Pages of Shustah: first look

I’ve just received the Pages of Shustah from a friend. It’s a little known deck, created by Ann Master and Cecil North in the 70’s. I was initially intrigued with the artwork, and then started reading a few people’s experiences with the cards and I knew that one day I would have to have them too.

I broke down, and ordered the book that was written for the deck, and look forward to exploring them deeper.

Madame Seaqueen and my friend, Kapherus have both written about them, and there’s a wonderful blog written by Rev. Ken Foor dedicated solely to Shustah.

As an introduction, I thought I’d just share a couple of immediate thoughts about them, now that I have them in front of me.

The deck consists of 70 cards, made up of 5 suits.

I was surprised to see common cards in this deck that remind me of the tarot, and also of the Lenormand.

blue-3-little-fish34-fish1 AND     blue-9-major-wish124-heart

green-2-guardian-dog18-dog A ND      red-2-foxes14-fox

red-8-serpent7-snake AND      red-7-whip11-whips

There are a few more corresponding to the Lenormand. Then I noticed that there are 4 Knights and 4 Pages as in the Tarot:


The Divine Horse is shown with Water, so he reminds me of the The Knight of Cups; in the tarot it’s associated with feelings and intuition and Water.


The Magical Horse is shown running along, this I associated with the Knight of Wands. It’s a card of movement & action.


The Pale Horse is bolting swiftly, galloping; as you can see with his mane. At least that’s my first assessment! Otherwise he is rearing suddenly- one’s taken by surprise and things happen suddenly. For this reason, I would compare him to the   (Knight of Swords) It looks like the same kind of energy to me.


The Victory Horse reminds me of the Knight of Pentacles. Both are standing still, both have the “gold” in common. I might be wrong with these correlations, but they certainly jumped out at me.

The pages look like they correspond, as the page of cups is the sensitive, artistic sweet one.


And the red Page looks as though he/she is holding a sword!


The green Page, looks like it could correspond to the Page of Wands, but the 2 swirling coils pictured reminds me of the 2 of Pentacles….of needing to balance more than one thing! so I’m not really sure here!


The gold Page has something to do with effort and perseverance, so as the Page of Pentacles is also the student card, working towards something, they might match……… These last 2 I don’t feel convinced of though.

I don’t have the book to look deeply into meanings yet, so they’re meanings might not match at all! but I was intrigued at the familiar symbols in the deck.

There is also a Ring card,and a Paths card like the Lenormand! The artwork is just beautiful- they look like wood carving prints!

I look forward to delving into these…………


3 comments on “Pages of Shustah: first look

  1. I look forward to your delving, Spirity. The Pages of Shustah I would love to have one day too and I do enjoy reading Rev.Foor.

    Love the correspondences.


  2. Hi,
    I really like this post on the Shustah and your comparisons with the Lenormand and Tarot.
    I have found the Shustah deck to be spot on in most cases. When meditating on these cards the images often shape shift which reveals the true answer.
    One time I was asking a question about a situation and got a very clear answer. The more I studied the final card I realized there was a fantastic opportunity within it which lead me to a completely different outcome.
    In my opinion, Rev Foor has a special perception about the cards which offers advice from a higher level. He gave me a Pages of Shustah reading a few years ago that gave me hope when a situation around my children’s father happened. I may have blogged about it Nov-Dec 2007.
    In kindred spirit,
    Madame Seaqueen

    • Hello & Welcome!

      I have a sneaking suspicion that the Angels and the Lords might equate to the Queens and Kings, but I haven’t had the time to compare properly.
      I’ve very much enjoyed your posts on the Shustah, both on your blog, and on Aecletic Tarot Forum. There are a growing number of people who are interested in starting a study thread there, that I intend to participate in.
      The Shustah have a very special feel to them, I know that I will want to delve deeply with them. I haven’t corresponded with Rev. Foor yet, but plan to. I think I’m grateful that I found his blog first to peruse, and get a feel, before I receive the book. I like the way he looks at them!

      I remember reading somewhere that you were writing a series on the cards? I hope one day you will share them – I know your insights would be of enormous value.

      with great admiration,


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