Kipper Draw~


I drew these cards this morning. They are:

  • #4 – Meetings
  • #8 – False Person
  • #18 – A Small Child

If you combine Meetings and False Person, you can get the meanings of  an  encounter that isn’t what it seems; it can also mean envious or deceitful friends, or being the subject of gossip… or simply encountering a deceitful, lying person! (I know one that comes to mind! lol)

A Small Child (#18), I think is similar to the same card in the Lenormand; possibly meaning a new beginning or start of something new, or literally a young person/child.

If I were to try combining #8 False Person with #18 A Small Child, I could get the meaning of a lying, or deceitful,  young person… or a new start or project that isn’t what it seems, possibly being misrepresented….

that makes me think of being in a meeting where a project or pitch or proposal is being made, but it isn’t being presented truthfully – there are hidden agendas, or tricks; OR there are meetings/encounters with a a false young person…

maybe a young person is the subject of gossip? or someone is lying about a pregnancy?! (that just popped into my head!)

These are some of the possibilities with only these 3 cards! lol 

I really am intrigued with the Kipper; I wonder which came first, the Kipper or the Lenormand? or if they evolved together simultaneously… It’s hard to get any history in English, but I will definitely try.

update: there were meetings, to do with business that turned out to be this way-
a new project that had been presented to our business partner and looked superficially good, ended up not being what they said it was at all! total misrepresentation! luckily,it was all discovered before anything had moved forward…

Playing cards~


The above cards were a part of a larger reading that I did with the Playing cards. Normally I do readings with fans of 3 cards, but there is one spread that I learnt from a real Gypsy reader, in which she always uses 4 card fans. Sometimes this is very tricky, but in this case, it came around quickly and I had been right! so I thought I would share it.

This fan, fell into the position of “what you don’t know“.

I looked at the Queen , and the Jack first. I knew this was describing one person. The Queen  represents a female loved one. It could be a sister, a daughter, a close friend, a mother etc. The Jack is a younger person, who is very practical & intelligent. The Jack  can be a young relative by marriage, and that is the case. This card almost always represents one of my step daughters who I’m close to. When I saw the Queen next to it, the words “adult child” popped into my head- so I combined the 2, much like I would combine the Woman and Child cards in the Lenormand to mean the same thing.

The 9  next to her (9  + face card) decribes someone at a distance; which she is. She’s on the other side of the country.

Now the 10  was showing that there would be some upset, grief, worry around her. I wondered if there would be aggravation or trouble while travelling (9) or if there woud be lies, deceit…something not right around business (10+ ).

We didn’t have long to wait! later that night, we webcamed with this daughter and discovered that she had had “the shock of her life”- when she discovered that a furniture business from where she had formerly lived, had screwed up on her mailing address and never had sent her any bills for an additional piece of furniture she had bought. Because there had been many purchases there at the time, she didn’t catch that she hadn’t received a statement on the one item.

Now that she was going for a loan, she discovered that her credit rating had plumetted because of the error the furniture store had made, by not sending her the invoices! This, happening to someone very well positioned in the banking field, and a stickler for paying her bills on time!!

So now, long distance, she’s trying to expose the mistake made by the furniture store, and restore her credit rating! (a real 10   for my step-daughter)

I am continually amazed at how much I glean from reading the playing cards. It is the one system I really want to become an expert on. They are really all you need! lol and it’s so subtle as well 🙂  You can give a reading on the airplane and they’ll just think you’re playing a card game!

If you’d like to learn more about reading playing cards, be sure to check out The Art of Cartomancy Forum, run by a talented reader and teacher, Kapherus. You’ll be learning how to read in no time.

Best Wishes,


Tea Leaf Fortune cards weekly~


These cards have been sitting on my pool table, since Saturday, waiting for me to have the time to come and photograph them and write about them! It’s now Friday (shameful)- but it actually wasn’t until this morning that I had any idea about what they might be referring to-

Journey- e”ither a physical or mental journey is taken” (and both were this week! )

Bouquet-  “Compliments from an admirer”- this threw me for days, the Bouquet symbol for me is also a healing, a recovery, a gift, something nice…

Casket- “someone going out of your life, or an end to a situation”

Leg- “stepping into a new experience”

Here is how these cards played out:

I drew them on Saturday, and Sunday my husband dragged me to a new card reader, way out in the boonies of Nova Scotia (Journey). I say dragged, because I was exhausted and just not feeling up to the outing or to have to talk to anybody! This is a first for me, because normally I’d be enthusiastic. It was my first reading from an outsider in probably a year, and she was amazing!

She was able to bring up very solid proof that she was receiving messages from both my father and my mother, that really touched my heart. She also gave me a scolding around my own gifts and how I wasn’t using them to their best ability. She was adament that in this year that would change dramatically and that I would “find my voice”.

