The Witches Tarot~

I decided to explore my Witches Tarot deck, which hasn’t seen the light of day in quite a few years! yikes! What struck me immediately was how different these 2 cards were.

The Seeker, looks to me that he has been on a long journey, and has finally made it up to a point where he can clearly see what is ahead of him. The wind blows forward…urging him on to the next stage of his journey; and there is something higher than him, that he is looking up to.

The 6 of Pentacles is very different than the Rider Waite deck; here we have a feast of plenty, and celebrating! In the LWB it says it denotes Prosperity, Healing, financial balance. A time of rejoicing and comfort to me…..

So these 2 cards want to say to me that the tough road that I’ve been on, has come to an end. There is a brighter future ahead, in the next phase of my life, where financial and emotional prosperity awaits.

This is not what I would have gleaned for a meaning traditionally! but it fits and it just popped out at me 🙂 So this was an interesting exercise, weaving stories strictly from the artwork and letting it flow- I can see that this is a great thing to do, and alot of fun! lol

A new link-

I have just added a new link that I found really interesting. It’s a blog written by Marla Frees, who is a psychic medium. She writes about her experiences as a professional psychic, and has a very interesting take on life. I had to stop and read almost every entry! 

I know this isn’t card related, but thought those who peruse these blogs might also enjoy her writing. On her website, it mentioned that she worked and travelled with James VanPragh for 4 years (someone I would love to meet!)  Hope you enjoy-


Tea Leaf Cards- August

Recently I received Rae Hepburn’s set, The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I think they’re smashing 🙂

I finally got some time to do the recommended Year Spread, and took pictures and wrote it down- some months look really good, others not so..isn’t that the way. I thought, that I would share at the beginning of each month, what was shown in that spread, and at the end of it, how it actually related (or not) to my life. Here’s a picture of the Year Spread, before turning over the different cards:

I was so excited as I put out the cards! lol I felt like a spy, because I was sneaking around–I haven’t admitted yet that I purchased these! lol  oh brother! like being a kid again…

You can click on the pictures to get a better view of them-

At any rate, here is what I got for the month of August:

The Claw, the Door, The Egg, The Yoke…

  • The Claw- “this card is warning for you to take extra care during this time-frame, and under no circumstances should you take any kind of risk”
  • The Door- “Opportunities are waiting for you. This symbol indicates that there are opportunities waiting for the querist. You must not be afraid to open the door and go through it ot see what opportunities lie on the other side.”
  • The Egg- A golden egg lies in a nest on the fork of a tree branch. the egg denotes success is assured but only if you plan properly and work hard,….success can evade you without the proper planning and work.
  • The Yoke- “This card signifies that you feel tied down and frustrated in some aspect of your life and wish to break free. Do not rely on someone else to set you free.”

I thought this was a strange first reading, honestly! lol I’d be interested in Sammie’s take on these cards… On one hand, they’re telling me not to take risks….and then on the other hand, they’re telling me that only if I’m willing to open the door, will the success be on the other side….and if I open this door and receive this success, I am then going to feel trapped by my wonderful creation!!

What do I do with that? maybe it’s trying to give me the old addage, “watch what you wish for, because you might just get it!” (and then not know what to do with it!)…..

Any other takes on this?

The Gypsy cards…(Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten)

On my sister site, The Lenormand Oracle, I have a draw that seemed to be saying that I would get news of an accident or a surgery with someone I know at a distance. I also did a draw with the Gyspy cards, (which Madame Seaqueen has a great series of pages on the meanings of) and they also seemed to echo the same message…   here they are:


  • The Journey can represent travel of course, a vacation…but it can also mean an emergency situation.  Considering the next card I drew, I’m leaning in that direction…
  • Misfortune just isn’t a nice card! it’s a card of warning. As MS puts it, “potential mishap or freak circumstances”..something totally unexpected!
  • Lover- now on the face of it, my first thought was of my present husband ( a reasonable assumption! lol and it might well be about him, although I hope not. Because of some dreams and other draws, I also wonder if this is referring to my ex-husband? it’s a funny thing with my ex- we are still psychically linked into one another; when one of us gets into difficulty, the other knows about it. We’ve had some amazing OBE’s in past years together….so I really don’t know, this could be talking about him.

