Welcome to my new Blog!


Hello, my name is Spiritsong.

I have been writing daily about my experiences with the Lenormand since January. It has been a wonderful way to learn a new system and find my connection with the cards.

Recently, I have been longing to have a place to share my experiences with other card systems. I have so enjoyed reading some of my other friends’ blogs where they share their latest acquistions…that I wanted to be able to play in the same manner.

I have been a long time student of the tarot, but in the last few years have come to love Oracle cards in all it’s guises, and I also have a special place in my heart for reading with plain old playing cards! So I thought that I would create a home to explore my other card interests and keep my Lenormand Blog dedicated just to Lenormand.

I know that having this blog is going to “enable” me to collect more and more decks -LOL- but that’s not such a bad vice, is it?!

So WELCOME! Please join me 🙂

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