Weekly Reading with theTea Leaf Cards

Well, I’m not too pleased to see the first card, Shield…I need to defend myself? Swell! lol

I drew these cards on Saturday before leaving on another journey (Carriage). I, at first, thought that the person I would have to defend myself from was my boss; he’s gray-haired. He has a habit of calling and needing things done at the most inopportune times! lol but I’ve already had an instance happen that might fulfill this reading with my husband.

Last night, I had to stand my ground in disagreeing with my husband on something important which I knew really irked him, but agreeing with him would have been worse. I made sure not to lose my temper, but stood my ground.

If nothing else happens this week, I will chalk it up to defending my position on a longstanding difference of opinion.Β 

These readings make it sound like we’re at odds all the time, but we’re not honestly πŸ™‚

mini update: I received a call on the road from my boss, saying that he was told that a deposit that I had made to a bank was not showing up in the account…I firmly said I deposited it and would scan in the receipts and send them to him and the other party. No anger on either parts – he believed me…. I was a bit annoyed, but not angry. So this might count for this week’s reading as well πŸ™‚

4 comments on “Weekly Reading with theTea Leaf Cards

  1. We all need to stand our ground at times, even where our loved ones are concerned and it might not feel super nice to do so.

    Have a good week and take care,


  2. Hi Spiritsong – Your readings are always so accurate! I would take this reading as having to do with your boss as all four cards seemed to indicate him and your journey was a physical one not a mental one. Interesting note – the carriage on the card is shown completely closed and if the journey was a mental one and not a physical one, it means that the person in the carriage started the mental journey with a closed mind making it difficult for the other person to reach them and needs to open up. Also, as the carriage is closed, you can’t tell how many occupants are in the carriage with closed minds.

    • Thank you Rae πŸ™‚
      Interesting what you say about the carriage – if this card is about my boss, and he’s closed to something….& if the lightening card also describes him (he does have a temper) ..then maybe he is in denial and lashing out, or in danger of doing so.

      He hasn’t yet done so to me, but I know that he is undergoing some very difficult circumstances at the moment and is at his wit’s end.

      I will keep a protective bubble up just in case!

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