Pages of Shustah – Cat/Harmonizing Page/Gnomes

Red 5 CatBlue 11 Harmonizing PageYellow 8 Gnomes

Most times when I have drawn the Red Cat, it has seemed menacing and about to leap!

It refers to staying alert, danger present..(it also signifies a teacher coming into your life); but this time when I meditated on the card, I saw the cat in the process of retreating. The danger that has been so close, is backing away. I still must stay alert though!

I was so surprised that my ‘mind’ saw the cat in this way! These cards really do shift as you contemplate on them.

The Harmonizing Page talks about relaxing, and chilling out for awhile. It’s the Page of gathering with others, and having a good time. It has the Power of diminishing tension. I found this fascinating–is the danger that we’ve been facing starting to subside and does this bring a lightening of the load?
This Page brings an acceptance and surrender to where you are; of being totally Present with your surroundings.

Now the Gnomes are a quirky lot! This is the card of success through labor and industry. There are rewards to come for my efforts, and the hint that I will transform the situation to a better one. There are treasures that will be gained from this experience.

So my intuitive thought with these 3 cards, is that the worse is over, and is in the process of retreating. There is a release of tension, with a sigh of relief  about to come. There are gifts for having gone through the experience though, inner gifts, that I probably won’t see right away.

I also feel that this is directly related to the work I have been doing this week. I have begun designing a website, that is going to be soley for me. It’s my baby, and will be filled with my passions and creations. I get the feeling that this is going to be very good for me on a number of levels….

I wasn’t expecting a positive draw with these cards, to be honest! They can be downright tough at times, so this is not too bad. I have to stay on my game though, no lazy thoughts! Stay present and alert, and be diligent with my work!

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