Her words were very uplifting (Bouquet) and I came away from that reading feeling a major shift inside. There has definitely been a change within me (Coffin) and an end to feeling helpless to my circumstances (which I normally would never feel!) It’s amazing how much of yourself you lose when you physically don’t feel well…

I came away from that reading, changed; and I have picked myself up and dusted myself off and begun to get back into my spiritual practices with dedication. I am definitely stepping into a new phase of experience now (Leg).

So, this weekly tea leaf draw was a complete success, and within the time frame intended 🙂 I’m amused that I didn’t understand it’s significance until today, but that’s ok…at least I got it! lol

Kipper draw


Now I have read that the #2 Woman card, usually refers to the woman who is the one having the reading. If that’s the case, then it is showing that I am waiting, in a sense of anticipation, for a certain meeting/encounter to take place. My first thought, was that yes, that is so, but it’s actually with a woman that I’m expecting us to have an encounter with! lol the woman in the legal case.

The only thing that worries me about this, is if I assign timing to it as well…. with the Expectation card, it hints that I’ll have to be patient, because it could be as long as 2-3 months!!!  I think legal deadlines will hurry it up some, at least I hope we’re not waiting 2-3 months for dialogue! We’re supposed to be meeting face to face in a few weeks, not months!

That’s the only meeting I can think of at the moment!

update: Sure enough, later that night, we received a call from the lawyers telling us that the woman had successfully got a delay from having to meet in the next few weeks. Now it looks that she’s gained 2 months to avoid dealing! Everytime I think I’ve seen it all, the woman is able to pull something else. Forgive my rant, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the law works better for the crooks who know how to manipulate the system, than for those who are just!

Sibilla Draw~


I drew 3 cards from the Sibilla deck, and could only smile. It seems to correlate very well with the Tarot/Lenormand spread that I just posted on my sister site The Lenormand Oracle.

The Falsita & the Nemica is describing the deceiving woman “enemy”.

Falsita means lies, deceit and malice.

Nemica describes a woman who is trecherous & false; she is shown as the enemy, and must be treated that way!

The two cards combined, perfectly describes the woman who we have been fighting legally and energetically for 6 years.

The reason I smiled, was that the card, Disgrazia, shows that there are problems coming to this woman. It represents quarrels, slander, accidents, rumors, scams, lies, legal problems (fines, complaints, convictions etc). A series of adverse events.

My hope is that Disgrazia is referring to major legal problems for this woman 🙂  nice of me isn’t it? lol



Some sources for Kipper info-


Simone asked me about places on the web that she can look at, to learn more about Kipper. There is very little in the way of English info- but I’m posting here so that I can share some links-

Here’s my note to Simone:

Hi Simone,

I’ve found a few sources on the web that are helping me learn, but I still get stuck on some of them too. Ironically, I came across a new thread on my favorite forum, “The Art of Cartomancy” that is helping fill in some of the gaps. I was going to recommend a thread also on the Aecletic Tarot forum, but Chanah posted her meanings again on this new thread.

Another great source is Madame SeaQueen’s blog, who has posted on the Kipper.

I also found a german site that gives basic meanings. I’ve used a translator to save each page in a folder for reference 🙂

There’s also a link to a subscription based site, that looks fantastic. It’s called and has not only Kipper, but Lenormand, Gypsy cards, etc. They have an extensive online library of combination meanings….when I can, I’m definitely going to become a member!

Those are what I’ve found so far in my exploring….if you find others Simone, please come back and share ok? lol

Best Wishes,


The Witches Tarot~

I’ve been sick sick sick!! Crikey! I can’t remember the last time I got the really bad cold/flu…obviously my immune system hasn’t totally bounced back from my hospital adventure 😦  — so I’m off and on with posts at the moment, sorry.

I drew 3 cards from The Witches Tarot, and was completely surprised by what I drew:


Traditionally, I would say that the 10 of cups, the Sun, & the Empress represented Success, reaping the rewards and emotional satisfaction. With the Witches Tarot, some of the artwork is very different. With the 10 of cups she sees a rose in her crystal ball, and she’s manifested one on the table! What you can conceive you can achieve 🙂

There is great satisfaction (especially for me!) in having seen something while it’s still unmanifest in the physical, and then have it appear.

The Sun card is very different too. It shows a coming together of opposites, male/female, conscious/unconscious etc. but what struck me the most was that these 2 people were just about to shake hands in an agreement. This seemed very important to me. I am hoping that this might relate to coming to an agreement in legal terms, but we shall see.

The Empress represents fruitful abundance, fertility and motherhood, emotional
support, security and joy, and prosperity.

Something really great is going to happen 🙂 I hope that I get well enough to enjoy it when it comes…..

Tea Leaf Fortune cards reading

I thought it was about time to pull out my tea leaf cards again 🙂 I really love these cards, and there are soo many of them! lol  I shuffled the bundle and cut each time, to get 4 cards. My intention was to show what was coming up in the next week to 10 days, but as I’ve learned, timing is a hit or miss thing with cards.

Here’s what I drew:


Sea Horse: On the card it says “family matters”. In the book, it infers that I will feel weighted down by family matters in the time frame given…but looking at the other cards, I don’t think that’s the case because they’re so positive! I think it’s more likely saying that my focus will be on family matters, period.

