Sibilla draw: Stanza-Delirante-Mercante

I absolutely love these cards! They are the Sibilla, but a different one from the one I normally post. I special ordered them from a shop in London.

They are called the Sibilla Originale from Il Menghello in Milan. Osvaldo Menegazzi has a very special shop there, that I hope to go to in the next year or so, that specializes in Tarot and other decks. He also creates beautiful art.

Stanza heralds great news, especially on the financial level. It signifies the arrival of monetary increases whether through salary or winnings. It can also represent negotiations of transactions. This is one side of the Stanza.

Delirante “the ridiculous” represents the opposition in love that however is being corrected. Reunion, zest and serenity that was lost . For health, is hints at mental confusion, nervousness and the need for rest and relaxation. It also has the meaning of exaltation, and payoff in the game! so it has alot of shades to it. I think the latter might fit here.

Mercante most often deals with a man, who sees to the daily passing of large amounts of money; for example, a banker a trader. This card usually shows up when something is about to happen with our trader friend.

There have been continual delays with a big deal that is supposed to come in. It was set for this week, and I’ve heard that it has once more been delayed. I am not sure what to think of Deliriante, as I have come across opposing meanings for it. This could on one hand, be saying that there is great mental stress with our friend, over the big deal. But I keep coming back to the good news of the Stanza card…..and the meaning of exaltation & payoff with Delirante.

My hopes is that there is lots of action as the big deal hits the accounts- and that a happy type of chaos will ensue. Fingers crossed, that is.

I will update which way it goes 🙂

UPDATE!!! it is only a few hours, if that, since I posted this- I just received a phone call from the trader/Mercante… he informed me that it’s a go on numerous transactions! he wanted me to know that our financial worries are about over! absolutely amazing to me! this was right on the nail!

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