone born under the sign of Libra.

The Angel of Spring is the time of new beginnings, and that finally, the blockages are removed to make a way forward.  There is joy with this Angel, and fresh starts available.

I can’t help but to string these together to say that there are changes coming concerning the legal case, new proposals, something fresh….and with that new energy, the stalemate of the last few years is finally broken. I am freed from this stagnant situation, and new chapters are ready to be written!

That would be the most joyous of messages 🙂

on a smaller note, maybe the cards are hinting at a new romance for my son, with a Libran girl :)! he hasn’t said anything as such.

I prefer to think, in my time of searching, these beautiful cards were addressing me, and my inner disquieting thoughts last night, rather than a young romance. I share it all, just in case I’m wrong!