So in summary, there is either a mishap on the road with either my husband or my ex (I know, very strange 🙂 ) or something more…

Believe me when I say I will update!!

A Bat Came Calling..


I pulled this card, today, (on purpose) after a fascinating experience yesterday that I wanted to share.

I had decided to take a quick drive to our post box to see if my tea leaf cards had arrived (and found out that they indeed had) – and as I was standing outside my house, getting ready to get into the car, I had the strangest experience. Out of nowhere, and at mid-day, a very small bat appeared. It kept circling right over me! I felt no fear (as a kid they scared me alot!) I was enthralled, and knew that this bat was purposely making itself known to me. I know the meanings about some animals, as messengers, but I didn’t know anything about the bat. At any rate, he hovered and circled, making sure I knew he was communicating. It continued for at least 5 minutes! and I’ve never seen a bat act that way – so I was very intrigued. I once had a great book on the meanings of animals, but it seems to have gotten lost in our last move; so I went on a search mission to find some answers….

I found this site through Google, What’s Your Sign that shares a alot of information on signs and symbols, not only about animals! It’s well worth checking out. Below, is an excerpt from a page on Air Animal Totems:

“As you will read in their descriptions, Air Animal Totems have a penchant for assisting us in matters of higher knowledge. Air being the most ethereal of elements, it’s understandable that the creatures who inhabit it are able to lend the best understanding of it’s invisible ways. Closest to the heavens, air animals are our best allies as they herald our desires to the very gods in the skies.

Air animal totems are also symbols of strength (both physical and mental) and sovereignty. Very important traits, particularly when we are experiencing new transitions or surroundings in our lives.

If air animal totems are catching your attention, you should feel very heartened by their presence. Allow their spirit to boost your confidence, and remind you that the ultimate power is within this present, unseen moment. Air animals are good omens, and their appearance is like a wink from god.”

The writer goes on to say about bats:

“The animal symbolism of the bat speaks of:

  • Illusion
  • Rebirth
  • Dreams
  • Intuition
  • Initiation
  • Journeying
  • Inner Depth
  • Communication

The Native American animal symbolism of the bat comes from a keen observation of this magnificent animal. These people recognized that the bat was highly sensitive to their surroundings and so therefore was considered a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. This made the bat a powerful symbol for Native American shamans and medicine people. Often the spirit of the bat would be invoked when special energy was needed, like “night-sight” which is the ability to see through illusion or ambiguity and dive straight to the truth of matters. The bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so – from the womb it is reborn every evening.”

I have found this fascinating! I’ve had encounters with bats before, but never so directed at and for me. I stood there, stopped outside of my car, unable and unwilling to continue on..I was connected to that funny little creature; and I intuitively knew that this was an important message that I had to get to the bottom of.

There are some great books out there about totem animals and signs, but what a delight to find such an interesting site! I am adding it to my “links” bar so that all of us can easily refer to it.

I have felt that I am going through a shift inwardly, and have been having many more spiritual/psychic experiences. I have been openly inviting it. I think that bat was letting me know that the asking has been heard. I love the magic…

They Arrived!!!! woohoo!!!

I was so excited to discover that my Tea Leaf Fortune cards had arrived in the post! I’ve seen the card/book set listed at Amazon, but I had better luck on Ebay.

 After quickly, (and secretly) thumbing through the book, I was dying to play. Although Rae Hepburn recommends first doing the year spread, mainly to merge your energy with the cards, I couldn’t wait! lol

So I shuffled all the tea leaf cards, which is a feat in itself and did a daily draw with them just to see what would come up. I cut the deck into 3 piles and turned over the top one of each. It really was appropiate too! so I’m looking forward to a late night reading tonight!

