Most recent Tea leaf Card draw –

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It may be Thursday, but I missed my weekly draw this past weekend because of company staying with us. I didn’t want to wait till the weekend soooo….!!

I’m grateful to see the Rainbow as my first card, and the meaning that “the most difficult part of a situation is over”.
When I personally see rainbows, I always feel it’s a gift from Spirit and a good omen.

The following 3 cards describe what the situation has been:

Quill – get back to basics

Hills – Obstacles to overcome

Boot – Increase your efforts if you want to achieve your goals.

My family went through a period of great financial difficulty over the past 3 years. We were forced to sell our house and many of our belongings. It was difficult and heart wrenching, but also a time of obtaining a new perspective on Life and learning the lesson of ‘Enjoy the Journey’ and “Stay Present”.

Past norms went out the window, and living as frugally as we possibly could became the new norm for us. We took a leap of faith and moved across Canada, leaving all our belongings in storage, while we tried to forge a new life. Our things are still in storage 2 years later (!ugh) but our experiences have been rich. I became a modern day gypsy in many ways!

The Universe lined us up with some very interesting people – we found jobs, and are slowly re-building our lives. It’s been very hard, but I’ve really taken to heart about getting back to basics. I’ve since learned how to can foods, dehydrate, etc. and have built a food storage supply. Having gone through my own mini-“depression era” I don’t want to ever find myself without the basics. I’ve learned how to make my own laundry soap for a fraction of the cost of store-bought, and have discovered how wonderful White Vinegar is for cleaning and other uses! I’ve made the most of being frugal, and wouldn’t trade the knowledge. My grandmother and mother would be proud 🙂 ❤

But, how nice it is to see the Rainbow card in front of this situation! The most difficult part is over…. I like that. Now, if only I can get my belongings over to this side of Canada and find a home to put them in!! All in due time….

What’s interesting about this reading to me, is that my Higher Self or my guides wanted me to know that things will improve. This wasn’t a mundane reading about some event or person, but a sweet message of encouragement. That means a lot.

I don’t know why it took me so long to dedicate time to these wonderful cards, but I’m so glad I’ve rediscovered them now. I really like their energy.

Ironically, if I didn’t see any words on these cards, they would still have a special meaning to me. My grandfather always had me sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” when I was little – lol – always found them of special import.

The Quill for me is writing – (my father was a journalist and was writing his first novel when he died) I have always written stories, songs, poetry…

The Hills remind me of the Hill Country in Texas where my grandfather had the family ranch. I grew up there, riding horses and making pictures out of the clouds 🙂

and the Boot, was our regular attire! but it’s a strong symbol for my Dad.

I’ve been seriously contemplating taking a course on writing a novel – these symbols could be a message from my Dad that that would be a good thing for me to do! (Thanks Dad)

Always remember, there are many ways to combine symbols – what you are drawn to is appropriate for you. There can be more than one level of reading messages in the cards of any deck. Play with them and see what you come up with!

Weekly Tea Leaf Reading~

I drew these cards 10 days ago, and then never had a chance to post. It stayed with me because I understood it (!lol!) but to be honest, it hasn’t happened yet 😦   I know all too well though that the cards don’t stay boxed in to a time-frame that I’ve set – Time is a mental construct on our part, and the part that we access for psychic guidance is outside of Time. So I think this still has revelence.

The Money Path, this opportunity, is connected to a stubborn individual. My first thought was that this stubborn person was my unofficial boss that I’m working with on a big project;  (my ‘boss’ is also a dear friend, and there is a lot of affection between the 2 couples – the 4 of us liked each other on first meeting and became fast friends)- but as the days pass, I’m not so sure. My husband is a very stubborn individual in his own right! lol so this might be related to him 🙂

Whoever the stubborn person is, there is affection/love and caring and some kind of an announcement/news coming from them.

Those are the 2 stubborn people in my life at the moment, so it’s GOT to be referencing one of them! lol  Hope it’s my husband, but we’ll see 🙂

Tarot of the Sidhe

One of my favorite decks is the Tarot of the Sidhe, by Emily Carding. Read a review of this deck here. See other images of the deck here.

I don’t ‘fiddle’ with them as much as I should, mainly because I find them very serious! which isn’t fair…I plan on pushing through that resistance! These cards usually go to the heart of the matter.

I drew these cards the other night, with reverence, and was quite surprised to see what came up.

Maker Queen- gift of healing :

This card would equate to the Queen of Pentacles in the Rider system. I first go through the cards and work with the meanings that Emily was given, and then also look at the equivalent tarot meanings.

The healing Spring of this green land,
Issues forth from her fair hand,
All in balance, perfect health,
The key to happiness and wealth…

keywords: wholesome,healthy,beautiful,wealthy,practical,organized

Warrior Prince – gift of Spirit:

He is a warrior of the Soul,
Nothing will keep him from his goal,
Many will follow the Prince’s lead,
To inspiration with spirit’s freed….

keywords: crusader,charismatic,inspirational,dangerous,political,activist

The Warrior Prince would correlate with the Knight of Wands.

Dancer Three – Jubilance

When the whole shines full and round,
The three blithe dancers may be found,
skipping for the joy of life,
For friendship and forgotten strife…

keywords: joy,frivolity,companionship,enjoyment,enjoyment,party,bonding,celebration

The Dancer Three would equate to the 3 of Cups in the Rider deck.

Now on one level, I like to just read the captions at the bottom of the card:
Gift of Healing – Gift of Spirit – Jubilance

These three messages meant a lot to me personally, on a deep level. Forgive me if I don’t open up as to why, maybe another time I will write more on this.

On another level, I recognized the Warrior Prince with it’s keywords as my husband. He is definitely a warrior, a crusader and activist. In his younger years, he identified himself with the Knight of Wands; he is now more of a King of Cups but the knight’s energy still comes forth 🙂

He has been on a personal crusade to expose a “spiritual guru” in the states for years (at great cost in every way to us) for the crook she really is. The fight has changed our living circumstances, and our perspective dramatically, but it was worth it to open the eyes of a few.

SO! to see the Gift of Healing and Jubilance surrounding the Warrior Prince really warmed my heart. Maybe this nightmare is really about to come to an end. We have never been what you would call ‘normal’, ha ha, but I wouldn’t mind being a little more normal than we’ve been!

I would also come under the card Maker Queen/Queen of Pentacles, so on a mundane level, it looks like this writer and husband might be celebrating something soon.

I hope that all applies……but especially the first….

Weekly Reading with theTea Leaf Cards

Well, I’m not too pleased to see the first card, Shield…I need to defend myself? Swell! lol

I drew these cards on Saturday before leaving on another journey (Carriage). I, at first, thought that the person I would have to defend myself from was my boss; he’s gray-haired. He has a habit of calling and needing things done at the most inopportune times! lol but I’ve already had an instance happen that might fulfill this reading with my husband.

Last night, I had to stand my ground in disagreeing with my husband on something important which I knew really irked him, but agreeing with him would have been worse. I made sure not to lose my temper, but stood my ground.

If nothing else happens this week, I will chalk it up to defending my position on a longstanding difference of opinion. 

These readings make it sound like we’re at odds all the time, but we’re not honestly 🙂

mini update: I received a call on the road from my boss, saying that he was told that a deposit that I had made to a bank was not showing up in the account…I firmly said I deposited it and would scan in the receipts and send them to him and the other party. No anger on either parts – he believed me…. I was a bit annoyed, but not angry. So this might count for this week’s reading as well 🙂