Gypsy cards: Fortune – Journey – Letter


I was drawn immediately to the Journey and Letter card. A message coming from a long way.

The Fortune card tells of great luck, a change in finances, something wonderful is coming my way via a message. The Letter might refer to documents on their way to us.

The Journey card speaks of changes that are on the way; a transformation taking place. Being placed next to the Fortune I can only surmise that this is a very beneficial change.

This would  be a good draw to represent a lottery win! with the Letter meaning a ticket. I have two lottery tickets for this weekend…wouldn’t that be a kick? 🙂

2 comments on “Gypsy cards: Fortune – Journey – Letter

    • I know what you mean! lol
      Even if it’s not the literal meaning of luck in finances, Fortune shows a nice improvement in matters. It brings about a state of appreciating what you have doesn’t it?

      Maybe, this draw was telling me of an appreciative, abundant letter coming to me! Which in fact, happened late last night…… there’s a thought!

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