Gift – Fidelity – Unexpected Joy

I wrote a couple of days ago, kind of glibly, about a series of draws that looked like my mate was going to change his ways, and start chasing me!

Well, I’m here to confirm, that a day later, those draws came through in a major way ! lol

The Cold War ended, and love and passion reigned for a day or two… plus lots of grins.

He drew these 3 cards right after the truce:

GiftFidelityUnexpected Joy

We both laughed out loud, as we saw these: the Gift from his mate, of intimacy, that brought about some unexpected joy!

I share so many serious draws and readings on my two blogs, that I thought it was important to show the lighter side, even if it’s a bit personal! lol  These cards really work.

My only wish is that the happy feelings etc, would last more than a day or two! Stress kills the fun, that’s for sure.

One comment on “Gift – Fidelity – Unexpected Joy

  1. In deed! These cards do work. They work better than any others that I’ve used, for me. Of course I’ve been known to mis-interpret them. That is not the fault of the piano, but the piano player. 🙂

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