Tea Leaf Cards~ Lily – Torch – Seahorse


I realise I tend to focus on the kipper, sibilla & gypsy alot, sorry! Trying to learn their language becomes very engrossing. As a change of pace, I brought out my tea leaf fortune cards to see if I could do a daily draw with them too.

I drew the Lily, Torch, Seahorse. (*click on the individual images to see them more clearly)

Lily represents Spiritual love, the unconditional kind. I can’t help but also think of the lily as a gray haired man that I know (from the Lenormand). Maybe I will feel unconditional love for my ex (hhmm)

Torch represents Spiritual development, great enlightenment, awareness and understanding. This card tells me that everything will become clear to me, I will experience great awareness and understanding.

Seahorse represents family matters. The seahorse talks about feeling weighed down by family matters.

If the Lily does also represent my ex, then there is understanding coming about a matter that hurt me very deeply, and maybe, possibly forgiveness with the new awareness. The last thing I want to do is hold on to any hurts connected to this man, there have been enough. Holding on to the hurt, only damages me….

This was the last message I was expecting to get! so very interesting. Something is definitely lifted to a higher level.

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