Here’s what I drew:  the Bridge, the Fox, the Nest……

Please click on the images to see them in more detail..

The Bridge: “Successfully overcoming a problem…The bridge signifies that a problem which has been bothering you will be successfully overcome”

The Fox: “Shrewdness and resourcefulness especially in business.”

The Nest: “An emotionally secure, loving famiy is important to you.

I was thrilled to see this combintation, I must admit. For me, in the Lenormand, the Fox refers to work as well. It seems that something is about to happen in such a way that we are able to get our emotional and financial security back………something is happening on the work front that changes the mood within the home..

We are feeling the shift all ready; there is a sense of optimism and looking forward and planning. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.

I LOVE THESE CARDS!! LOL  I can tell I’m going to bond with them easily 🙂 and as someone who has been learning to read tea leaves over the past year, I know that this set will also be fantastic for adding to my knowledge. I’m am so excited! lol   (it only takes a new deck of cards to get me in a wonderful mood….my needs are simple!)

The Legend Arthurian Tarot

Today I decided to do a draw with a deck I haven’t looked at in many years, not because I don’t like it! but because I got in a rut for many years only using 1 or 2 decks. I’ve collected many decks for the art, and not for reading…..until now!!

If you click on the individual cards, a larger version will pop up –

This tarot deck is called the Legend Arthurian Tarot.

I drew the 2 of Shields (pentacles) and the Lovers.

Traditionally, I would say that we are juggling (successfully at the moment) to keep all our financial obligations going, and that we will be facing a decision soon…

Intuitively, just looking at the artwork, a few different ideas came to me. The 2 of Shields is unusual in that it doesn’t portray the classic guy juggling coins 🙂 Here, we have Castle Pendragon, and 2 people are on the bridge leading up to the castle, pausing and taking a rest. One, is leaning over the rail, looking down at the water, and the other is looking upwards, either to the sky or up at the castle. There is no hurry, there is no action, except taking in what is around. These 2 people just seem to be hanging around the home  (like we’re doing lately! lol…basically stuck)

The Lovers card next to it, shows a couple walking to the right. For me, it looks like the couple are walking away from the inaction, moving on towards something else. I know this is only a daily draw, but the 2 of Shields looks like it’s Spring, and the Lovers looks like Fall….so maybe these cards are telling me that by September, we’ll be active and moving on. The Lovers card looks lush as well, with lots of fauna surrounding them…harvest time…

Using Sammie’s spread :)

Sammie introduced a spread on her blog that I really liked. I’ve used it with Playing cards and it worked really well…my plan was to originally publish that one, but it was a little too personal and would make me blush! lol so just this once, I’m going to post a Lenormand version of the spread. I won’t normally feature Lenormand here, because I have a separate blog dedicated to it, but being short on time, I thought I’d share this one:

I think I’m going to call this the “I’ spread, because it looks like a capital “I” –

The way I went about interpreting it was that the bottom part of the “I” is what I’m dealing with or hearing about now (present circmstances) and the top part of the “I” is something coming shortly.

I went on to assign the middle vertical as the Summary, or the Trigger point. The cross fans give a little more info….   so here it goes! :



The Bottom – Present: Tower+Mountain+Ship –  For me, I think this represent that there have been legal delays with the situation at a distance in the states….after just being awarded judgement, it’s been impossible to get a hold of the lawyer to finish business! very frustrating-

The Top – What’s coming: House+Horseman+Book – I could take this a couple of ways; I might have a surprise (book) visitor coming to the home, or there could be a surprise new addition to the home (???) or there is surprising news coming to the family… or we’re starting on a new project around the house (Horseman+Book).

