Daily draws as themes for bigger issues…

I’ve been having some haunting dreams; dreams of someone I know from the past, dying. Since I was little, I’ve had many ‘correct’ death dreams, and this feels like one of them. What has been creepy, (but confirmation) is that I also keep getting messages in the cards of a death, so I’m holding my breath.

The Gypsy has been the most direct with draws like

MessageDeathSweetheart  or


or the playing cards, here’s an example:


No matter what the card system, the card for a certain man I know from the past is represented, and news of a passing connected with him.

I’m writing this early, without my notebook, so I’m trying to remember examples that I’ve written down….

I do remember 03 Ship20 Garden08 Coffin(ship-garden-coffin) it was connected with other cards like the Lily and the Cross…. Garden+Coffin could mean funeral, and the ship either showing that I will be travelling to one, or that that the funeral is quite far away.

At any rate, I thought I’d better once more document that something is brewing up, both in the cards and in my dreams, although not a happy thing.

On the flip side, I continue to draw lots of draws around the legal (UGGHH!) which comes to a head next week; and they show a payout on the settlement……and lots of draws around business (money is due in today)

 What I thought would be daily draws, very often times seem to be more weekly draws!!! These 3 themes show up over and over. If there is a spat between hubby and wife, that’s an hourly draw! lol

Has anyone else noticed their dailies stretching out, being more of a message on a bigger theme, rather than a small daily message? It might stay that way until these bigger issues are resolved, frankly. Since they’re the most dominant things on my mind, that’s what I continually draw about……..I am so ready for new themes!!!! LOL

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