Falseness – Officer – Unexpected Joy

FalsenessOfficerUnexpected Joy

This is a draw that my husband did this afternoon. Again the theme is expressing itself.

I saw the Falseness and the Officer as saying that due to some funny, sneaky trick that the court officer, or the lawyers pull, there is Unexpected Joy!

I think that once again, these cards are showing that either the process server or the lawyers are able to pull a fast one on the cult woman/con that brings about a joyous result.

I know that as of a few hours ago, that had not happened. The server has been camped for hours trying to catch her, and hasn’t been able to. This series of draws says to me that they pull a fast one though!

I’m noticing that the gypsy cards speak differently to me than they do to others at times. The basics are there, but I seem to see them differently. I get fortune telling type of messages from them, while someone else might get a psychological message….(not to say that I don’t also get those!)

It’s amazing to me how my Inner Being will pluck just the right combination of symbology from the cards, to get a message; while someone else looking at the cards would most likely have a completely different take on them. It’s an inner language I’m coming to realise more and more. We have an outline that’s somewhat agreed upon, but the nuances are all the reader’s. It takes some work to crack the code, but what a fun puzzle it’s become!

One comment on “Falseness – Officer – Unexpected Joy

  1. I so agree…..I had the same thing with the Lenormand…….it bothered me at the start because I thought I was getting it all wrong.Now I don’t worry and let the inner voice have its say……much more fun!

    Cat xxx

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