Any of the above could be it, or all of the above could be it! lol will just have to wait and see –

Vertical stem- Summary or Trigger point: Horseman+Woman+Mountain –  I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to hear from, or news about the woman (crook) who is 1) distant, 2)lonely &/or a loner 3) isolated, 4) lives in the mountains!

Criss cross 1- Tower+Woman+Book – I can’t help it, I keep getting that there is going to be a secret revealed around this woman, possibly to do with her other legal matters (she has numerous) this seems to say “Big secret”! lol

Criss Cross 2 – House+Woman+Ship- If this is the same woman, then it looks like she’s moving away, moving house again (something she’s done quite a few times) –

That tells an interesting story…. and like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger layout, when you combine the other cards with the woman, it doesn’t necessarily refer to you! just something that is in your field at the moment. As I was writing this up, another story came to me, that popped as well  –

I wonder if this might be referring to a woman connected to the family who lives at a distance? (House+Woman+Ship)  like hubby’s daughter in NF?

The bottom “I”, (Tower+Mountain+Ship) could be describing delays upon delays around her transferring from her banking job there….she is wanting to move away and onto something else.

The top “I”, (House+Horseman+Book) could be saying that we get a surprise visit from her, or she surprises us by moving back home for awhile….

The other cross, (Tower+Woman+Book) would show surprises around her work, or something revealed about it…. it could also describe her researching other positions within the banking field…

I came to this completely different idea, because of the stem of the “I”. (Horseman+Woman+Mountain) said to me “news coming from the distant, reserved woman”…and that’s definitely my stepdaughter! lol she’s a very very lovely gal, good heart, but she is definitely a bean counter!

So this exercise with Sammie’s great spread, is either having to do with legal issues that we have, or job/banking issues with our daughter.

This is a great spread Sammie! I got alot of information with it, and equally so with the playing card version that I did. This is a keeper!  Thanks for sharing it 🙂

The Fairy Ring~


A few years ago, before I moved up to Canada, my kids bought me “The Fairy Ring” cards and book set for a birthday present. At the time, I was collecting everything “fairies” as inspiration in learning to sculpt. Due to lots of upheaval, the sculpting plans were put on the back burner, (but not forgotten!).

Today I pulled them out, for the very first time to read! I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time!

I selected 2 cards, and they turned out to be very appropiate at that! Here they are:

click on each card to see them better!

I pulled the 9 Pixie (who’s having a bit of fun with me, messing up this post!) and the 6 Aine.

  • The Pixie’s divinatory meaning tells me that I have been going through a difficult time lately, but the playful pixies are asking me to stop taking everything so seriously (!), lighten up, and have some fun! “Laughter is the best medicine”…I need to try to recover a little of this feeling…
  • Aine’s story revolved around an Earl who fell in love with her, and they married 🙂 The divinatory meaning with her is that she hearalds harmony, new romance (there we go again! lol) marriage etc.

So putting those two together, it’s pretty obvious to me that the fairies are saying that it’s going to be up to me to lighten up the relationship and bring in some fun. Although, my husband has officially won his long court battle, it’s not done, and he is very battle weary….everything is very very serious with him at the moment.

What hit me immediately when I saw these 2 cards, was that I had to take him to see the movie, “Mama Mia!” with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge…go see this movie! you will laugh your socks off! I’m not kidding! I went with my 16 year old daughter, and we had the very best afternoon…and found that we couldn’t stop singing Abba tunes for days afterwards 🙂

So I have already hit my husband, and we have plans to see the flick tomorrow afternoon–HOORAY!

(Maybe the Angel Chantell is a conspirator….)

Messages from the Angels~

Oh did I laugh when I drew this! New romance! lol Well, things are starting to really look up for my partner, so maybe instead of being so intense and cranky at times, he’ll let the softer side come through more often…..I’ll be there! lol

I haven’t looked at these cards in a very long time…the booklet talks about being more playful,…something I can definitely agree with 🙂 things have been way too serious for way too long! So I welcome this Angel into my life, and will watch for her help!