Grapes: “time to go out and have fun” is what is written on the card 🙂 lol I am so ready to do just that! In the book it says it’s time to break out of routine and play. (we just got the wonderful news that we will be receiving back money from the govt. next week – which means we will be back in a position to pay all our bills, and maybe, just maybe, have some fun too!)

Dark Woman: “Dealings or relationship with a woman who has a dark complexion or dark hair… ” There’s no one who comes to mind for this, I’m the only dark haired woman I know at the moment. Wait and see…

Gong: “An Exciting Event”.. something noteworthy is about to happen..

I would put these cards together to mean, that in the near future, there is going to be something exciting and memorable happening that’s connected to the family and having fun & celebrating. Somehow, a dark hair woman (other than me?) is connected to this event. Whatever this is referring to, it sounds like a good thing! lol

*Since WordPress changed how you post this last time, I haven’t figured out how I can link a closeup picture, so that you can see the photo better…..does anyone have the answer to this puzzle? it’s driving me crazy!

update: during the alloted time frame, we received a good sum of money back from the govt.- Our focus was very squarely on family matters, first paying off outstanding debt and transferring money all over the place. I was stumped for a bit on the dark haired woman and an exciting event until now… our bank manager actually looks a little bit like the woman on the card!!! lol  and it was a very exciting event to be able to have the money to be able to transfer some to 2 of our kids out West to be able to buy new laptops! lol (it was something we had been wanting to do for months, since both of them had computers that were about to die)- we also bought a computer for the last teenager at home- call us tech nerds, but it was exciting going to Future Shop and looking at all the new laptops for our kids! lol  oh brother, not what I originally thought when I saw this draw….not by a long shot!

Angel Cards~

angel-frontangel-back1  (front & back)


Interestingly, I picked cards from separate Angel decks the other day & their message was right on the mark.

My dear husband and I are going through a severely testing time financially. It’s the stuff that would ruin most marriages, and from what I’ve heard on CNN, the financial crisis is tearing apart alot of families.

Although we get frustrated, we have solidly stuck together…no pointing of fingers, but Uniting in a big way. Our resolve is to learn as much from this challenging situation as we can, and move on. We have surrendered to a higher power; either we make it through, or we sell the house! Whatever may come, we’re a team and stay that way.

I drew this card on a particular low day, both emotionally and healthwise. It made me smile, and keep my conviction that we will be OK-

The other card that I drew was:


This is from one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel decks; and how appropiate! The last week was filled with anxiety and emotion, trying to find the funds to fly my son out to his new University. We didn’t know until 2 days before he was due to go, that he would actually get to go! Talk about stress! I wanted it so badly for him.

All the stress, in my still somewhat weakened state from surgery, just opened me up to another round of the bugs going around this Winter! So I have taken this card to heart, and have taken a Time Out from everything. I have lost myself in listening to some great audio books 🙂 something very new to me since I love to read the written word…

Even after all the years I’ve been working with different card sets, I’m still in awe when they show very plainly and clearly the message that you most need at the moment. Most people on the planet have no idea just how special card reading can be!

Gyspy cards~

I’ve played around a little bit with the Gypsy cards. I like them, but haven’t connected with them in the same way as the Lenormand. I thought, rather than another 3 card draw, I would do a small spread. I just asked to know what was most important, and left it at that. I used a 6 card spread in which you lay down the cards in this order:

1     2    3

4     5    6


You then read as pairs, 1/4,   2/5,  &   3/6. Usually you would assign the pairs from left to right the correspondences as

“Past”,  “Now”  &   “Future”. If you were asking a particular question, then position 6 would give you the answer. This is a spread that Kapherus on the Art of Cartomancy forum shared. It works amazingly with playing cards.

Here is what I drew:


Thief +Judge:  This made me smile, because I knew immediately who it was referring to, (the lady crook who has been in contempt of court in the legal case with my husband) Looks like they are  going to haul her back in front of the judge 🙂 (can’t help it, that gives me pleasure)

Lover+Journey:   A lovely trip with my mate? God that would be nice! I’m ready for a change of scene-  oohhh…maybe it’s only my mate getting to take a journey, to be more precise…..hhhmmm. I just looked up something Madame SeaQueen wrote about this combination, and it does look like my mate will be away on a trip, or a plan to travel. I get the feeling I’m going to be left behind on this one.

Malady+Widower: Now this one doesn’t look too great. Is it saying that someone will become a widower? or that there is a widower who will have an illness? I don’t know any widowers at the moment. I must admit that my mother-in-law is ill, and is due to have an operation this month, so I can’t help but wonder if this is saying that my husband will have to travel because of sad news in the family…. (he keeps drawing “Sad News” around a “Good Dame” & the “Death” cards in the Kipper – so this isn’t looking very good)

The Widower describes a sad and lonely man, pining over a loss….with the Malady card there, he is not coping well at all, and simply wants to retreat from the world.  I will update on this one if something becomes clear…..