A new link-

I have just added a new link that I found really interesting. It’s a blog written by Marla Frees, who is a psychic medium. She writes about her experiences as a professional psychic, and has a very interesting take on life. I had to stop and read almost every entry! 

I know this isn’t card related, but thought those who peruse these blogs might also enjoy her writing. On her website, it mentioned that she worked and travelled with James VanPragh for 4 years (someone I would love to meet!)  Hope you enjoy-


3 comments on “A new link-

  1. Thanks for the link, Spirity…….have spent a most enjoyable half hour reading the posts. Interesting lady who writes on a wide variety of topics……definitely worth a look.

    Cat xxx

  2. Thanks so much for finding me. I share my experiences so that others may gain something from my journey. Your experienve with Tarot has inspired me once again to research its beauty, depth and meaning. Thank YOU for sharing.

  3. Marla, you’re very welcome! I am constantly seeing messages in everything that comes to me; it’s so nice to find such an interesting site that helps to uncover that hidden language!

    I’ve had major internet trouble the last 2 weeks- (trouble in communicating??? yep!) but fingers crossed that’s over with and I can get back to posting 🙂

    best wishes,


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