The wonderful theme continues with the cards.

Amore is usually associated with the love between 2 people; the warmth and growing feelings. There is alot more to this card though.

It hints at new opportunities, new doors opening. It talks of stumbling across good news, unexpected happiness. It can denote a new calm, a new stability arriving, or a new plan. The heart feels good at any rate!

Leggerezza is a bit difficult to define for me. It represents Lightness. Next to the card Amore, I think it’s a lightening of feelings, of mood. The butterfly is free to move around, and is constantly flitting about. There is a freedom from the heaviness that I’ve endured emotionally.

There are of course, other meanings for the card, but this is the most appropiate considering the surrounding cards.

Consolante Sorpresa is a great card. It predicts the arrival of ‘win’ money, either through a game of chance like the lottery, or in an unexpected way. It also predicts that more money than you thought you might get is on it’s way.

So again, the cards are trying to tell me that Life as I have known it is about to change for the better. There is going to be an arrival of money that changes the atmosphere and brings well-being and new stability to me. Very very welcome cards.

What it doesn’t tell me is from which avenue this change is coming from: it could be the win of the legal, it could be the windfall from the trader that changes everything, it could be the winning lottery ticket! The latter I have felt strongly about getting for the last 2 days! lol

You will hear me screaming and laughing from the rooftops as this shift comes into Reality! Get Ready 🙂

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