Kipper: Rich Good Lord -Small Child – Unexpected Money


Rich Good Lord – A Small Child – Unexpected Money

Well, if I were a betting woman (and I am! lol) I would say this could be 2 things- and either will do!

Rich Good Lord could be our financial trader friend, getting the new deal in, and it being unexpected money to us! We’ve been waiting so long, that if and when it really does happen, it will now come as a surprise! lol  isn’t that awful?

Or, it’s one of the lawyers telling us of an offer to settle now…

The Rich Good Lord, on it’s own says that financial matters are favored right now.
Combined with A Small Child it can relate to a stable new beginning,  financial luck, or a fruitful enterprise.

A Small Child combined with Unexpected Money can refer to a new contract, or a new business, or a new beginning where more funds are available.

Whether or not this relates to “D” or not, I don’t know, but it’s been hinted at lately in the cards. At any rate it’s definitely positive on the financial front, and that’s great! On a smaller note, it might be just saying that my new enterprise that I’m working on will do ok…. all is good 🙂

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