Gypsy & Kipper


Although I have been through the wars lately, my cards are telling me that it’s all about to change suddenly.

The only way I can interpret this is the unexpected joy that we feel as we end up getting our financial settlement from the one we call “thief”. It’s been showing up in the tarot, the playing cards, the kipper and the Sibilla! they can’t all be wrong 🙂

In the Kipper cards, I drew these today as well:


Great Luck with the Horn of Plenty; Living Room meaning my family and private life, and False Person, the deceitful one.

Great Luck = Fortune, optimism, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, wealth

There is fortune and great happiness coming into my life, my family’s life; connected to this Deceitful One.

There is change in the air! I’m ready–

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