Pages of Shustah: Bed, Sacred Mushroom, Angel of Summer


I drew these cards before my mishap of twisting my ankle. That one event, certainly changed the tone of my day. I was forced to stop &  rest.

I have two red cards here. Red represents the struggles, adversity, troubles and disappointment. I have definitely felt that today.

The Bed card shows the need for rest, and the possibility of illness or injury if you don’t! I’ve actually drawn this card a few times in the last week, so the warning was there. I was aware of it, but felt that I couldn’t just choose to slow down because I was under so much pressure to achieve certain things by a deadline. My husband is still away, so there was no one else to lean on. I just keep getting the message, “be still” when I see the bed card.

The Sacred Mushroom, according to the Pages of Shustah book, is the card of psychic and Occult exchange. It tells you to listen to your intuition, listen to you Inner wisdom. There is a shifting of consciousness available at this time, if I’m sensitive and alert enough to stay open & listen.

Sadly, all I’m aware of presently is the great pain radiating throughout my ankle and up my leg! it’s awfully hard to notice much else!

I honestly feel that these 2 cards are telling me that if Iwill “be still and listen” that there will be an exchange spiritually. Maybe I will receive a message from my Higher Self or a guide. There is guidance to be had here. Ken Foor writes “A new teacher may be coming to you.”

There is something about being stopped in my tracks that is going to be of benefit to me 🙂

And then, there is the Blue Angel of Summer. Blue is the color of communication for me; thinking of the throat chakra which is represented by this color. My mind drifts to all forms of communication, clairaudience for instance; the ability to hear Spirit.

Spending time with the Blue Angel of Summer, I was very aware that she is sitting there poised, with her head slightly tilted, as though trying to hear something. Above her are 3 swirling bits…what are they? Energy? Whispers on the wind? There are 3 of them, the number of manifestation. Something is in the process of manifesting to the Blue Angel. She is intently aware and listening.

The Blue Angel of Summer is the card of success. This card, according to Ken Foor is associated with the Archangel Uriel.  Uriel is one of the most powerful Archangels and is associated with  illumination. Uriel will assist you with brilliant new ideas entering your mind… or so my research says!

Uriel transmutes lower vibrations into frequencies of higher vibration.

When to ask Archangel Uriel for help – Call Uriel forth if you have trouble sleeping or are feeling tense or anxious. (that’s me!) Uriel is here to release any fears or worries you may have concerning a situation. He can give you the determination and assist you to transform any aspect of your life.

So this card packs a whollop!

This forced rest, may just be the catalyst to go deeper within, and receive guidance and help from another level. I remember years ago, during a development circle at Spiritualist church in Northern England, being given the name Archangel Uriel in meditation. I have never studied Angels and their meanings, but remember being told something similar to what I’ve read today. I was going through a very difficult time then too, and felt such peace after the encounter.

It’s time to meditate regularly again, no doubt about it.

Angel Cards~

angel-frontangel-back1  (front & back)


Interestingly, I picked cards from separate Angel decks the other day & their message was right on the mark.

My dear husband and I are going through a severely testing time financially. It’s the stuff that would ruin most marriages, and from what I’ve heard on CNN, the financial crisis is tearing apart alot of families.

Although we get frustrated, we have solidly stuck together…no pointing of fingers, but Uniting in a big way. Our resolve is to learn as much from this challenging situation as we can, and move on. We have surrendered to a higher power; either we make it through, or we sell the house! Whatever may come, we’re a team and stay that way.

I drew this card on a particular low day, both emotionally and healthwise. It made me smile, and keep my conviction that we will be OK-

The other card that I drew was:


This is from one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel decks; and how appropiate! The last week was filled with anxiety and emotion, trying to find the funds to fly my son out to his new University. We didn’t know until 2 days before he was due to go, that he would actually get to go! Talk about stress! I wanted it so badly for him.

All the stress, in my still somewhat weakened state from surgery, just opened me up to another round of the bugs going around this Winter! So I have taken this card to heart, and have taken a Time Out from everything. I have lost myself in listening to some great audio books 🙂 something very new to me since I love to read the written word…

Even after all the years I’ve been working with different card sets, I’m still in awe when they show very plainly and clearly the message that you most need at the moment. Most people on the planet have no idea just how special card reading can be!

Messages from the Angels~

Oh did I laugh when I drew this! New romance! lol Well, things are starting to really look up for my partner, so maybe instead of being so intense and cranky at times, he’ll let the softer side come through more often…..I’ll be there! lol

I haven’t looked at these cards in a very long time…the booklet talks about being more playful,…something I can definitely agree with 🙂 things have been way too serious for way too long! So I welcome this Angel into my life, and will watch for her help!