The Witches Tarot~

I’ve been sick sick sick!! Crikey! I can’t remember the last time I got the really bad cold/flu…obviously my immune system hasn’t totally bounced back from my hospital adventure 😦  — so I’m off and on with posts at the moment, sorry.

I drew 3 cards from The Witches Tarot, and was completely surprised by what I drew:


Traditionally, I would say that the 10 of cups, the Sun, & the Empress represented Success, reaping the rewards and emotional satisfaction. With the Witches Tarot, some of the artwork is very different. With the 10 of cups she sees a rose in her crystal ball, and she’s manifested one on the table! What you can conceive you can achieve 🙂

There is great satisfaction (especially for me!) in having seen something while it’s still unmanifest in the physical, and then have it appear.

The Sun card is very different too. It shows a coming together of opposites, male/female, conscious/unconscious etc. but what struck me the most was that these 2 people were just about to shake hands in an agreement. This seemed very important to me. I am hoping that this might relate to coming to an agreement in legal terms, but we shall see.

The Empress represents fruitful abundance, fertility and motherhood, emotional
support, security and joy, and prosperity.

Something really great is going to happen 🙂 I hope that I get well enough to enjoy it when it comes…..

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